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Surviving Chronic Migraine: How To Do It

Join the mailing list for the free ebook Track and Tame Your Migraines with 5 essential tools you can use every day @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migraineheadaches
Join the mailing list for the free ebook @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migraineheadaches

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  • Gain back control with some proven foundational principles from migraine experts and specialists. 
  • Learn natural (or better) alternatives to help manage your migraines. 
  • Discover what you need to do to find a more sustainable long term strategy for a happier healthier life. 

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Knowing I'm helping other people (people like you!) by writing articles to share with fellow migraine sufferers across the world is one of my great pleasures in life.

But this website has over three hundred articles, all of them crammed with information about migraines! From acupuncture and diet to yoga; medications; alternative therapies; what works and what doesn’t; what’s new… and everything in between. I'm constantly updating it with new facts, figures, advice, tools and tips.

And sometimes it's hard for my readers to keep up with what's new.

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Because I love sharing my knowledge and coping tools. It's hard-earned expertise which I've learned through...

  • Over 26 years of personal experience of chronic migraines, (including 8 years of cluster headaches) 20 days each and every month without fail
  • Specialist advice from neurologists, doctors and functional medical doctors
  • Studying: nutrition, Chinese medicine, food as medicine and a master’s degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (MCAP), etc
  • Over 20 years of reading accredited and well researched books and articles (10 years writing articles for this website)
  • And attending migraine summits and seminars

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Surviving Chronic Migraine comes out on the 10th of the month, depending on what's important and what's happening. Or more often if the medical world is buzzing with new drugs like they have been!

With over 25 years and thousands of hours suffering, I’m going to share with you the top things that help. Use the 5 tools in my ebook as your starting point to help kick migraines to the curb.

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Track and Tame Your Migraines - 5 Tools You Can Use Every Day

Get forms you can print out to use for your own detective work, to take to the doctor's appointments with you, and to identify triggers and patterns.

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It comes complete with:

  • A printable and/or fillable monthly migraine diary, essential to help identify patterns
  • Medication notes and tracker (vital for changes when things don't work)
  • The easiest neck and back exercises for migraine prevention
  • A gentle meditation to calm down that over excited nervous system
  • Links to more useful tools and resources

Simply confirm your subscription to get your link to my free 13 page e-book that you can download and print out or fill in online. It can be used again and again for records you can rely on.

In Surviving Chronic Migraine, you'll learn time tested tools and evidence based solutions to help give you the best chance at your best results.

Get Track and Tame Your Migraines and make things easier for yourself right now.

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Surviving Chronic Migraine - Track and Tame Your Migraines - eBook and downloadable worksheets that are fillable @migrainesavvy

How To Use Your Tool Kit

You can use the calendar and medication notes almost every day to keep track of your migraine frequency, severity and triggers. Share these details with your doctor.

Use the neck and back exercises and the meditations every day to stretch out your tense muscles and relax them.

The medication tracker is essential for when you need to trial new medications and for new doctors or specialists you see. I provide more details in the tool kit.

These 5 things have been crucial to me over the years, so I hope you find them helpful too.

The impact of migraine goes far beyond the pain phase.

I strive to cover all areas - coping skills for life - so that you can live well despite the relentless attacks.

Not just to survive or cope with them but to thrive happily! Resilience is key. As a professional counselor I regularly teach these coping skills. We need these skills more than anyone else (migraines can be brutal and soul destroying) to learn resilience.

We need to bounce back again and again, on every level.

Develop coping skills for physical – emotional – intellectual – social – spiritual – and financial issues.

Cover all your bases!

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Get Some Help Finding Effective Solutions

Surviving Chronic Migraine Tick List

In Surviving Chronic Migraine, I'll cover all the areas that need to be taken into consideration when you are learning to deal with, confront, and find effective treatment help for migraines.

Building an effective chronic pain management strategy is essential. It can often require a whole network of people to help you through it. Choosing to take a holistic approach could help you achieve the best results to living a fulfilling and healthy life in spite of having migraines.

We'll cover all of that.

I am a chronic migraine sufferer. It took me over 15 years to be able to say that, accept it and be 'OK' with it instead of feeling ashamed. Ashamed of being sick, ashamed of not finding my 'cure'. Acceptance can be hard.

And with all the alternatives available, with so many that don't work, it's easy to become skeptical and get desperate for some relief.

I've been there... I spent 20 out of 30 days each month in migraine (for 26 years), but with the addition of the right triptan pain medication my life changed significantly.

And now with menopause they've gone completely. I have a few headaches here and there... and I know just how lucky I am. I take aspirin now! Just an aspirin, but I still carry my abortives with me everywhere. Just in case.

So let me help... where I can. Stay in touch by joining the mailing list.

Surviving Chronic Migraine @migrainesavvy

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