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Welcome to my migraine blog where I share my migraine journey, coping tips and solutions I (other readers, our members and my clients) have found along the way.

I am honored to share this information with you and I would love to help you not just manage to survive the pain and suffering of chronic Migraine Headaches, but to learn to thrive and live fully in spite of them.

Thrive in Spite of Migraines

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Palo Santo Smudging

Incense Is No Longer a Headache Trigger for Me Hello Migraine Savvy, I hope that this perspective will enlighten you and not trigger anything upsetting

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Migraine Management Book

Winner of the 2017 New Apple Summer E-Book Literary Award in Self-Help. The Migraine Management Book has steps you can use right now to tame the chaos. Click here for details and stop suffering asap.

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Hail the Almighty Triptan!

For over a decade, the designer triptan drug has proven to be the most effective class of migraine abortives discovered so far. Check this a-z list to see which one you can ask your doctor for now.

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Attention Feedburner Subscribers

If you are one of the many RSS subscribers to my Migraine Savvy Blog – previously powered by FeedBurner please take note. It will be important for you to resubscribe in a couple of days to my blog at http://www.migrainesavvy.com/migraine-blog.html - I am discontinuing the Feedburner service as it does not support the forthcoming switch of my site to the secure HTTPS protocol.

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Causes and Symptoms of Migraine: How To Endure Attacks

The causes and symptoms of migraine can be elusive and overwhelming... debilitating and defeating sometimes, to say the least. Click here for some resources and resilience tips.

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Migraine Pain Management Course

Diagnosed with migraines and feeling hopeless? Click here for a step by step migraine pain management course. Equip yourself with the tools and techniques to manage this condition. Get back to life.

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Article Directory - Treatment and Prevention

Want to learn about migraine treatment and prevention? Click here for the article directory: traditional and alternative treatments, medication, migraine relief and a special section for children.

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Article Directory - Hope & Cope

Need to know what to do and how to nourish your migraine brain and body? Click here for all the articles in the help and food sections plus meditation.

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Focusing With Migraines: 3 Reasons To Do It

Stop adding to the pain, get some distance so you can think and take action. Have you tried Focusing with migraines? Sounds impossible, right? It’s not. If you are still struggling, click here.

Continue reading "Focusing With Migraines: 3 Reasons To Do It"

Emotional Phases of Migraine: Brace for Impact

I bet you can tell me how your physical symptoms manifest themselves. But what about the emotional chaos that ensues? Click here for help with the emotional phases of migraine and tame the chaos.

Continue reading "Emotional Phases of Migraine: Brace for Impact"

Migraine Savvy: Manage Your Pain and Enjoy Your Life More

Become Migraine Savvy. Know your options. Empower yourself to make wiser choices. Use the information and tips you'll find here to learn resilience and thrive despite the pain. Build a better life.

Continue reading "Migraine Savvy: Manage Your Pain and Enjoy Your Life More"

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Migraine Headache Relief

Studies prove that using mindfulness meditation for migraine headaches reduce migraine frequency and severity. Click here for some ideas to experiment with.

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New Migraine Treatment Ideas

What 's new? Submit YOUR New Migraine Treatment Ideas and share your successes and failures with us. Together let’s find new solutions.

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Pain Counseling Sessions Online

Online pain counseling is a good way to help you deal with your migraine attacks and their impacts from the comfort of your home. Don't let them control you… learn new coping skills now. Click here.

Continue reading "Pain Counseling Sessions Online"

Keep A Migraine Diary Keep Your Sanity

Most treatment plans tell you of the importance of keeping a migraine diary. Anything measured can be managed they say. Take the right steps to improve the quality of your life now. Click here.

Continue reading "Keep A Migraine Diary Keep Your Sanity"

Must Read Migraine eBooks

Click here to find a list of my favorite migraine eBooks. You can get all the information you will ever need to know about migraines for under forty dollars. Information is essential to survival!

Continue reading "Must Read Migraine eBooks"

Biofeedback for Migraine Reduction

An effective method to reduce your persistent attacks is to use biofeedback for migraine. Click here to find the one I like best.

Continue reading "Biofeedback for Migraine Reduction"

Headache Migraine Neck Pain: The Easiest Exercises Ever

Want pain relief and want it now? Click here for the 3 easiest exercises you can do to stop headache migraine neck pain. Just lay down on the floor with these supplies from your closet and voila…

Continue reading "Headache Migraine Neck Pain: The Easiest Exercises Ever"

Biofeedback and Migraines: Goals of Training

Want to stop your relentless attacks? Then consider biofeedback and migraines to help you get there. The goals of training are different for some… so click here to check out some options.

Continue reading "Biofeedback and Migraines: Goals of Training"

Inspirational Migraine Videos For When They Get You Down

For your journey to better health, watching inspirational migraine videos will help you learn coping skills and prepare ahead. More tools mean less attacks. Click here to lift your mood now.

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Migraine Headache Links

Find the best resource list for migraine headache links here and have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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Cluster Migraines

What type of migraine can disappear for a few months and then hit hard and fast? Cluster migraines are also called cluster headaches. This type of migraine is brutal. Click here for the treatments.

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Migraine Headaches Diet And Macrobiotic Food

The macrobiotic community claims that their way prevents migraines. But food is just one piece of the puzzle. The macrobiotic migraine headaches diet requires awareness at all stages. Click here.

Continue reading "Migraine Headaches Diet And Macrobiotic Food"

Migraine Prevention Medications: What Can You Choose From This List?

Make informed decisions. Get the list of migraine prevention medications used to help prevent attacks. Educate yourself with the details and common side effects before your next doctor’s appointment.

Continue reading "Migraine Prevention Medications: What Can You Choose From This List?"

Migraine Associated Vertigo: Do’s and Don’ts

Treatment for migraine associated vertigo is basically the same as it is for classic migraines. Click here to read what to do and what not to do. And... hold onto something while you read this ;-)

Continue reading "Migraine Associated Vertigo: Do’s and Don’ts"

Is Botox for Migraine Headaches Safer Than Aspirin?

Botox is famous for smoothing out wrinkles on the face. But is it safe? Recent news reports a death by amateur injections. But Dr. Binder says it’s safer than aspirin… click here to find out more.

Continue reading "Is Botox for Migraine Headaches Safer Than Aspirin?"

Botox Migraine Treatment is Covered on PBS in Australia

Botox Migraine Treatment News Flash! Botox is available for chronic migraine sufferers under the PBS scheme and Medicare. Do you know what this means? Click here.

Continue reading "Botox Migraine Treatment is Covered on PBS in Australia"

Botox Injection for Migraine: What, Where and How

How many injection sites? OUCH! Click here to read about Botox injection for migraine and get the what, where and how of it all. Save time and money.

Continue reading "Botox Injection for Migraine: What, Where and How"

CGRP Drugs for Migraine

CGRP levels increase in our blood and saliva when we have a migraine attack. So it makes sense that CGRP drugs for migraine will be new strategy to treat and prevent migraine. And they’re not far off.

Continue reading "CGRP Drugs for Migraine"

Migraine Prevention: Your Role

What is your role in migraine prevention as the migraineur? Do you rely solely on your Doctors plan for pain management or is it better to become your own advocate and...

Continue reading "Migraine Prevention: Your Role"

Anger Management for Migraines: 6 Tips to Remember

Are chronic migraines destroying your relationships? Click here for 6 tips on anger management for migraines, from a qualified counsellor and long-term migraine sufferer. Save what you love.

Continue reading "Anger Management for Migraines: 6 Tips to Remember"

Top 6 Supplements for Migraines

Keen to prevent your migraines? Here are the top six most effective and scientifically proven supplements for migraines, plus some other alternatives to hold off those nasty attacks.

Continue reading "Top 6 Supplements for Migraines"

Cure For Migraine Headache: Balanced Hormones Hype or Hope

Balancing your hormones might be just be the answer you’ve been looking for to stop your horrific migraine attacks. Is this your cure for migraine headache? Click here to find out.

Continue reading "Cure For Migraine Headache: Balanced Hormones Hype or Hope"

Migraine Search Engine

For savvy migraine search results use this page.

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Migraine Diet Recipes | Breakfast

Click here for yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner migraine diet recipes. My recipes are: dairy free (except for organic butter), gluten free and sugar free. Food is medicine, make it migraine safe too.

Continue reading "Migraine Diet Recipes | Breakfast"

How to Avoid Migraine Triggers

Here are 7 tips on how to avoid migraine triggers. When you know better, you can do better. Click here now... education is key to suffering less.

Continue reading "How to Avoid Migraine Triggers"

Finding Effective Migraine Relief Fast

Over the counter pain meds not giving you any migraine relief? If the common pain medications aren't stopping your pain, click here for 8 tips to help you find relief. Quick smart!

Continue reading "Finding Effective Migraine Relief Fast"

Complex Migraine | 4 Phases

It is rated as a leading cause of disability worldwide. Complex Migraine is not just the pain phase. Click here to read about the other 3 phases you need to know about. Act fast for best results.

Continue reading "Complex Migraine | 4 Phases"

How to Find Meaning in Life with Migraines

“Within each life, we have many lives.” Click here if you are struggling to cope. Learn how to find meaning in life with migraines despite them, because of them.

Continue reading "How to Find Meaning in Life with Migraines"

Daith Piercing Works For Me

It’s going on 11 years suffering with daily migraines. I’ve tried everything from a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Internist, Neurologist, Pain Management

Continue reading "Daith Piercing Works For Me"

Pain Relief Store

In this pain relief store you will find all the things I use to cope better with my migraine attacks. Over the past twenty years or more I have found these things to work. Click here for help.

Continue reading "Pain Relief Store"

Ice Packs for Migraine Relief

I would never have survived my attacks without ice packs for migraine relief. They give me instant pain relief. Click here for some amazing products and some tips.

Continue reading "Ice Packs for Migraine Relief"

Top 10 Migraine Home Remedies

Prevent your migraines now. Click here for the top ten most validated migraine home remedies and treatments from The Migraine Coach. Experiment to find what works and stop suffering needlessly.

Continue reading "Top 10 Migraine Home Remedies"

Which Homeopathic Migraine Treatment Do You Need?

I've had no success with homeopathic migraine treatment but check out these combinations you can use. Many sufferers have found their miracle cure. Click here for details.

Continue reading "Which Homeopathic Migraine Treatment Do You Need?"

Migraine Prevention Kit

The countdown has begun. This head will explode in 19… 18… 17… 16 ... Click here to be prepared for your next attack. This migraine prevention kit and tips give you your best chance at stopping it.

Continue reading "Migraine Prevention Kit"

Dealing With Cluster Migraine Symptoms

Having a prevention strategy when dealing with cluster migraine symptoms is important. Sometimes medications don’t work. Then what? Click here for some strategies that work for me.

Continue reading "Dealing With Cluster Migraine Symptoms"

Trigger Point Therapy for Migraines

The number of migraine suffers now is staggering. Trigger point therapy is an option for effective and immediate pain relief. Click here to see why it might be a good option for you to pursue.

Continue reading "Trigger Point Therapy for Migraines"

Ocular Migraine Stroke Risks: How to Reduce Them

Here are some steps to help you reduce ocular migraine stroke risk. If you become aware of a growing spot that starts off little, but continues to get bigger… click here for what to do. Now.

Continue reading "Ocular Migraine Stroke Risks: How to Reduce Them"

Get Rid of Headache

I just had the most expensive headache ever. How do you get rid of headache? Not just any headache, one that lasts 43 days. If you get these long headaches from hell, let me give you some tips.

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