Use Ice Packs for Migraine Relief

I would never have survived my attacks without ice packs for migraine relief. They give me instant relief. The ice not only helps reduce the pain, it constricts blood vessels that have dilated too much.

Ice Packs for Migraine Relief

When the pain starts to build from an impending attack, and I have failed to take action quickly, I reach for my meds and my ice pack.

I spent many a nights sleeping on bags of frozen peas that were wrapped in a tea towel before I discovered reusable ice packs at my chiropractors office.

Thank goodness they do minted peas here in Australia.

Long gone are my days of waking up on a smelly, mushy bag of defrosted peas. I now have 2 or 3 proper blue ice packs at all times in the freezer that are designated specifically for my migraine attacks. 

Do yourself a favor and get a few ice packs to keep in the freezer with your name on them. Don't share them! At least have two so when one melts too quickly, you can just transfer over to the frozen one.

Have two in the freezer.

I still put them in a tea towel, it's much more comfortable. I also use a rolled up towel to put a curve to follow the side of my head that the pain is on. 

Remember to ice both sides of your head, not just the side with pain... the nerves cross over at the back.

I slept on hot water bottles for years until I learned this. They lasted ten days back then. Ten long days. Don't suffer needlessly... choose ice and see what happens!

Here are some that are also great to use and reuse over and over, and over for instant migraine relief.

Act Fast With Ice Packs for Migraine Relief

I suggest that you make having ice packs handy, a high priority. And act fast, take action right when you feel the first warning sign to give yourself the best chance to abort the attack.

Just in case you can't find these locally, you can click on the product links below for more details. I rely on my ice packs for migraine relief, I hope you find more relief too.

The Latest In Ice Packs are here:

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Lastly, and most importantly, read How to Treat a Migraine with Ice and Heat. It's essential reading here at Migraine Savvy on how to use those ice packs for migraine relief.

There is also the ThermaZone Device on Amazon for ice and heat treatment.

Happy freezing for pain relief!

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