Families and Migraines.


How do migraine episodes affect familial relationships? In this writer's experience, the beginning signals, the 'prodome' that the migraine is coming on is expressed by a high degree of energy, a demanding drive to do something...quite often reckless and aggressive. The temperament changes, one is edgy, the nervous system is on the outside rather than where it should be...so many things are found to irritate me. The difficulty for others to be around a being in this state is extremely difficult which, is why I literally go to a room for 3-4 days just to let this manifestation express itself. No one else should suffer what another brings to the table. 'IT,' is me...not a part of me...but most surely me.

It is for this reason, that I have not married, nor had children. I knew at an early stage, that to be around me would both trigger and be on the receiving end of these episodes. Highly unfair to inflict others with what one is.

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