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You can contact me by using the form below... I love to hear from you.

I appreciate your concerns, questions and contributions. I'll respond as quickly as I'm able. There are thousands of visitors to this site every day, so please be patient. 

Plus, I live in Australia, so we might be on different sides of the world!

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Before you go, be sure to check out these other places for interacting with the website audience.

Your own articles can be submitted to any of the following pages.

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All submissions are moderated by me personally.

Click here if you'd like to share your story or anything in our - headache forum.

If you'd like to find a migraine doctor check out the links on this page - Headache Doctor Directory Links

Here's a great list of resources and links for anxiety, depression, treatment clinics around the world, medication manufacturers and other crucial must know things within this website. 

Stuff You Can Do That Helps

Here are a few of my favorite pages that will help you know just what to do to prepare for the next attack:

Stuff You Can Buy That Helps

These are worth checking out to help keep you more comfortable during an attack or, even better, prevent one:

Remember to be a kind and gentle teacher to yourself.

Stay well and be pain free. And until we connect... hang in there!

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