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30 Day Brain Health Challenge

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

My 30 Day Brain Health Challenge is here! This is going to be so fun!

All you have to do is - start at square one! I’ve provided the pages below to get you started right now. You can start your challenge right after reading them or get the e-book with ALL the details and a ton of examples.

Do the 30 Day Brain Health Challenge with us and learn to establish a daily brain fitness routine @migrainesavvyDo the 30 Day Brain Health Challenge with us and learn to establish a daily brain fitness routine @migrainesavvy


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As a therapist I’ve combined all the tools I know to help you shift and move forward. My recent studies (PNT and DNRS) have been around brain plasticity and its ability to change! And I am also an accredited Laughter Yoga teacher! Laugher does heal. 

YAY! It’s time to have MORE fun!

YOUR GOAL: Establish a Daily Brain Fitness Routine

TO: Make your brain "sweat" for at least 20 minutes per day or 2 x 10-minute sessions.

Krystal L. Culler, DBH, MA, a brain specialist recently interviewed on the Migraine World Summit, gave us 10 strategies to boost brain health.

Here are the ones we will focus on:

  • Step outside your comfort zone. Engage in tasks or exercises that are new, novel, and challenging. Try to increase the challenges you pick and vary your 'brain gym' workouts so they are fresh, new!
  • Make your brain "sweat" for at least 20 minutes per day or 2 x 10-minute sessions.
  • Explore and discover new places, environments, and skills. 
  • Take 5-minute brain breaks throughout your day to optimize your brain performance and prevent fatigue and low mood. This is what we are going to do - 4 times 5 mins each.

All of these are SO important. She also says to drink water and stay hydrated. Overall, the body is 60% water, and the brain is about 75% water. But I'm leaving this part up to you. It's important to stay hydrated all the time. So try to make this one an everyday habit. 

The 30 Day Brain Health Challenge

I loved inventing this 30-Day Brain Health Challenge using all the tools in my toolkit. The challenge gives you everything in one spot to guide you each day to make changes and it’s a great way to see your progress. Easily. 

Plus, I make them fun by using some super secret brain rewiring techniques. I’ve written more about that here - Neuroplasticity and Rewiring the Brain

The idea for doing these exercises in the mirror comes from Louise Hay. I've written more about that in the self-love challenge, here's the link - 10 Day Self Love Challenge

The exact wording is important too, so be sure to read everything over and make sure it fits for you.

Excerpts From The 30 Day Brain Health Challenge

#1 Blank Template

Your 30 Day Brain Health Challenge Blank Template @migrainesavvy

#2 Instructions

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Instructions @migrainesavvy

#3 General Rules

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Basic Rules @migrainesavvy

#4 Best Times

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Best Time of Day @migrainesavvy

#5 Goal Setting

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Goal Setting @migrainesavvy

#6 Starting Qs

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Personal Wellness Questionnaire @migrainesavvy

Make your brain wellness a priority - NOT an option.

You Can Get Started Right Now

Here is a brief excerpt from the e-book to help you get started right now...

There are a lot of ideas here that focus on brain retraining which will require some forward thinking about things that make you feel happy and bring you joy.

Your brain can't tell the difference between real laughter or fake laughter. So you can fake it til you make it. Or in this case fake it until your brain becomes it. It already believes it!

One of your tasks is to list 15 things that bring you joy. Or at least make you happy. You have ALL of my examples to inspire you. Then all you need to do is put each one twice on your worksheet and tick them off as you go. If you can't find 15 things to list, then do seven and list one each day of the week. Repeat them. Repetition is key.

Aim to do your exercises four times a day for at least five minutes. I’ve tried to be more specific on my examples.

Use your phone to set a timer so you remember to take the time out during the day, or evening, to achieve your new daily happiness goal.

I have provided a lot of examples and there is a blank template for you to use as well.

How You'll Support Your Brain by Doing This Challenge

At this point I'd like to highlight some things that we will be doing in this challenge that support your brain and its ability to change.

  • Repeating positive statements.
  • Laughing whenever you can, at nothing at all. EVERY DAY.
  • Singing as often as you can, loudly.
  • Dancing. EVERY DAY if you are able to.
  • Smiling. I want you to practice smiling at yourself in the mirror. Wink at your sexy self. Blow yourself kisses. I have a lot of other examples in the book. I want your cheeks to be sore by lunchtime.
  • Learning to pause. Pause and tune in or look up and breathe deeply for as long as you can (20 seconds to start or 3 - 6 deep breaths) every day. Especially if you are on your devices a lot through the day.
  • Reminiscing. Think about your accomplishments up until now. Things you are capable of already. Reading this book is one! You are open to learning new things. 

Try to learn one new thing a day.

Now it's time to plan for doing more things that bring you joy. This guided challenge will train your brain to look for what's fun... 

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