All Sufferers Need Migraine Help

Finding the right migraine help, at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost … well it can be indescribably difficult.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are newly diagnosed with migraines you will soon learn that your impacts will go far beyond surviving the pain phase.

Get Migraine Help

Getting the right diagnosis, the right doctor, the right tools and support at the right time, is vital to surviving migraines. Don't get me wrong ... it can be easy I'm sure. That's just not my personal experience or my client's. 

You will also have to be smart financially, whilst looking for what works for you. You will have to learn new coping skills and become resilient. You will have to cope with added emotional stress and be more organized with time management.

Is that too many have to's?

It is, but you will be OK. Being educated and informed is vital to making future decisions. Well informed future decisions. 

And I am here to help you.

Let's start with medications.

Migraine Medications: a Bewildering Choice

Migraine Help

There are an overwhelming number of migraine headache remedies available to us right now.

Many people, including your Doctors, will tell you there are no magic bullet migraine headache cures. They may also suggest alternatives that are costly and often don’t work well enough. 

The internet is a wealth of information. But, I find there is so much conflicting information, it is hard to weed out the effective from the wishful. I should say it's hard for me.

But in fact, there is more help available for migraines than ever before in history. I have built a help for migraines toolkit to share with you.

It has free printouts and some new ideas that can assist you in learning to reduce your pain, and calm down your nervous system. It's what I use.

I often feel desperate for some pain relief. So if you are anything like me, you must find what works in your time of need. Ice packs consistently reduce the intense pain for me. 

I have pretty much tried everything in the last 20 years that I could afford. You can peruse my failed list of migraine pain medication if you have an interest in that.

What Works For Me

This section contains what I have found to work. I am also very aware that what has worked for me, may not, or will not, work for you. We are all so unique, yet migraine is so common. Millions of us suffer, daily!

Click here now for free access to the summit.

Forging our own path to become migraine / pain free is an individual journey.

There is no one size fits all in the migraine help area.

There is not yet a guaranteed cure.

I believe this post is essential and has become my favorite one - how to treat a migraine.

Being able to sense when an attack is on it's way will help you take action. Fast action. 

Acknowledging the other stressful impacts migraines can have on our lives in other areas like finances, relationships, and processing our emotions can be really hard. My pride sure gets in the way.

Here are some posts in the migraine help section:

Here are my main ingredients for having the least migraines humanly possible:

take care of your body to the best of your ability. Use ice packs, drink adequate water, and use food as medicine. Find medications that work and have them with you at all times.

Here are some links:

  • ice packs
  • stay well hydrated (including electrolytes)
  • eat nutrient-rich foods regularly, never miss a meal
  • take acute drugs for migraines that have proven effective for aborting the attack. ASAP.

There are also other alternatives to taking approved triptans, like prescribed hypodermic rescue migraine medications, taking herbal remedies, and using some migraine home remedy alternatives.

I am so grateful, and I know you understand this, to have found the triptan Naramig to work for me effectively. 

Keep a Diary to Find Out What Works

Keep a diary to track changes and detect patterns.

The bottom line is finding what works to give you the migraine help you need in all areas of life.

Migraine help to me covers everything, including emotional support and practical support. Like finding a network of other migraineurs, so that you don’t become isolated or for short notice extra help when you need it.

If you are a mom, a network means you can swap child care at short notice, or just get general assistance for food from a local center that may help disabled individuals. I know that sounds extreme, but some us need more help than others. I hope the links on this page provide both answers and solutions for you.

Make a list of what migraine help might look like for you. In a perfect world I would have: “the children fed at 5pm, the dog walked by 6pm, lunches made for tomorrow, and the laundry done”.

Now, some of those things can just wait. The laundry will be there tomorrow, but the children need to be fed. Other moms with migraines will understand your situation.

Click here to print out the migraine diary calendar I use and read this migraine diary post for more ideas.

Keeping Track with Electronic Diaries

If keeping a diary manually doesn’t work for you, then try using technology to track some data for your doctor and for your own detective work.

Click here for a few migraine apps that I have reviewed.

And click on migraine app reviews to see the contributions of other visitors’ aka fellow migraine sufferers reading Migraine Savvy for a good app to start with.

Lots of them are free.

Ask for Help

Do not expect those without migraines to understand your pain on any level. But do have a strategy with your family.

Do leave an “in case of migraine” list on the fridge for your family members to help with, or text your spouse, while you take your abortive medication, prepare your ice packs, dark room, and hot water bottle.

If you can, treat yourself with tolerance, compassion, and be gentle. If you feel angry, it’s most likely the adrenaline rush before the migraine attack.

Finding the right amount, the right kind of help at the right time to reduce your migraines is so, so important to surviving migraines.

Don't be afraid to ask others for help. It might make them feel useful instead of useless. A good result all around!

Information + Education = Options + Choices

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