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Welcome to my migraine blog where I share my migraine journey, coping tips and solutions I (other readers, members and my clients) have found along the way.

I am honored to share this information with you and I would love to help you not just manage to survive the pain and suffering of chronic Migraine Headaches, but to learn to thrive and live fully in spite of them.

Thrive in Spite of Migraines

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Migraine Savvy: Manage Your Pain and Enjoy Your Life More

Become Migraine Savvy. Know your options. Empower yourself to make wiser choices. Use the information and tips you'll find here to learn resilience and thrive despite the pain. Build a better life.

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Living with Migraines: Grief, Loss and Pain

Living with migraines is difficult, to say the least, and living migraine free is not always possible, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Finding the right tools and tricks to cope can minimize their impact. Learn some now… here.

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Depression Warning Signs: What To Watch For

Do you know when depression gets life threatening? Here are the depression warning signs to watch for. Migraines can cause severe depression and lead to suicide. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Help From A Migraine Expert

Get help from a migraine expert and learn to take back some control. Don’t let chronic migraines destroy your life. Click here for the support you deserve.

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Holly Hazen The Migraine Coach

Desperation for pain relief can make you do things you shouldn't. Learn about what you can do with Holly Hazen, The Migraine Coach here at Migraine Savvy.com. Click now, don't suffer a minute longer than you have to.

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Daith Piercing for Migraines: Hope or Hype

I have been reading about this ‘treatment’, if you can call it that, for ages now. Daith piercing for migraines is a load of bollocks. Click here to see why.

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Article Directory - Treatment and Prevention

Want to learn about migraine treatment and prevention? Click here for the article directory: traditional and alternative treatments, medication, migraine relief and a special section for children.

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My Latest Chronic Migraine Breakthrough

What helps chronic migraine? The good news is that there are common themes running through migraine sufferers, but the bad news is we are all very unique in what will stop them. Here are some things you might not have considered…

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Chronic Migraines. Not Life Threatening, Just Life Altering!

Excruciating head pain that lasts for days and disabling symptoms. If you have this more than 15 days each month, where 8 days have other symptoms like nausea, blurry vision, difficulty speaking or thinking. Chronic migraines could be your diagnosis. But it’s not just…

Continue reading "Chronic Migraines. Not Life Threatening, Just Life Altering!"

Migraine Light Sensitivity: How To Reduce It

Why do you get sensitive to light when you have a migraine? Gather the truth about migraine light sensitivity and test out this easy solution.

Continue reading "Migraine Light Sensitivity: How To Reduce It"

Feverfew for Migraines: Will It Stop Your Painful Attacks?

Natural migraine pain relief can be VERY difficult to find. Learn how to use Feverfew for migraines. It has been compared to aspirin and might just be your solution. Test it now and stop suffering.

Continue reading "Feverfew for Migraines: Will It Stop Your Painful Attacks?"

Which Magnesium is Best for Migraines?

Be careful what type of magnesium you take. It comes in many forms. Glycinate is one of the best forms to take if you get migraines. Come find out which magnesium is best for migraines.

Continue reading "Which Magnesium is Best for Migraines?"

Working From Home With Migraines: How To Get Ahead

It can be hard to find a job when you need one at the best of times, never mind when you have chronic migraines. Consider working from home with migraines and raise your income. Check out these options.

Continue reading "Working From Home With Migraines: How To Get Ahead"

Inspirational Migraine Videos For When They Get You Down

For your journey to better health, watching inspirational migraine videos will help you learn coping skills and prepare ahead. More tools mean less attacks. Watch these to lift your mood now.

Continue reading "Inspirational Migraine Videos For When They Get You Down"

Causes and Symptoms of Migraine: How To Endure Attacks

The causes and symptoms of migraine can be elusive and overwhelming... debilitating and defeating sometimes, to say the least. Gather some resources and resilience tips to stop them in their tracks.

Continue reading "Causes and Symptoms of Migraine: How To Endure Attacks"

Stress Headache Relief: 3 Easy Options With Cefaly And...

Have you found effective stress headache relief yet? Boost your chances for pain relief with these devices: Cefaly, gammaCore, Scenar and biofeedback. Meet stress head on and get back to life.

Continue reading "Stress Headache Relief: 3 Easy Options With Cefaly And..."

PEA Migraine Headache Medication: How To Prevent Attacks

I bet you’ve not heard of this migraine headache medication that is being used to treat migraines in Europe, successfully! Click here to learn more about PEA, the natural painkiller.

Continue reading "PEA Migraine Headache Medication: How To Prevent Attacks"

Migraine Therapy: How To Cope With YEARS of Misery and Pain

How would you deal with 15 solid years of misery and pain? Would you consider migraine therapy? I don't mean triptan medications or the newest anti-CGRP meds available now. I mean coping skills to help with decades of chronic migraines and overwhelming emotions. Here's help…

Continue reading "Migraine Therapy: How To Cope With YEARS of Misery and Pain"

Myofascial Trigger Points: Relief for Tension Headache

Are you looking for an effective treatment that delivers immediate pain relief and that you can do yourself? Releasing myofascial trigger points provides relief for tension headache and chronic migraine pain. Learn to stop the pain now.

Continue reading "Myofascial Trigger Points: Relief for Tension Headache"

Safe Migraine Food And New Ideas

What food to eat when you have migraine? That sounds like a trick question because of the nausea… you can’t eat anything. Learn to recover faster with these new migraine food ideas. Make them part of your diet to help prevent attacks.

Continue reading "Safe Migraine Food And New Ideas"

Want Some Extra Migraine Help And Support?

What can you do to make your migraine go away? Finding the right migraine help at the right time is vital to surviving repeated attacks. Sharpen your skills, build up confidence, take control and move forward.

Continue reading "Want Some Extra Migraine Help And Support?"

How To Cure Headache Effectively

How do you make a headache go away? Take the right medication, see your doctor, test caffeine, get hydrated, learn to relax, go lie down and destress, take a hot shower, stretch out sore muscles and use these pressure points to help cure headache.

Continue reading "How To Cure Headache Effectively"

Migraines and Depression: Don't Let Them Keep You Down

Migraines and depression cannot be taken lightly. Depression can lead to suicide and with the added pain and life altering impacts from migraine, it has the potential to make it worse. Click here now.

Continue reading "Migraines and Depression: Don't Let Them Keep You Down"

How To Reduce Migraine Stroke Risks Right Now

Can migraines have stroke like symptoms? Yes, absolutely. You need to be aware of migraine stroke and increased health risks. Here are 8 tips on what you can do now to help prevent a stroke.

Continue reading "How To Reduce Migraine Stroke Risks Right Now"

Meditation for Migraines: Imagine A Migraine Free Life

You can do basic meditation for migraines exercises anywhere you are to reduce stress and anxiety around your attacks. Here are some basic steps and a practice to get you started right now.

Continue reading "Meditation for Migraines: Imagine A Migraine Free Life"

Migraine Prevention: Your Role

How do I stop a migraine? There are long term prevention and acute medications. You’ll need to consider symptom management. Learn your role in your own migraine prevention so you can abort the next attack and get back to your life. ASAP!

Continue reading "Migraine Prevention: Your Role"

10 Rescue Migraine Medications To Keep You Out Of The ER

If triptans or ergotamines don’t help abort your migraine attacks, here are ten migraine medications that are used to provide relief from acute episodes as an alternative to the emergency department.

Continue reading "10 Rescue Migraine Medications To Keep You Out Of The ER"

Alternative Treatment for Migraines Gives You Options

Consider an alternative treatment for migraines when your attacks are persistent and conventional treatments don't work effectively enough. One of these options may help you manage the attack better.

Continue reading "Alternative Treatment for Migraines Gives You Options"

Finding Effective Migraine Relief Fast

Are your over the counter pain meds providing effective migraine relief? If the common pain medications aren't stopping your headache pain, here are 8 tips to help you find relief. Quick smart!

Continue reading "Finding Effective Migraine Relief Fast"

Migraine Symptoms: Warning Signs of an Attack

The general rule is, there are no rules with migraine symptoms. Everybody's experience with migraines is different. Come learn the warning signs of an attack so you can stop them as soon as possible.

Continue reading "Migraine Symptoms: Warning Signs of an Attack"

Different Types Of Migraines? Why Should I Care?

What are the different types of migraines? Migraine with aura, migraine without aura, migraine without headache, migraine with brainstem aura, hemiplegic migraine, chronic migraine and retinal migraine. Know your migraine diagnosis so you can treat it and stop it. Fast!

Continue reading "Different Types Of Migraines? Why Should I Care?"

How to Avoid Migraine Triggers

Here are 7 tips on how to avoid migraine triggers. When you know better, you can do better. Click here now... education is key to suffering less.

Continue reading "How to Avoid Migraine Triggers"

Migraine Triggers Lead to Head-Splitting Torture

Many migraine triggers are overlooked and ignored because they can happen days before the pain phase sets in. Click here to learn to recognize and understand your triggers better and abort the attack.

Continue reading "Migraine Triggers Lead to Head-Splitting Torture"

Know Your Migraine Treatment Options

What is the best cure for migraine? The bad news is, there is no cure… the good news is you can boost your chances with the right migraine treatment. Learn your options here and regain some control.

Continue reading "Know Your Migraine Treatment Options "

Focusing With Migraines: 3 Reasons To Do It

Stop adding to the pain, get some distance so you can think and take action. Have you tried Focusing with migraines? Sounds impossible, right? It’s not. If you are still struggling, click here.

Continue reading "Focusing With Migraines: 3 Reasons To Do It"

Does Medicare Cover Migraines?

What Medicare coverage do you have? Does Medicare cover migraines? It might cover Botox, Part A and B cover some prescription medications, but if take your meds at home you’ll need Part D coverage through either the stand-alone or advantage drug plan.

Continue reading "Does Medicare Cover Migraines?"

The Best Headache Remedies From A Pro

What is a natural remedy for a headache? Here are some great tips for the best headache remedies from a seasoned pro. Learn now and save pain later.

Continue reading "The Best Headache Remedies From A Pro"

Article Directory - Hope & Cope

Need to know what to do and how to nourish your migraine brain and body? Click here for all the articles in the help and food sections plus meditation.

Continue reading "Article Directory - Hope & Cope"

How To Work With Your Headache Doctor

Ever come away from your expert headache doctor exhausted and confused? Take control with the right questions and learn some tips to be prepared for the next visit. Walk away calm and confident.

Continue reading "How To Work With Your Headache Doctor"

Erenumab for Migraines: Everything You Need to Know

Is your migraine medication working? If not, here's the newest cgrp drug to help prevent them. Learn about Erenumab for migraines, everything you need to know about the newest cgrp drug that prevents migraines.

Continue reading "Erenumab for Migraines: Everything You Need to Know"

Focusing With Chronic Pain

Intense pain or symptoms driving you crazy? Feeling lost and confused? Learn focusing with chronic pain so you can transform overwhelm and confusion into life forward energy. Your life is waiting!

Continue reading "Focusing With Chronic Pain"

Other Genes Related to Migraine

There are numerous genes already identified to be related to migraine. AOC1 gene - codes for diamine oxidase or DAO, which degrades histamine. Researchers

Continue reading "Other Genes Related to Migraine"

Home Remedy For Headache: What's The Best One?

What's the best home remedy for headache reduction you’ve found? If you want to use neuroplasticity to help reduce stress and make yourself happier at the same time… click here.

Continue reading "Home Remedy For Headache: What's The Best One?"

Home Remedy for Migraine Attacks: Ginger

Have you tested ginger as a home remedy for migraine attacks? It’s a cheap, easy, effective way to help abort an attack. Come learn the details. Added bonus - it can reduce your nausea and vomiting too.

Continue reading "Home Remedy for Migraine Attacks: Ginger"

Living Pain Free Summit: How To Get Effective Migraine Relief

Did you see my interview on the Living Pain Free Summit? Did you like it? Boost your chances for finding effective migraine relief with my free 5 week eCourse and get the links to all the topics I discussed.

Continue reading "Living Pain Free Summit: How To Get Effective Migraine Relief"

New Drug For Migraine Aimovig

Are your meds working? The first CGRP medication to prevent migraines has been approved by the FDA. But, can you afford to try the new drug for migraine Aimovig? Here are some pros and cons to help you kick migraines to the curb.

Continue reading "New Drug For Migraine Aimovig"

CBD and Migraines: What's The Deal?

Studies show that different combinations of the THC-CBD drug are VERY effective at reducing migraine pain. But are you still suspicious of CBD and migraines? Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it works. Here are some pros and cons for you to consider.

Continue reading "CBD and Migraines: What's The Deal?"

The Cost of Migraines: How To Save On Small Things

The true cost of migraines can drain your bank account, destroy relationships, leave you jobless and depressed. Learn some ways to be thrifty without sacrificing quality, time and more money with these simple saving tips.

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We recognize that you may be concerned about our collection of your personal information via our website. We have implemented this Privacy Policy in order to keep you informed.

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