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Welcome to my migraine blog where I share my migraine journey, coping tips and solutions I (other readers, our members and my clients) have found along the way.

I am honored to share this information with you and I would love to help you not just manage to survive the pain and suffering of chronic Migraine Headaches, but to learn to thrive and live fully in spite of them.

Thrive in Spite of Migraines

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Alternative Medicine for Migraines: A Quest for Migraine-Free Living

Find the alternative medicine for migraines that work for you. There are more alternative options available than ever before in history. Take action to help this work in your favor.

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Chinese Cure For Migraine Headache

In Chinese Medicine the imbalance of certain internal organs is believed to cause symptoms. Treating ‘Liver Fire Blazing Upwards’ is the Chinese cure for migraine headache. Get simple recipes here.

Continue reading "Chinese Cure For Migraine Headache"

Article Directory - The Basics

Click here to see all the articles in my Article Directory the Basics section.

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Focusing With Migraines: 3 Reasons To Do It

Stop adding to the pain, get some distance so you can think and take action. Have you tried Focusing with migraines? Sounds impossible, right? It’s not. If you are still struggling, click here.

Continue reading "Focusing With Migraines: 3 Reasons To Do It"

The Migraine World Summit Just For Patients

Come listen to the experts during The Migraine World Summit April 15th – 20th 2016. It’s a free event that will answer your most daunting questions around migraines. Don’t wait, find relief now.

Continue reading "The Migraine World Summit Just For Patients"

Daith Piercing for Migraines: Hope or Hype

I have been reading about this ‘treatment’, if you can call it that, for ages now. Daith piercing for migraines is a load of bollocks. Click here to see why.

Continue reading "Daith Piercing for Migraines: Hope or Hype"

Migraine Survey - What Will Make The Difference?

Do you have 3 minutes to take my short migraine survey? Maybe I can help. I've been dealing with migraines now for over twenty years now and I know what will make a difference.

Continue reading "Migraine Survey - What Will Make The Difference?"

Hail the Almighty Triptan!

The relatively new class of designer drug called a triptan has proven to be the most effective class of migraine abortive discovered so far. See our list for which one you might need from your Doctor.

Continue reading "Hail the Almighty Triptan!"

Home Remedy for Headache: Medication and Meditation

Let me tell you about the best home remedy for headache I have found in the past twenty years. What works for pain relief and stress relief all in one? Come find out …

Continue reading "Home Remedy for Headache: Medication and Meditation"

Your Headache Doctor Partnership

Ever come away from your expert headache doctor thinking "what the?" Click here now for the top 3 questions you need to ask and tips you need to be prepared for the next visit. Stop suffering sooner.

Continue reading "Your Headache Doctor Partnership"

How To Help Migraine Submissions

Are you lost about how to help your migraines? Click here to see what other migraine sufferers are doing.

Continue reading "How To Help Migraine Submissions"

How to Relieve Migraines Submissions

Read here how other migraine sufferers relieve their migraines. I will never be brave enough to try cayenne for migraine, but you might once you read this.

Continue reading "How to Relieve Migraines Submissions"

How To Prevent Migraine Headaches Submissions

Avoiding triggers is the best way to prevent migraine headaches. But what if you don’t know what your triggers are? Read what others are finding here. Corn syrup is on the list!

Continue reading "How To Prevent Migraine Headaches Submissions"

How to Relieve Headache?

We have so many unanswered questions as migraineurs. How to relieve, stop and abort the headache pain phase of the migraine attack is the one I get asked most often. How to stop symptoms that ruin …

Continue reading "How to Relieve Headache? "

Migraine News Articles Submitted

These migraine news articles have been submitted by other migraine sufferers. Click here to read and make your own comments.

Continue reading "Migraine News Articles Submitted"

How To Reduce Migraine Submissions

These solutions on how to reduce migraine might surprise you. Low dose naltrexone, a cure for hormonal migraines, and tinted lenses. Click here to read what is working for other migraine sufferers.

Continue reading "How To Reduce Migraine Submissions"

Migraine Story Submissions

Click here for the published migraine stories submitted by other migraine sufferers. You are not alone in this.

Continue reading "Migraine Story Submissions"

Migraines and Food: Food is Medicine

I’ve done more dieting for my Migraines and food has become my number one focus besides my health. All meals and all snacks are pre planned so I never risk causing another Migraine...

Continue reading "Migraines and Food: Food is Medicine"

10 Rescue Migraine Medications

When migraineurs fail to respond to triptans or ergotamines these ten migraine medications are used to find relief from acute episodes as alternatives to the emergency department.

Continue reading "10 Rescue Migraine Medications"

Get Mindfulness Over Migraines To Stop Attacks in Minutes

Want to stop the pain faster? Click here to read Mindfulness Over Migraines to learn how to stop your attacks in minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. It will be the best $6.99 you ever spend.

Continue reading "Get Mindfulness Over Migraines To Stop Attacks in Minutes"

List of Migraine Medications - Which One Is Best for You?

This long list of migraine medications gives you many treatment options. Click here to learn about the medications approved for migraine relief, sorted by medication type. And an easy A-Z list.

Continue reading "List of Migraine Medications - Which One Is Best for You?"

Over the Counter Migraine Medication

Over the counter pain killers are different to the over the counter migraine medication that we take to abort attacks. Pain killers that stop inflammation don’t work alone for migraines. Click here.

Continue reading "Over the Counter Migraine Medication"

Migraine Doctor: 10 Tips to Plan Ahead

Know what to do when you see your Migraine Doctor. Click here to get my top 10 tips for making it all easier and get a more effective pain relief strategy. Don’t settle for pain, get the solutions.

Continue reading "Migraine Doctor: 10 Tips to Plan Ahead"

Migraine Relief Secrets | 5 week free e-course

Take steps to stop your migraines now with my FREE Migraine Relief Secrets 5 week e-course. Why wait to find natural solutions when you can now.

Continue reading "Migraine Relief Secrets | 5 week free e-course"

Migraine Savvy: Manage Your Pain and Enjoy Your Life More

Become Migraine Savvy. Know your options. Empower yourself to make wiser choices. Use the information and tips you'll find here to learn resilience and thrive despite the pain. Build a better life.

Continue reading "Migraine Savvy: Manage Your Pain and Enjoy Your Life More"

Migraines in Children: What is Different?

Migraines in children can differ significantly or slightly from us adults. Know what differences to watch for to recognise their migraine symptoms.

Continue reading "Migraines in Children: What is Different? "

The Cost of Migraines

My personal cost of migraines has cost me almost the price of a house. I think I’d rather have a house. Click here for some ways to be thrifty without sacrificing quality, time and more money!

Continue reading "The Cost of Migraines"

Migraine Prevention Medications: What Would You Choose From This List?

Find the specific migraine prevention medications you need with the details and common side effects. Educate yourself before and after the doctor’s appointments here with this information.

Continue reading "Migraine Prevention Medications: What Would You Choose From This List?"

Migraine Headache Prevention: When To Use Prophylactic Medications

According to the Mayo Clinic only 1 in 10 people take prophylactics for migraine headache prevention and only half are diagnosed correctly. Quite alarming. Read here for when to use them.

Continue reading "Migraine Headache Prevention: When To Use Prophylactic Medications"

Menopause Headaches: When Will They Stop?

When will my menopause headaches stop? I thought I'd be migraine free after menopause, but they are carrying on and on. Get help here.

Continue reading "Menopause Headaches: When Will They Stop?"

Childhood Migraines: Prevention, Treatment and Medications

It is hard to know what to do for childhood migraines when prevention and abortive therapy for children needs more research. Click here now to find your list of suitable treatments and medications.

Continue reading "Childhood Migraines: Prevention, Treatment and Medications"

Managing Ocular Migraine Symptoms

Ocular migraines are rare but have triggers and symptoms just like classical migraines. Click here for 10 tips to help manage your ocular migraine symptoms.

Continue reading "Managing Ocular Migraine Symptoms"

Abdominal Migraine Treatment

Abdominal migraine treatment is similar for children, adolescents and adults. Click here to find information on treatment and prevention now. Don't wait.

Continue reading "Abdominal Migraine Treatment"

Migraine Aura Symptoms

Migraine aura symptoms can vary. These alarming physiological warning signals can include flashing dots, blind spots, speech impairment and effect other senses. Use them to your advantage. Click here.

Continue reading "Migraine Aura Symptoms"

Vestibular Migraine

I had never even heard of vestibular migraine before my friend told me about her migraine associated vertigo (MAV). There is little information around for this one. Click here to see what to do now.

Continue reading "Vestibular Migraine "

Migraine Art

Express the impossible to describe through Migraine Art. See what others are doing, inspire yourself to be creative and let go. Art is therapy too. Click here to see how I use it.

Continue reading "Migraine Art"

Migraine Associated Vertigo: Do’s and Don’ts

Treatment for migraine associated vertigo is basically the same as it is for the general migraines. Click here to read what to do and what not to do. And hold onto something while you read this ;-)

Continue reading "Migraine Associated Vertigo: Do’s and Don’ts"

Disclaimer | Terms of Use

Migraine Savvy Website Terms of Use and Disclaimer ...

Continue reading "Disclaimer | Terms of Use"

Headaches in Children: Relief, Prevention and What to Watch For

According to headaches.org headaches in children cause problems at least 15 days per month in 10.3 million kids. These US statistics astound and horrify me. What are we doing about it?

Continue reading "Headaches in Children: Relief, Prevention and What to Watch For"

Complicated Migraine

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies severe complicated migraine as equivalent to quadriplegia, active psychosis, and dementia in terms of the disability it causes during an attack.

Continue reading "Complicated Migraine"

The Changing Migraine Symptom

I just wanted to write about the changing migraine symptom so that others will know that even after over twenty years, symptoms can change significantly from ...

Continue reading "The Changing Migraine Symptom"

Surviving Chronic Migraine Monthly Ezine

Is there a key to surviving chronic migraine or living well with migraines? Read the tips from a fellow migraineur to help you solve the puzzle. Join the mailing list now ... don't wait!

Continue reading "Surviving Chronic Migraine Monthly Ezine"

Contact Me

Got a question or request? Click here to contact me with this form at Migraine Savvy.com. I will respond as soon as possible, if I don’t have a migraine! Computers are a no go zone when I do.

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Stop Stress Related Migraine Headaches: 5 Tips to Avoid Conflict

Do you find that stress related migraine headaches occur more around this time of year for you? Here are some great tips to help cope with conflicts and getting organized. Help you need now for …

Continue reading "Stop Stress Related Migraine Headaches: 5 Tips to Avoid Conflict"

Migraines and Depression: Don't Let Them Keep You Down

Migraines and depression cannot be taken lightly. Depression can lead to suicide and with the added pain and life altering impacts from migraine, it has the potential to make it worse. Click here now.

Continue reading "Migraines and Depression: Don't Let Them Keep You Down"

Meditation for Migraines: Imagine a Migraine Free Life

You can do basic meditation for migraines exercises anywhere you are to reduce stress and anxiety around your attacks. Click here for some basic steps and a practice to get you started.

Continue reading "Meditation for Migraines: Imagine a Migraine Free Life"

Alternative Treatment for Migraines Gives You Options

Consider an alternative treatment for migraines when your attacks are persistent and conventional treatments don't work. One of these may help you live well ...

Continue reading "Alternative Treatment for Migraines Gives You Options"

Top Migraine Headache Relief: gammaCore Device

Finding instant migraine headache relief can be quite elusive in my personal experience. I went to THE pain specialist to see what I could do. Here's what he said after the word surgery.

Continue reading "Top Migraine Headache Relief: gammaCore Device"

Migraine Products for Pain Relief and Comfort

Find useful migraine products like sleep aids, lavender filled eye pillows, TENS units and anything I can find that will provide some comfort in our time of need.

Continue reading "Migraine Products for Pain Relief and Comfort"

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