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Welcome to my migraine blog where I share my migraine journey, coping tips and solutions I (other readers, our members and my clients) have found along the way.

I am honored to share this information with you and I would love to help you not just manage to survive the pain and suffering of chronic Migraine Headaches, but to learn to thrive and live fully in spite of them.

Thrive in Spite of Migraines

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Alternative Treatment for Migraines Gives You Options

Consider an alternative treatment for migraines when your attacks are persistent and conventional treatments don't work effectively enough. One of these options may help you manage the attack better.

Continue reading "Alternative Treatment for Migraines Gives You Options"

Lamb Migraine Trigger

All my life I had been very conscious of eating good wholesome food and looking after myself. I had experiences with migraines on and off but they were

Continue reading "Lamb Migraine Trigger"

Ice Packs for Migraine Relief

I would never have survived my attacks without ice packs for migraine relief. They give me instant migraine relief. Click here for some tips.

Continue reading "Ice Packs for Migraine Relief"

Migraine Pain Management Course

Diagnosed with migraines and feeling hopeless? Click here for a step by step migraine pain management course. Equip yourself with the tools and techniques to manage this condition. Get back to life.

Continue reading "Migraine Pain Management Course"

Chinese Cure For Migraine Headache

In Chinese Medicine the imbalance of certain internal organs is believed to cause symptoms. Treating ‘Liver Fire Blazing Upwards’ is the Chinese cure for migraine headache. Get 5 simple recipes here.

Continue reading "Chinese Cure For Migraine Headache"

Coping Tips for Silent Migraine

I could not believe that someone could have a silent migraine, a migraine without pain. How scary is that! Here are 7 tips to help you cope with silent attacks.

Continue reading "Coping Tips for Silent Migraine"

List of Migraine Medications - Which One Is Best for You?

This list of migraine medications gives you numerous treatment options. Click here to learn about the top 9 treatments proven to help 90% of us migraine sufferers abort an attack within 2 hours.

Continue reading "List of Migraine Medications - Which One Is Best for You?"

The Migraine World Summit Just For Patients

Come listen to the experts during The Migraine World Summit April 23rd – 29th 2017. It’s a free event that will answer your most daunting questions around migraines. Don’t wait, find relief now.

Continue reading "The Migraine World Summit Just For Patients"

Migraine Causes: A Medical Mystery

Underlying migraine causes are not fully understood by the medical profession. That's the bad news. The good news is that they may be able to be controlled to some degree. Find out how here.

Continue reading "Migraine Causes: A Medical Mystery"

Botox Injection for Migraine: What, Where and How

The FDA approved onabotulinumtoxinA – Botox injection for migraine which is marketed as Botox and Botox Cosmetic back in 2010. It is now a widely used anti-migraine drug. Have you tried it?

Continue reading "Botox Injection for Migraine: What, Where and How"

Guided Migraine Meditation for Sleep

Sleeping is a migraine aid. Use a migraine meditation for sleep to help you drift off before that migraine pain hits full force and then feel more refreshed in the morning.

Continue reading "Guided Migraine Meditation for Sleep"

Migraine Management Book

Reduce stress and anxiety by reading the Migraine Management book. With practical guidance from a long term migraineur and qualified counselor, see your options. Read it now, stop needless suffering.

Continue reading "Migraine Management Book"

Pain Relief Store

In this pain relief store you will find all the things I use to cope better with my migraine attacks. Over the past twenty years or more I have found these things to work. Click here for help.

Continue reading "Pain Relief Store"

Must Read Migraine eBooks

I have decided to write about my favorite migraine eBooks for this one reason. You can get all the information you will ever need to know about migraines for under forty dollars instantly. Click here.

Continue reading "Must Read Migraine eBooks"

Anger Management for Migraines: 6 Tips to Remember

I think getting angry often accompanies migraines. Anger management for migraines is crucial to surviving them and not destroying those loved ones around you. Here are 6 Tips to help now.

Continue reading "Anger Management for Migraines: 6 Tips to Remember"

Cognitive Behavior Modification for Migraines (CBT)

For decades now studies have shown a connection between good health and good mental health. Here is an easy 3 step cognitive behavior modification for migraines.

Continue reading "Cognitive Behavior Modification for Migraines (CBT)"

Migraine Headache Prevention: When To Use Prophylactic Medications

According to the Mayo Clinic only 1 in 10 people take prophylactics for migraine headache prevention and only half are diagnosed correctly. Quite alarming. Read here for when to use them.

Continue reading "Migraine Headache Prevention: When To Use Prophylactic Medications"

Know Your Migraine Treatment Options

Your migraine treatment options will depend on your diagnosis. There are a number of things to consider. Knowing your options gives you more treatment choices. Click here to get them.

Continue reading "Know Your Migraine Treatment Options "

How to Treat a Migraine with Ice and Heat

There is no cure and our bodies vary so much, how to treat a migraine is somewhat of a mystery even to doctors. A doctor can tell us how to reduce the pain, a change of lifestyle promises a cure but

Continue reading "How to Treat a Migraine with Ice and Heat"

Top Migraine Advice Tips

Where do you go for migraine advice? Your Doctor and then what? Getting the right advice at the right time is essential to manage long term and to abort that next attack. Click here for what’s next.

Continue reading "Top Migraine Advice Tips"

Taboo Symptoms of Migraine: Anger

We don’t like to acknowledge anger as one of the symptoms of migraine but it is. One that is often taboo and hard to deal with. Read here for some ideas on being proactive and not reactive.

Continue reading "Taboo Symptoms of Migraine: Anger"

Pain Counseling Sessions Online

Online pain counseling is an easy way to help you deal with your migraine attacks and their impacts from the comfort of your home. Don't let them control you ... read on to find out how.

Continue reading "Pain Counseling Sessions Online"

Migraines and Emotions: Has the Roller Coaster Got You on Red Alert?

Cellular memory, the body’s intelligence. What is emotional health? Does it mean I have to be happy all the time between these horrific migraines? The role our migraines and emotions play is ...

Continue reading "Migraines and Emotions: Has the Roller Coaster Got You on Red Alert?"

Migraines and Depression: Don't Let Them Keep You Down

Migraines and depression cannot be taken lightly. Depression can lead to suicide and with the added pain and life altering impacts from migraine, it has the potential to make it worse. Click here now.

Continue reading "Migraines and Depression: Don't Let Them Keep You Down"

Migraine in Children: Managing Their Emotional Side Effects

Find help here to manage migraine in children and the related emotional side effects. Migraines do not just cause physical pain. A good support system can be as important as good medical treatment.

Continue reading "Migraine in Children: Managing Their Emotional Side Effects"

Help for Migraines Tool Kit

Get help for migraines by building your own tool kit. Click here for 11 steps with printable forms you and step by step instructions to navigate your way through effective chronic pain management.

Continue reading "Help for Migraines Tool Kit"

Get Migraine Support 24/7

Get some migraine support right here right now when you are not coping with your chronic migraines. Help is just a phone call away. Click here to see just how easy this can be.

Continue reading "Get Migraine Support 24/7"

Depression Warning Signs: What To Watch For

How do you know when depression is serious or temporary? Click here for depression warning signs with a depression check list to use. Migraines cause depression. Find out now before it’s too late.

Continue reading "Depression Warning Signs: What To Watch For"

Taking Medications for Migraines: What You Need to Know

What do you know about taking medications for migraines? Or do you just take them like I used to and then figure it out. Click here to see what’s approved and what’s not. Don’t take the wrong thing.

Continue reading "Taking Medications for Migraines: What You Need to Know"

Over the Counter Migraine Medication

Over the counter pain killers are different to the over the counter migraine medication that we take to abort attacks. Pain killers that stop inflammation don’t work alone for migraines. Click here.

Continue reading "Over the Counter Migraine Medication"

New Migraine Medications

Medication is not a one size fits all. Read about new migraine medications like CGRP receptor antagonists, inhaled DHE and Memantine to stay informed.

Continue reading "New Migraine Medications"

Migraine Prescription Medication Treatment Strategy

Make sure you have the right instructions for taking your Migraine prescription medication by doing a step by step treatment plan with your Doctor. Click here and print the form out to take with you.

Continue reading "Migraine Prescription Medication Treatment Strategy"

Migraine Headache Remedies I Use

There is an overwhelming amount of information around migraine headache remedies. This is what I have discovered to be effective at reducing the excruciating pain that comes with migraines.

Continue reading "Migraine Headache Remedies I Use"

Hormonal Migraines: What Works Best?

Millions of us women get hormonal migraines all around our menstrual cycle. This is beyond the “normal” PMS. There are a few options but what is the best? Click here to find out.

Continue reading "Hormonal Migraines: What Works Best?"

Childhood Migraines: Prevention, Treatment and Medications

It is hard to know what to do for childhood migraines when prevention and abortive therapy for children needs more research. Click here now to find your list of suitable treatments and medications.

Continue reading "Childhood Migraines: Prevention, Treatment and Medications"

My Latest Chronic Migraine Breakthrough

I want to share my most recent breakthrough for chronic migraine.As you know I experiment with everything that comes across my path, and I am happy to tell you about ...

Continue reading "My Latest Chronic Migraine Breakthrough"

Hail the Almighty Triptan!

The relatively new class of designer drug called a triptan has proven to be the most effective class of migraine abortive discovered so far. See our list for which one you might need from your Doctor.

Continue reading "Hail the Almighty Triptan!"

Daily Migraines: How to Cope

Can you even imagine having daily migraines? If you are reading this, you probably can. Here are the basics and some tips to help you cope.

Continue reading "Daily Migraines: How to Cope"

Cure For Migraine Headache: Balanced Hormones Hype or Hope

Balancing your hormones might be just the answer you have been looking for to stop your migraine attacks. Is this your cure for migraine headache? Click here to find out.

Continue reading "Cure For Migraine Headache: Balanced Hormones Hype or Hope"

Chronic Migraine Symptoms

Managing chronic migraine symptoms can involve medications, alternative healthcare options or chiropractic treatments. Read here how to deal with them.

Continue reading "Chronic Migraine Symptoms"

Ocular Migraines

With my first migraine the eye pain was excruciating and then came vomiting. Click here for some tips to help deal with ocular migraines.

Continue reading "Ocular Migraines"

Recognize Your Migraine Headache Triggers

Migraines begin with triggers and are followed by symptoms and excruciating pain, in most cases. Learn to recognize your migraine headache triggers here so you can avoid them at all costs!

Continue reading "Recognize Your Migraine Headache Triggers"

Migraine Relief without Drugs

Tired of taking potentially harmful drugs for your migraine headaches? Migraine relief without drugs is possible. Click here for some cheap and natural solutions.

Continue reading "Migraine Relief without Drugs"

Feverfew for Migraines: What To Do And When

Natural pain relief for migraines can be difficult to find. Feverfew for migraines has been compared to aspirin and might just be the way to go if ...

Continue reading "Feverfew for Migraines: What To Do And When"

Common Migraine Triggers: Top 10 Offending Foods

After hours of researching here is my list of the Top 10 Offending Common Migraine Triggers. It is well known that caffeine and chocolate are triggers, but did you know about ...

Continue reading "Common Migraine Triggers: Top 10 Offending Foods"

Caffeine And Migraine: A Gift Or A Curse?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with caffeine and migraine attacks? As a migraine sufferer myself, I have used this treatment with these results ...

Continue reading "Caffeine And Migraine: A Gift Or A Curse?"

Avoiding Foods That Trigger Migraines

Here is one long list of foods that trigger migraines. Do you think you can avoid all of these? I think not ...

Continue reading "Avoiding Foods That Trigger Migraines"

Types of Migraines

This neurological disease is not just a headache. Find the types of migraines, subsets, symptoms and indications here. Know your migraine diagnosis so you can treat it. And stop it. Fast!

Continue reading "Types of Migraines"

Migraine Relief Secrets | 5 week free e-course

Take steps to stop your migraines now with my FREE Migraine Relief Secrets 5 week e-course. Why wait to find natural solutions when you can now.

Continue reading "Migraine Relief Secrets | 5 week free e-course"

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