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  • The easiest neck and back exercises for migraine prevention
  • A gentle meditation to calm down that over excited nervous system
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How To Use Your Tool Kit

You can use the calendar and medication notes almost every day to keep track of your migraine frequency, severity and triggers. Share these details with your doctor.

Use the neck and back exercises and the meditations every day to stretch out your tense muscles and relax them.

The medication tracker is essential for when you need to trial new medications and for new doctors or specialists you see. I provide more details in the tool kit.

These 5 things have been crucial to me over the years, so I hope you find them helpful too.

The impact of migraine goes far beyond the pain phase.

~ Holly Hazen,

I strive to cover all areas - coping skills for life - so that you can live well despite the relentless attacks.

Not just to survive or cope with them but to thrive happily! Resilience is key. As a professional counselor I regularly teach these coping skills. We need these skills more than anyone else (migraines can be brutal and soul destroying) to learn resilience.

We need to bounce back again and again, on every level.

See you on the inside!