The Best Migraine Products for Pain Relief and Comfort

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There are a number of effective migraine products you can use to help yourself be more comfortable during a nasty, long attack (or short one). Think ice packs, lavender filled eye bags, blackout eye covers, and relaxing music or a guided meditation. 

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All of the products I share have valid research behind them and are proven to work and assist with reducing migraine pain. Effectively. 

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You'll find all the products you need in categories to save you time and effort, and hopefully money. This section is more for comfort products to use to help during an attack.

Help During an Attack

My number one thing to use when an attack is on its way is an ice pack. Sometimes I like to use a tens unit, or acupuncture pen. More recently I've been experimenting with a scenar device to help stop the attack from progressing to the pain phase.

Tens units are affordable (in most cases) compact, convenient, and portable. Electrotherapy is a highly popular and widely used treatment method designed to decrease both chronic and acute pain.

Stimulation of the nerves of the body helps to counter the symptomatic pain of injury, for example, as well as increase blood circulation. It can also decrease instances of overall musculoskeletal pain.

Here are a couple of TENs units I like:

Other products specifically targeted to treat migraines (although more expensive) are the Cefaly and gammaCore are also used in prevention to help with acute attacks. I've written about those here: Cefaly and gammaCore.

Get Relief from Nausea

I don't know about you, but when I feel that sensation of an impending attack, I still feel a bit of panic. I need to act FAST if I want effective pain relief and to tone down my long migraine episodes. Before the nausea hits.

These are great for nausea:

The MygraStick is not strong enough for my migraines. It contains peppermint and lavender essential oil, so I just make my own with the essential oils. Lavender is calming and peppermint helps with nausea.

Ginger is known to reduce nausea. I like these brands:

Consider taking some magnesium to help calm those over excitable nerves. 

Ice Packs and Eye Covers Are Essential

I use ice packs and not heat to help stop my migraines. Here are my fav's, but you can read about all the ice packs and hats available now here - ice packs for migraine relief

And the eye covers, and blackout curtains... are essential.

Try Contoured Pillows to Relieve the Pressure

I have a number of different pillows I use when I have a migraine depending on how sore my neck is. I find the contoured ones best for relief of occipital pressure. It sure has been a long journey to find the right pillow(s) for my migraine neck. Let me make it easy for you, start with these ones:

Duro-Med.... very nice

Duro-Med Stress-Ease Support Pillow, White, Allergy-Free

Features of the Duro-Med Stress-Ease Support Pillow: offers total cervical support, whether you sleep on your side or back. Ideal for post-whiplash syndrome and us headache sufferers. Quality polyester fiber fill holds its shape and lasts twice as long as the average foam pillow. Hypoallergenic and machine washable.

Find Even More Essential Migraine Products

I hope you'll get better pain and symptom relief with the migraine products on this page.

I will continue to add to the list with current and up to date effective migraine products. New things are being invented all the time. Lucky us!

For more ideas to help you get started on preventing and treating your attacks...

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