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Top Migraine Advice Tips

Where to go for migraine advice? Getting the right advice at the right time is essential to effectively managing and possibly aborting that next impending migraine attack. You can start here.

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Anger Management for Migraines: 6 Tips to Remember

I think getting angry often accompanies migraines. Anger management for migraines is crucial to surviving them and not destroying those loved ones around you. Here are 6 Tips to help now.

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Help for Migraines Tool Kit

Build your own migraine tool kit. There is help for migraines, find 11 steps here with forms to print out and step by step instructions to navigate your way through effective chronic pain management.

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Coping with Migraine: Where Do You Turn For Help?

Living migraine free is not possible so if you are coping with migraine you need a good support network. Help is available, you can start here.

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Causes and Symptoms of Migraine: Learning Resilience

I would love to write overcoming the causes and symptoms of migraine. Assuming we know the cause and can tame our symptoms. The best thing I can share is …

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Botox Migraines on PBS in Australia

Botox Migraines News flash! As of March 1, 2014 Botox is available for chronic migraine sufferers under the PBS scheme and Medicare. Do you know what this means? It means …

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What Causes Migraines?

What causes migraines is invisible and remains elusive - there is no cure in their 7,000 year history. Recently the “TRESK” gene and gene “rs1835740” have been discovered and linked to ...

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Migraine Causes: A Medical Mystery

Underlying migraine causes are not fully understood by the medical profession. That's the bad news. The good news is that they may be able to be controlled to some degree. Find out how here.

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Stomach Migraines in Children: Prevention and Treatment

Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting can be signs of stomach migraines in children. Can they be prevented?

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Headaches in Children: Relief, Prevention and What to Watch For

According to headaches.org headaches in children cause problems at least 15 days per month in 10.3 million kids. These US statistics astound and horrify me. What are we doing about it?

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Childhood Migraines: Prevention, Treatment and Medications

It is hard to know what to do for childhood migraines when prevention and abortive therapy for children needs more research. Find your list of suitable treatments and medications here.

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Complicated Migraine

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies severe complicated migraine as equivalent to quadriplegia, active psychosis, and dementia in terms of the disability it causes during an attack.

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Complicated Migraine Symptoms: What to Watch For

Migraines are a world wide chronic problem and complicated migraine symptoms can be debilitating. Know what to watch for so you can treat your symptoms.

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Migraine Symptoms: Warning Signs of an Attack

The general rule is, there are no rules with migraine symptoms. Everybody's experience with migraines is different. Click here to read the warning signs of an attack so you can...

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Confusing Abdominal Migraine Symptoms

Abdominal migraine symptoms typically occur in children that have a family history of migraines. They are relatively rare in adults and occur in only about 2% of children. Females are more likely …

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Migraine Headache Symptoms: Our Early Warning Signs

Our symptoms can occur days before an attack. Use your migraine headache symptoms as early warning signals so you can take action immediately and stop your migraines asap.

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Dealing With Cluster Migraine Symptoms

Having a prevention strategy when dealing with cluster migraine symptoms is important, mostly because only treating the symptoms with medications can seem hopeless. Your strategy may include

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Abdominal Migraines

Abdominal migraines are most commonly known by vomiting and recurring stomach pains in children. In fact, only 25 percent of children experience vomiting with migraine.

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Types of Migraines

This neurological disease is not just a headache. Find the types of migraines, subsets, symptoms and indications here. Know your migraine.

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Migraine News

Keeping up to date with true causal factors in migraine news with scientific current events was difficult....until now.....

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Natural Migraine Relief

The effect of natural migraine relief methods has never been proven. Nevertheless, they can be very effective. Read which methods I think are worth trying.

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Eye Migraine Symptoms

When I feel my eye muscles start to crush down on one or both eyes I know I am in for an attack. Here are some ideas to treat eye migraine pain.

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Recognize Your Migraine Headache Triggers

Migraines begin with triggers and are followed by symptoms and excruciating pain, in most cases. Learn to recognize your migraine headache triggers here so you can avoid them at all costs!

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Migraine Triggers

Many migraine triggers go unnoticed, or are brushed off as unrelated, because they occur a day or two before the actual migraine begins. Learn to recognise and understand your triggers here.

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Keep A Migraine Diary

Most treatment plans tell you of the importance of keeping a migraine diary. Learn how to work effectively with your migraines and improve the quality of your life now.

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Top 10 Migraine Home Remedies

Prevent your migraines now. Here are the top ten most validated migraine home remedies and treatments to help prevent your migraines. From a fellow sufferer’s point of view let's find what works.

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The Silent Migraine Symptom I Hate Most

The silent migraine symptom I hate most is nausea. No, wait, it’s my face swelling up so you can’t see my eye any longer. No it’s definitely the vomiting …

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Silent Migraine Symptoms: How to Cope With Them

Silent migraine symptoms are similar to all of the classic migraine symptoms. They just miss the pain part. Here is a list of the symptoms to help you identify them so you can manage them better.

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Home Remedy for Migraine Attacks: My Number One Thing

This is my number one home remedy for migraine attacks that you just have to know about. It is essential to surviving each attack.

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No Migraine Headache Cures Yet

Currently there are no magic bullet migraine headache cures. There are, however, numerous medicines and alternative therapies that are proven to ...

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Migraine Prevention Kit

Warning: my head will explode in 19 minutes. Read our migraine prevention kit to help with acute attacks and stress. I never leave home without my …

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Headache Migraine Neck Pain: The Easiest Exercises Ever

These are the three easiest exercises you will ever do for headache migraine neck pain. Just lay down on the floor with these supplies and ....

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Daily Migraines: How to Cope

Can you even imagine having daily migraines? If you are reading this, you probably can. Here are the basics and some tips to help you cope.

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Migraine vs Headache: A Headache is NOT a Migraine

A migraine is NOT just a headache. Find out more about migraine vs headache here in this easy to read article where you will understand clearly the

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Meditation for Migraine Relief: Your Steps to Inner Peace

I found learning meditation for migraine relief very daunting and it was hard to remain objective with my migraine pain levels rising off the charts. I did learn to appreciate and enjoy the

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Migraine Meditation Mantras You Can Choose

Learning different migraine meditation mantras can provide you with a technique to reduce the severity and duration of migraines. Repetition calms the autonomic nervous system aids migraine survival.

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Migraine Relief Alternative Therapies

How to find migraine relief alternative therapies that work for migraines. There are so many to choose from, read here to find what works best, in my opinion.

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Alternative Treatment for Migraines

Alternative treatment for migraines are worth considering when our migraine attacks are persistent and occur regardless of medications. Read which ones are useful and most effective.

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Meditation for Migraine Pain Management

Using meditation for migraine pain management boasts numerous benefits besides pain relief. Find out what it is, what it is not and why it helps reduce migraines.

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Will This Migraine Meditation Eliminate Your Attacks?

Learning how to do this migraine meditation should help retrain and calm down your autonomic nervous system. It also induces sleep.

Continue reading "Will This Migraine Meditation Eliminate Your Attacks?"

Hail the Almighty Triptan!

The relatively new class of designer drug called a triptan has proven to be the most effective class of migraine abortive discovered so far. See our list for which one you might need from your Doctor.

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Migraine Prevention Medications: Prophylactics

Find the specific migraine prevention medications you need with the details and common side effects. Educate yourself before and after the doctor’s appointments here with this information.

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Migraine Prescription Medication Treatment Strategy

Make sure you have the right information about taking your Migraine prescription medication by forming a step by step treatment plan with your Doctor. Find a great format here.

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Botox Injection for Migraine

The FDA approved onabotulinumtoxinA – Botox injection for migraine which is marketed as Botox and Botox Cosmetic in October 2010. It is now an allowed anti-migraine drug.

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Migraine Treatment

Migraine treatment usually begins with keeping a headache journal. Your doctor will ask you to keep track of everything you do. Read here for some ideas and share your successes. Know your options.

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Botox for Migraine Headaches

Botox is famous for smoothing out wrinkles on the face. As of October 2010 Botox for migraine headaches has been officially approved by the FDA for adult sufferers. Safer than Aspirin says Dr ...

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Botox for Migraine

I have had 3 treatments of Botox for chronic migraines. The treatment is helping me. I have also have fibromyalgia but I have had no negative side effects

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Migraine Associated Vertigo: What To Do and What Not To Do

Treatment for migraine associated vertigo is basically the same as it is for the general migraines. Read what to do and what not to do here.

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Vestibular Migraine

I had never even heard of vestibular migraine before my friend told me about her migraine associated vertigo. The dizziness is so common it’s generally …

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