Safe Migraine Food And Some New Ideas

What is safe migraine food? It's all the foods that do not trigger a migraine for you. But wait! It gets complicated. It could be a combination of foods and over a period of days too. 

These new ideas could be part of your recovery plan or help reduce your attacks. I just have to share them, they make me feel better instantly. Keep reading to see how easy it can all be.

Migraine Food

I have found (by found, I mean paid specialist doctors loads of cash) these unusual ideas for providing our bodies with optimum nutrition.

And I just have to share them with you.

Have you ever considered using food as part of your proactive treatment for migraine headache?

I never did initially.

I mean I did the elimination diets way back when to see if food was a trigger for me, but mostly I used to just crawl out from under my rock and go back to work.

I found doing the migraine elimination diet on my own, really hard work. And it took me years to decipher what was going on. Now I have an 8-week food experiment journal in my Migraine Pain Management course.

I have been experimenting with migraine food combinations now for many years. After studying nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine, I have come to believe that food is medicine.

So, I might be able to persuade you to consider using food not only as part of your treatment for preventing migraine headaches, but also for recovery from long attacks.

Click here for the migraine recipes section:

How To Nourish Yourself With Nutrient Packed Migraine Food

I have to admit, food is one of my favorite topics anyway.

My doctor, who also has a nutrition degree, has suggested that I purée my food by putting it through a blender after I cook it to get more nutrition to the body faster - aka Migraine Food!

Having something more nutritious to eat after a longer migraine or many years of chronic attacks, will help your body cope.

These are the new ideas I want to share with you: puréed high protein high veggie, low carb food and then somewhat the opposite ketogenic high fat (good fat) low protein and very low carbohydrate.

I believe good fat is essential to eat as migraine food because it is neuro-protective and thus preventive.

Read more about that here - Migraines And Diet: Is This One Just Another Fad?

# 1 - Get Better Nutrition With This Cooking Method

My doctor suggests a different cooking method similar to steaming. I know – it looks like baby food. But it tastes much better than it looks.

Puréed Food - The Treatment for Migraine Headache Recovery @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migrainesareafulltimejob

I was so skeptical at first. But I have to tell you, I have tried these recipes listed below and they were absolutely delicious. Plus my energy levels picked right up.

I am so impressed that I just have to share my doctor's ideas for those of us who get the 12 day long migraines and feel weak as anything afterwards. Not eating for that long used to worry me.

I think having a strategic pain management plan for the treatment of our acute attacks and a migraine headache recovery plan, is essential.

There were no effective pain or abortive medications for me back then (1992), so I just suffered in silence. Ok, maybe not silence, but I sure suffered. I probably only got to eat properly about 5 to 10 days a month.

I often use organic chicken soup and beef stew as treatment for migraine headache recovery. I make big batches and keep them frozen for before, during or after an attack. They are great to rehydrate the body and re-balance your electrolytes.

So here is the idea – if you suffer from long migraines, or are recovering from a long term chronic illness, then this kind of food is absolutely perfect for your recovery period afterwards. This process gets the optimum amount of nutrition into your body all at once and the food is easier to digest.

This is all on my doctor’s recommendation – so I hope you are brave enough to give it a try.

Puréed Food - How To Improve Your Recovery Time

The only thing I struggled with was the thick texture of the food. That was hard for me to get used to. So now I use half soup and half purée. It's perfect.

I have also just added a healing migraine soup purée that is suitable for breakfast.



Today I'm sharing the most essential things you need to know to keep your sanity... long term. You can learn to manage your pain better right now... continue reading

Now You Can Compensate For Poor Digestion

We do know that the stomach slows down functioning (gastric stasis) to better deal with the triggered reactions. And many migraine sufferers have digestive problems between attacks, not just during them.

If you do have digestion problems, that may also be contributing to your migraine headaches. You might get a headache after eating, for example. I've written about that here - Get A Headache After Eating? It Could Be Histamine Intolerance

I have been researching this for years now and it is definitely a factor for me. Low stomach acid can be a common problem for migraine sufferers, and it decreases as we age. 

It's just something to consider. This could be part of your migraine food trigger too. If this sounds like you, read these articles below for healing your gut. They are the final result of too many hours of research and testing loads of different recipes.

My friend had her slow cooker kind of explode with fat, so a good recipe is important.

# 2 - Healing Bone Broth As Migraine Food

Food Is Not Your Only Trigger

Food is not your only trigger, it could also be from many things including poor digestion as we discussed above.

Studies show that only 50% of us migraine sufferers have food triggers. OK, only 50% of millions of us, that's still quite a lot! You can read about all the most common migraine triggers here - Migraine Triggers Lead To Head Splitting Torture.

You also might like to consider the total toxic load, along with migraine food triggers, in order to treat your migraines effectively.

There are so many chemicals (gas, perfume, scented body and hair care products, cleaning agents) just for example, to be aware of.

Read my nine tips for toxic overload to help with reducing paint, chemical cleansers, and perfume fumes as part of the recovery plan too. Just click on this link - Toxic cigarettes migraine trigger #1.

These ideas might just stop your next migraine attack!

Enjoy experimenting with these new ideas.

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