Use Migraine Apps for Better Tracking

Of all the different migraine apps, which one works best for you to help manage your attacks better?

Here are a few I have played with and what I think will help make you 'appy.

I wanted to get a good selection of migraine headache apps all on one page in case you were desperate to start keeping track of your migraines with the help of a computer program or app.

Submit your review below of these migraine apps, or others you have tried so we find what works best to help manage our attacks.

There are hundreds of them, so here are my favorites ones.

Start Tracking With Migraine Apps

You can download them to your mobile phone so you have your app at your finger tips. I think this is best now a days.

I used iManageMigraine for a few months, but I wanted to try a few others and see which one I found easiest to use and gathered the right statistics for my doctor.

It was easy enough to enter my data, but .... I guess it was my first one and I just wanted to see what the others ones did.

This app has been redeveloped and improved by MSD in conjunction with Headache Australia and now includes a lot more features. It should be available for both iPhone and Android users early 2015. I will be using it again for at least 3 months to see what patterns emerge.

Keeping track of your triggers and symptoms is as important as keeping track of your days spent in migraine, as is the intensity.

If you already use an app you love, please let us know on the form below. What you like and what you don't like is really important to me and the other sufferers here. What is most useful?

And I could use your help ... there a hundreds of apps! I can post your review of your favorite app and you will officially be the proud author of your very own website page here at Migraine Savvy.

Migraine Pal - "Say Hello to the World's Smartest Migraine Diary"

This is a smart diary, "the world's smartest migraine diary" in fact, they claim. It gives you individual reports and feedback to better manage your migraine attacks.

It was developed by a migraine sufferer in conjunction with neurologists and Headache Australia (go Australia!) to make it easier to track triggers and develop a better migraine management plan.

You can take all that information to your doctor! 

Start preventing your migraines now with Migraine Pal. You can take better control of your condition with better information and feedback.

There will be access to a community, measurable results and summaries for your doctor. This one gets my vote!

Free iOS Apps That Make It Easy

After having a play with a few more apps, these three were easy to use:

So Many Apps, So Little Time

I think there must be over a hundred apps on-line (iTunes, Google Play Store) now for migraine management and it is impossible for me to give you a heads up on them all.

Migraine Apps Make Me Appy @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migrainesareafulltimejobWhich one makes you happy?

So I have decided these are my top ones after many hours of searching iTunes, and what ever else I could find and weeks of playing on them.

I've been asked so many times -

"How do I choose an app?"

You really just have to pick one and see if you like it. Some are free and some have a small cost associated with it. But if you use your iPhone a lot, it is really an easy way to keep good records.

I'd love to hear which one you like best.

Please share by submitting the form below. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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