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Migraine Savvy: Reclaim Your Life from Pain, Anxiety, and Debilitating Attacks

Is Chronic Migraine Destroying Your Life?

Author and publisher: Holly Hazen

I've walked the path of chronic migraines, and I understand the devastation they can bring. For over 25 years, I wrestled with this relentless condition. Through decades of trial and error, research, and lessons - both from failures and successes - I've found my way back to a life filled with joy.

Now, what brings you to Migraine Savvy?

Are you struggling with ineffective medications, relentless pain, or the mysteries behind your debilitating attacks? Wondering if there's a solution?

I'm here to guide you toward a better life despite your migraines. With insights from my own journey and professional expertise as a therapist, I'll help you gain a deeper understanding of migraines and take meaningful steps forward.

With Migraine Savvy, you'll:

  • Learn how to be better prepared and cope with attacks.
  • Develop an effective pain management strategy.
  • Use food as medicine and fuel for increased energy.
  • Rewire your brain.
  • Rediscover the joy in life.

thrive despite migraine

Enjoy Your Pain Free Days @migrainesavvy

Learn About Your Migraine


What are your triggers? @migrainesavvy


Know Your Early Warning Symptoms @migrainesavvy


Alternative Treatment Options @migrainesavvy

Programs & Courses

Our Migraine Savvy programs follow evidence-based protocols rooted in science and functional medicine. You'll embark on a healing journey of self-discovery through a series of videos, webinars, reading assignments, and interactive activities.


Migraine Savvy programs follow evidence based protocols rooted in science and functional medicine @migrainesavvy

Latest 'How To Boost Brain Health' Posts

Migraine Savvy Bookstore: Books you can use right now if you can't afford therapy @migrainesavvy

Migraine Savvy Bookstore

Explore our collection of 9 printable workbook journals. Gain access to practical, evidence-based migraine relief tips and valuable coping skills crafted by a qualified therapist. Available on Amazon or for instant download.


My mission is to help you find acceptance and provide you with the tools for resilience to thrive despite living with migraines. Resilience means having the capacity to prepare for, recover from, and adapt in the face of stress, adversity, trauma, or challenge.

As we move forward, let's focus on two aspects you can control:

  1. Nutrition and Well-being. Explore the role of food as both medicine and energy fuel.

  2. Brain Rewiring. Learn how to shift from the fight, flight, freeze mode that migraines can trap you in, to the rest, digest, and heal state.

In any situation, taking a moment to pause, focus on your breath for a few minutes, and slow down with a deep exhale can help calm your nervous system. Try to feel your eyelashes as you breathe and use your peripheral vision. This technique can be very effective.

If you are struggling with overwhelming emotions, discover numerous strategies to manage them effectively in the long term. Reducing underlying anxiety alone can be life changing.

If you're experiencing breakthrough pain despite medication, understanding the phases of a migraine and effective symptom management are crucial. It's crucial to take your medication at the earliest warning signs. Getting your timing right can mean the difference between heaven and hell. Your first and most important step is to find ways to manage the pain and symptoms effectively.

With the advent of new medications designed for migraines, you have promising options to enhance your quality of life. A qualified headache doctor can guide you through these options.

Knowledge + Action = Progress


Watch my free workshop video on natural migraine prevention. Discover stress and anxiety management strategies, understand the physiology of migraine, and learn the right steps to take. This includes 3 foods for acute treatment, 2 preventive diets, essential supplements, and more.


My free workshop video is on natural migraine prevention @migrainesavvy

While finding the right tools for your migraine management may require some time and persistence, you can learn to live with this debilitating condition. If I can do it, you can too!

Stay connected with me. Join my mailing list today and receive a complimentary copy of 'Track and Tame Your Migraines,' including my top 5 tools for daily use to prevent future attacks.

Wishing you vibrant good health and a life free from pain.

Holly's signature @migrainesavvy

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