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Welcome to my migraine blog where I share my migraine journey, coping tips and solutions I (other readers, our members and my clients) have found along the way.

I am honored to share this information with you and I would love to help you not just manage to survive the pain and suffering of chronic Migraine Headaches, but to learn to thrive and live fully in spite of them.

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My Word For Migraines

Migraines are bullies. I think migraines are bullies. Before I get one, during and after I feel like I have been beaten up. I feel like I have been hit

Continue reading "My Word For Migraines"

Will They Ever Stop?

My story begins all the way back in 1997 when I was 7 years old and I had my first ever migraine. I can still remember it to this day with the extreme

Continue reading "Will They Ever Stop?"

Migraine Products for Pain Relief and Comfort

Find useful migraine products like sleep aids, lavender filled eye pillows, TENS units and anything I can find that will provide some comfort in our time of need.

Continue reading "Migraine Products for Pain Relief and Comfort"

Migraine World Summit

Come listen to the experts during The Migraine World Summit April 15th – 20th 2016. It’s a free event that will answer your most daunting questions around migraines. Don’t wait, find relief now.

Continue reading "Migraine World Summit"

Trigger Point Therapy for Migraines

One in ten people suffer from migraine attacks in the US alone. Trigger point therapy is an option for effective and immediate pain relief. Read more about it here and discover if ...

Continue reading "Trigger Point Therapy for Migraines"

Complex Migraine Headache: What We Know Is

World Health Organisation (WHO) rates it as a leading cause of disability worldwide - Complex Migraine Headache is not just pain.

Continue reading "Complex Migraine Headache: What We Know Is"

Migraine Headaches Nutrition

I am lucky enough to have a nutritionist as a dear friend who has helped me with migraine headaches nutrition facts over the past 15 years. She has put me straight on a number of occasions and ...

Continue reading "Migraine Headaches Nutrition"

Daily Migraines: How to Cope

Can you even imagine having daily migraines? If you are reading this, you probably can. Here are the basics and some tips to help you cope.

Continue reading "Daily Migraines: How to Cope"

Get A Headache After Eating? You Could Be Histamine Intolerant

If you get a headache after eating, it might be from a histamine intolerance. Getting sick every time you eat is a nightmare. Click here for a solution.

Continue reading "Get A Headache After Eating? You Could Be Histamine Intolerant"

Cure For Migraine Headache: Balanced Hormones Hype or Hope

Balancing your hormones might be just the answer you have been looking for to stop your migraine attacks. Is this your cure for migraine headache? Click here to find out.

Continue reading "Cure For Migraine Headache: Balanced Hormones Hype or Hope"

Migraine Savvy: Manage Your Pain and Enjoy Your Life More

Become Migraine Savvy. Know your options. Empower yourself to make wiser choices. Use the information and tips you'll find here to learn resilience and thrive despite the pain. Build a better life.

Continue reading "Migraine Savvy: Manage Your Pain and Enjoy Your Life More"

Get Rid of Headache: How Not To

I just had the most expensive headache ever. How do you get rid of headache? Not just any headache, one that lasts 43 days. If you get these long headaches from hell, let me give you some tips.

Continue reading "Get Rid of Headache: How Not To"

How Do You Cure Headache?

I just had the headache from hell for 42 days straight. How do you cure headache? I normally get migraines so I did not feel prepared to handle this headache. I had to use this to stop it.

Continue reading "How Do You Cure Headache?"

Serious Electric Migraine Relief

There seems to be electric migraine relief available to us now, more than ever before. What is our best option, read here to find out.

Continue reading "Serious Electric Migraine Relief"

PEA Migraine Headache Medication

I bet you have not heard of this migraine headache medication that is being used to treat migraines in Europe, successfully! Click here now to stop migraines with PEA.

Continue reading "PEA Migraine Headache Medication"

Finding Effective Migraine Relief Fast

Migraine relief from over-the-counter pain medication such as ASA, ibuprofen, acetaminophen or naproxen is the most common form of control for most sufferers. Here are my 8 Tips for finding relief.

Continue reading "Finding Effective Migraine Relief Fast"

Stress Headache Relief: Cefaly

Have you found effective stress headache relief yet? Here are two devices that say they will reduce the pain asap.

Continue reading "Stress Headache Relief: Cefaly"

Top Migraine Headache Relief: gammaCore Device

Finding instant migraine headache relief can be quite elusive in my personal experience. I went to THE pain specialist to see what I could do. Here's what he said after the word surgery.

Continue reading "Top Migraine Headache Relief: gammaCore Device"

Home Remedy for Headache: Medication and Meditation

Let me tell you about the best home remedy for headache I have found in the past twenty years. What works for pain relief and stress relief all in one? Come find out …

Continue reading "Home Remedy for Headache: Medication and Meditation"

Chronic Daily Headache Treatment: Time for a Miracle?

Do you remember what it’s like NOT to have a migraine? If you get chronic daily headache treatment can be elusive. I am no doctor, but here is something that might just be your miracle.

Continue reading "Chronic Daily Headache Treatment: Time for a Miracle?"

Migraine Symptoms: Warning Signs of an Attack

The general rule is, there are no rules with migraine symptoms. Everybody's experience with migraines is different. Click here to read the warning signs of an attack so you can...

Continue reading "Migraine Symptoms: Warning Signs of an Attack"

Foods That Fight Pain Fight Migraines Too

Can foods that fight pain really make a difference to migraineurs? Can foods like ginger really prevent migraines? Here is Dr. Barnard’s list to help you figure out and try it to see if it does.

Continue reading "Foods That Fight Pain Fight Migraines Too"

Migraine Headache Links

Find the best resource list for migraine headache links here and have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Continue reading "Migraine Headache Links"

Migraine Headache Music: The Calm Before the Storm

Migraines are excruciating. Migraine headache music can calm you and your nervous system down so you can think straight and stop your migraines the fastest way possible.

Continue reading "Migraine Headache Music: The Calm Before the Storm"

Migraine Headache Recipes: Rosemary Chicken

Try these new ideas for migraine headache recipes using pureed chicken to recover faster from migraines. I have experimented with my doctor’s recipes and here are the best results.

Continue reading "Migraine Headache Recipes: Rosemary Chicken"

Surviving Chronic Migraine Monthly Ezine

Is there a key to surviving chronic migraine or living well with migraines? Read the tips from a fellow migraineur to help you solve the puzzle. Join the mailing list now ... don't wait!

Continue reading "Surviving Chronic Migraine Monthly Ezine"

Crippling Migraines

Crippling, psychedelic migraines have ruined my life. I only got them 2 years ago and I am lost now. Have read a few of your posts and am off to see the

Continue reading "Crippling Migraines"

Migraine Supplements: Finding What Works

Feverfew and Butterbur are well known migraine supplements. Click here to read what I just tried that reduced my migraines from 16 to 9 days per month in 6 weeks. It was a complete surprise.

Continue reading "Migraine Supplements: Finding What Works"

Digestion Problems: Another Cause of Migraine

Are digestion problems one of the causes of migraine headache? The raw or cooked food debate has been going on for ages. Find out here what to do to help eliminate your migraines?

Continue reading "Digestion Problems: Another Cause of Migraine"

Pain Relief Store

Migraine Savvy’s pain relief store has products that I have reviewed personally, found interesting, or have used myself. My favourites are also listed. Consider this your one stop shop for migraines.

Continue reading "Pain Relief Store"

How to Find Meaning in Life with Migraines

Making meaning in life with any chronic illness can be hard. Read how to find meaning in life with migraines to help inspire your negative self.

Continue reading "How to Find Meaning in Life with Migraines"

Safe Migraine Food And New Ideas

These new migraine food ideas could be part of your recovery plan or reduce your attacks. They just have to be shared. Read here about how easy it can be.

Continue reading "Safe Migraine Food And New Ideas"

Headaches in Children: Relief, Prevention and What to Watch For

According to headaches.org headaches in children cause problems at least 15 days per month in 10.3 million kids. These US statistics astound and horrify me. What are we doing about it?

Continue reading "Headaches in Children: Relief, Prevention and What to Watch For"

Signs and Symptoms of Migraine

Keeping headaches from ruling your life is difficult. Knowing the signs and symptoms of migraine will help you manage your pain better. Click here to find what to do and what NOT to do.

Continue reading "Signs and Symptoms of Migraine"

Menopause Headaches: When Will They Stop?

When will my menopause headaches stop? I thought I'd be migraine free after menopause, but they are carrying on and on. Get help here.

Continue reading "Menopause Headaches: When Will They Stop?"

Migraine Causes: A Medical Mystery

Underlying migraine causes are not fully understood by the medical profession. That's the bad news. The good news is that they may be able to be controlled to some degree. Find out how here.

Continue reading "Migraine Causes: A Medical Mystery"

Childhood Migraines: Prevention, Treatment and Medications

It is hard to know what to do for childhood migraines when prevention and abortive therapy for children needs more research. Find your list of suitable treatments and medications here.

Continue reading "Childhood Migraines: Prevention, Treatment and Medications"

Migraine News For Current Developments

Stay up to date on Migraine News with the most current articles on the net. Bookmark this page and use it whenever you need up to date info on migraines. Be informed.

Continue reading "Migraine News For Current Developments"

Submit Your Migraine Articles And Touch Thousands of Lives

Help thousands by sharing your migraine articles if you are a fellow sufferer or health professional specializing in migraine treatment. Click here to have your own web page at Migraine Savvy now.

Continue reading "Submit Your Migraine Articles And Touch Thousands of Lives"

Migraine Triggers Lead to Head-Splitting Torture

Many migraine triggers go unnoticed, or are brushed off as unrelated, because they occur a day or two before the actual migraine begins. Learn to recognize and understand your triggers here.

Continue reading "Migraine Triggers Lead to Head-Splitting Torture"

Menstrual Headaches: The Uncontrollable Trigger

If menstrual headaches are causing migraines, they can be frightening and disturb your life. The more severe and chronic they are, the more destruction in your life. To stop the headaches, click here.

Continue reading "Menstrual Headaches: The Uncontrollable Trigger"

Hormonal Migraines: What Works Best?

The characteristics of hormonal migraines for millions of women are above and beyond the normal monthly menstrual cycle that brings cramps, bloating and irritability. Here are two ideas for relief...

Continue reading "Hormonal Migraines: What Works Best?"

Menstrual Migraine Treatment Tips

The problem with the menstrual migraines, associated with a woman's menstrual cycle, is how to fight an uncontrollable trigger. Click here for menstrual migraine treatment tips and stop suffering.

Continue reading "Menstrual Migraine Treatment Tips"

Premenstrual Headaches: Stop The Suffering

This head will self-destruct in 10-9-8 seconds. Premenstrual headaches and hormones have ruled my life or dare I say ruined my life. Click here for the ways I have found to stop them.

Continue reading "Premenstrual Headaches: Stop The Suffering"

Butterbur Migraine

I used butterbur for 18 months and it kind of reduced the pain intensity, but it did not stop how often I get them. I have stopped it now and will try

Continue reading "Butterbur Migraine"

Tension Headache

Hi Holly, I've been seeing an integrative neurologist to get a handle on my tension headaches. From all of her suggestions, this is what I find works

Continue reading "Tension Headache"

Know Your Migraine Treatment Options

Your migraine treatment options will depend on your diagnosis. There are a number of things to consider. Knowing your options gives you more treatment choices. Click here to get them.

Continue reading "Know Your Migraine Treatment Options "

How to Treat a Migraine with Ice and Heat

There is no cure and our bodies vary so much, how to treat a migraine is somewhat of a mystery even to doctors. A doctor can tell us how to reduce the pain, a change of lifestyle promises a cure but

Continue reading "How to Treat a Migraine with Ice and Heat"

Complicated Migraine

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies severe complicated migraine as equivalent to quadriplegia, active psychosis, and dementia in terms of the disability it causes during an attack.

Continue reading "Complicated Migraine"

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    Migraines are bullies. I think migraines are bullies. Before I get one, during and after I feel like I have been beaten up. I feel like I have been hit

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    My story begins all the way back in 1997 when I was 7 years old and I had my first ever migraine. I can still remember it to this day with the extreme

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    Find useful migraine products like sleep aids, lavender filled eye pillows, TENS units and anything I can find that will provide some comfort in our time of need.

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