Are Migraines Destroying
Your Life?

Are migraines destroying your life? Then let me give you some tips. I am not a doctor, I am a professional counselor and fellow migraine sufferer with decades of trial and error, research, failures and success.

Stop Migraine Pain NOW

Learn from my mistakes.

Learn what to do and how to be prepared.

Very well prepared.

Develop your best pain management strategy. Take action, timing is everything. 

The statistics are alarming. Millions of people are suffering needlessly.

Only half of us are getting effective treatment. Don’t become a statistic.

Become resilient.

And remember, always, with all medical advice, to consult your primary care physician first before adopting any new courses of treatment.

 “It’s only too late if you give up.” 

David Bach (Start Late, Finish Rich, 2006)

Learn Better Coping Skills

You can live well with migraines. You can move forward and enjoy your life more. And Migraine Savvy will help you do just that.

To live well with this neurological medical condition requires new skills and new ways of doing things. And you need to become resilient.

You will be knocked down by this disease, and you need the strength and the willingness, to get back up again, and again, and again. That's called resilience.

Your journey will be challenging and oftentimes painful. You may feel very alone, but please know you won't be. I, and thousands of others, have learned how to cope with this debilitating disease.

We've discovered how to be flexible, how to roll with the punches. We've learned how to reinvent ourselves, finding new jobs that suit our new lifestyles, and we've learned what to do and when.

With me as your guide, you'll learn better coping skills for all areas of life and to reinvent yourself, so that you can become the best you despite the havoc this condition causes.

Focus On Finding What Works

One sided severe pain is a typical migraine symptom.

You will learn how to become, and remain, resilient.

Learning to be resilient means you will overcome the depression and anxiety associated with migraine attacks and learn to think more clearly.

Thinking more clearly means you make wiser, more informed, decisions.

You will learn ways to communicate your needs to others and stay happy, calm and balanced.

You will find ways to feel more gratitude and bring out who you really are. A more purposeful life may just be one of the gifts you eventually discover.

But for now you need to manage the pain. It is time to respond like a victor and not a victim by focusing on solutions that work for you. If you don’t have them right now, persevere and keep looking. Never give up, new things are being invented every day.

Get your life back! Find a sense of control. Find ways to make peace with these migraines. Your first step is finding effective pain management. Trust me on this one. I was in denial about my migraines for 14 years or so.

It wasn't until I formed an effective pain management strategy that I was able to finally create the life I wanted. 

From The Migraine Brain

“When people say childbirth is one of the worst pains there is, I’m sorry, it’s not!" Melissa said, shaking her head. "For someone used to having migraine pain, childbirth doesn’t even come close.”

by Dr. Carolyn Bernstein

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The statistics are alarming. Millions of people suffer from these excruciating headaches worldwide. Only half of us are getting effective treatment.

I have suffered from attacks for over 20 years now and have had countless treatments. I know the frustration when yet another treatment fails.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a freight train!

I have learned pain management skills (professionally) to deal with the ups and downs of this debilitating neurological disorder and I know you can too.

On this website, I will give you all the information you need to help you better manage the pain and emotional turmoil.

Have you thrown up in a meeting at work yet from the pain?

All the tips, tools and techniques that have helped me cope are here. The effective alternative therapies and the ones to stay away from too.

The light at the end of the tunnel is to learn coping skills so you can become resilient and get back up again, and again, and ... using what works best just for you.

Living well with a chronic illness is just like an extreme sport (except it's no fun)! Use ice packs and allow recovery time - these are essential.

Over 20 Years Of Migraine Pain Management

Migraine Savvy Holly Hazen

Hi, my name is Holly.

I lived a happy life until a car accident at the age of 32. Although a connection with the accident has never been confirmed, the migraine attacks started shortly after that.

They come and go for 20 days each month. Despite the varied and numerous treatments, they always come back. I've tried many pain killers and abortives, with little success until recently.

I have learned to live well with this condition, and to manage its consequences, that reach far beyond the pain. I have found a balance in my life, where attacks now share with happiness and fun.

Please click here if you want to know more about me and my history of intense attacks and recovery.

How Have I Built Resilience?

Tips to Live Well with Migraines
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It has taken me a long time to figure out how to find happiness again. And I think I have found the best way by adjusting my lifestyle and learning new coping skills that have helped me become resilient and find peace with this condition.

Over the years, I have learned what works best for me in eliminating pain. Knowing how to deal with an upcoming attack makes a huge difference. It reduces the pain and, even better, eliminates the stress of not knowing what to do.

I have also found some ways to prevent my headaches as much as possible. Avoiding triggers can help you reduce the amount of attacks you get. And every attack you can prevent is a victory in itself.

My advice is to remain positive. Changing your lifestyle is not easy, but if you blend in some positive thinking with being proactive, you are well on your way to returning to a happy life.

For example, I could get really depressed thinking about all those wasted years of needless suffering. Or I could see that the pain took me on a path I never would have followed otherwise.

Finding meditation practices, yoga, healthy nutrition and letting go of destructive people and things in my life, just to name a few. All leading me to here and now. Making peace with my migraines.

Know Your Early Warning Signs

Every migraine sufferer is different and so is the best way to deal with symptoms and attacks.

I have one friend who trained herself to feel the early warning sensation of an impending attack. When it occurs, she pours herself a peppermint tea and gets a massage, which mostly stops it for her. Timing is everything!

I have another friend who is paralyzed down the right side of her body, with no pain, for four hours about three times a year. Some people experience auras which can act as an early warning sign, while others do not. It's a puzzle.

So it is very important for you to find out what your signs and symptoms are so you can take action. Timing is everything.

What one action step can you take right now to put some of this into practice in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

Where To Go From Here

This website has a lot of information for you about migraine headaches. It covers:

  • the different types
  • traditional and alternative treatments
  • prevention strategies
  • medications
  • causes, triggers and symptoms
  • lifestyle changes and diet 
  • doctor appointment tips

I also share my experience and advice.

Below is a short description for some of the topics with a link to the corresponding pages. Please also look at the left hand navigation to find the topic you want to know more about or click on the pictures in the right hand column for related articles.

You can also use the Google search bar at the top of the page to find what you are looking for.

Treatment Options

Options and tips on the treatment for migraine headaches. Is it still just trial and error after all these years? Not if I can help it – read here to find out how.

Migraine Medications | Rescue Medications

When we fail to respond to triptans or ergotamines these ten rescue medications are used to find relief from acute episodes as alternatives to visiting the emergency department.

Migraine Prevention

What is our role in prevention? Do we rely on our Doctor's plan for our pain management or is it better to educate ourselves and become our own advocates?

Alternative Treatment Options

We often turn to alternative therapies when our migraine attacks are persistent and occur regardless of what medications we take. Where do you turn when approved treatments aren’t working at all or not working well enough?

Know Your Triggers

Learning your triggers means you have the potential at your fingertips to prevent an attack. Our triggers initiate symptoms and excruciating pain, in most cases. Learn to understand and actively avoid your headache triggers and stop your next attack.

Share Your Story

It’s time to share information about what works and speak up about the impact of chronic pain in your life. Connect with others who have been there. Share stories and learn.

When It’s Hard to Stay Positive

With the chronic and recurring cycle of pain, it can be hard to stay positive. Living a happy life may seem impossible some days.

Migraines Suck
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But I am here to tell you that it is possible to live a full and fulfilling life.

Even if you, like me, are having chronic long term full blown attacks or
occasional episodes. There are more effective medications and more tools for us to use today than ever before in history.

If I, and thousands of others like me, can learn to become resilient and live well with my migraines, so can you!

Stay in touch by joining the mailing list.

Until next time, be well and be pain free,

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With this new information, what one thing can you do now to reduce your attacks?

Chronic Migraines

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Inspirational Quotes:

Successfully managing your migraines is 50 percent education and 50 percent treatment.

- The Migraine Brain by Dr. Carolyn Bernstein (p. 19)

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

- William Ward

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