Your Pain Relief Store: Reliable, Useful, Migraine Survival Tools

In Migraine Savvy’s pain relief store you will find all the products that I use and have researched that are effective for symptom and pain relief.

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Do you feel like you've tried everything from A to Z too?

It has cost me a small fortune, so I hope to save you some money in your search for effective pain relief right here, right now!

I've compiled the most effective products all in one place so you can come back and purchase the same product. 

When you find something that works, it's best to continue using the same brand to ensure consistent results.

You might consider this your one stop shop for migraine pain relief products.

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My favorites are at the top of each page.

But first, I'll share a bit about what I've tried...

The search for pain reduction...

My search for pain reduction cost me a few bob... so I hope you can learn from my experience, and that my endless researching to find the most cost effective products saves you both time and money. 

Here's my list:

Allergy testing and elimination (and NAET), acupuncture, biofeedback training, counseling, chiropractic adjustments, Chinese herbs, energy healing, and focusing therapy.

Traditional herbs, homeopathy (using the listen system with a proper medical doctor/physician including injections), hypnosis, intravenous magnesium injections (for 18 months), iridology, ice packs, heat packs, and kinesiology.

Live blood analysis, numerous meditation techniques, numerous medications (16 in fact), naturopathy, NET (Neuro-emotional technique), nutritionist and supplements, polarity therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and radionics (hair analysis).

Reflexology, shiatsu, massage, scenar, swimming, Tai chi, and yoga.

I tried all of these each for a long time. My trials were normally no shorter than 18 months. In many ways now I can look back and see how my desperation led me to find a cure. If you are feeling driven to find your cure, please be patient with yourself. 

There is currently no cure for migraines, but luckily there are new things being invented for symptom and pain reduction. And your lifestyle choices will count for a lot. Warning... it could be trial and error to find exactly what works best for you. So let's get started...

Categories In The Pain Relief Store

Any migraine you can stop is a victory in itself.

I wish you all the best on your migraine journey. I hope you find some things that help reduce symptoms and the pain phase of your migraine attacks or your loved ones' attacks, and I hope to see you here again.

If you have something that has worked for you in the past, or is currently working and I don't have any version of it here in the pain relief store - please send me the information so we can share what works.

You can contact me anytime. 

Stay well and be pain free.


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