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9 Books to Use Now If You Can't Afford Therapy

Welcome to the Migraine Savvy Bookstore. This bookstore has e-books that are also activity journals and workbooks. They are composed around a series of have-a-go exercises with ample space for you to write and keep notes of your musings, patterns, and positive changes. Writing things out helps your brain make sense of your experience.

Currently there are 9 books to use now if you can't afford therapy. I am a qualified therapist, so take advantage of my e-books. Instantly downloadable and most have journal workbooks for you to track your progress. And that's important.

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Migraine Savvy Bookstore: Books to Use Now If You Can't Afford Therapy @migrainesavvyMigraine Savvy Bookstore: 9 Books to Use Now If You Can't Afford Therapy @migrainesavvy

Keeping a migraine headache diary is an essential part of managing your migraine disease. The one thing I have used most in my loooonnnggggg health journey is journals. But not just any journal, a journal used to track my results from all the different things my doctors have had me try over the years. 

Sometimes they ask a question that I can just not answer without referring back to my records. I can’t tell you how many times these records have been invaluable to answering questions and finding patterns that I may not have seen otherwise.

So, it’s my hope that you’ll use these journals to discover the best outcome of all the different things you’re trialling to combat your migraine attacks, and not only help prevent and reduce the severity but also reduce their frequency.

But if you're struggling with this... honestly my friend, there's no judgement here. It took me many years of having debilitating frequent migraine attacks to even consider keeping a migraine diary or journal.

Let's talk about 4 AWESOME things you can learn through tracking your migraine attacks if you're struggling to find the motivation right now...

  1. Noticing consistent trigger patterns. You may notice a trend in your potential triggers. (i.e., your attacks seem to be hitting around the week of menstruation or they are popping up each Sunday from sleeping in).

  2. Detecting early warning signs. There may be consistent prodrome symptoms you start to notice, and you can watch out for it/them to start treating yourself earlier. (i.e., irritability and angry or short tempered before the attack starts. Vision impairment. Light sensitivities. Crying. Craving salt, sweet and or carbs).

  3. Finding effective relief strategies. Through tracking, you'll notice which medications/reliefs are truly effective. (i.e., maybe ibuprofen often fails you, but a quick cup of coffee alleviates your pain).

  4. Having proof that your prevention plan is working. Tracking the frequency and severity of attacks over time can show you when things are truly improving. (i.e., fewer attacks after a couple of months taking daily magnesium glycinate supplements, or taking your medication sooner).

Tracking is essential to find your patterns. The workbook journals in this bookstore will help guide you to find what works for you. ASAP.

Some of the journals are from my online courses:

Remember you can download and print the whole book or just the individual printable worksheets/journal/activities to use whenever you want. Just you!

Have fun experimenting and learning. And building resilience. 

All downloadable digital items are for personal, non-commercial use only. They may not be transferred, shared, forwarded, resold, distributed or posted by electronic means or as free downloads.

All images and content are copyrighted © by MigraineSavvy.com and Holly Hazen. 

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My book is available in both paperback and on Kindle. Either way you can come back here to print out the worksheets. There are more details here about the printable portions. Writing things out help you to anchor into your brain all that you learn. But you'll learn that in the book. 

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