My Latest Chronic Migraine Breakthrough

I want to share my most recent chronic migraine breakthrough with you. As you know I experiment with everything that comes across my path, and I am happy to tell you about my most recent success story.

It's been over 20 years since I have experienced a reduction in my 20 days each month migraines.

I am here to celebrate for the last two months being down to 5 and then 13 days each month.

That is a whole week more to myself all from tinted lenses, I think.

I feel like I have been on holidays. Yippie!

Get Your Tint On!

2013 brings me to trying precision tinted lenses for migraines. It turns out I am a teal green shade not the rosy brown colored FL-41 tint that you can find on the internet. Most studies say it is best to be tested by a colorimeter. The machine is intuitive. That means you say what looks and feels best.

I just stuck my head in a big square machine while the eye doctor flicked through the colors saying “What is better, one or two?”

Chronic Migraine Green Tinted Lens
Chronic Migraine Blue Tinted Lens

I highly recommend getting tested, as buying off the shelf FL-41 rose tint, if it is cheaper might be a good place to start, but it is not for everyone. I found it too bright for me and I actually felt agitated. The good news is that I have reduced my migraines by about 7 days, but it feels like more.

I don’t really know if this is from my age and possibly starting menopause, or the lenses. Either way I feel like I can work on the computer with very little eye strain now. And living in Australia with constant glare from the sun, well I just feel like it is more relaxing to have my tint on!

I found a local behavioral optometrist that does migraine tints using the colorimeter, or you can try Axon Optics or TheraSpecs in the US for the over the counter FL-41 tint.

Chronic Migraine Brown Tinted Lens
Chronic Migraine Purple Tinted Lens

NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine)

Plus I started taking the supplement called NAC a week before the migraines dropped to 5 days. Gosh its hard to tell sometimes. But I will stay on the NAC for now, and I love these new lenses, so it's all good!

"N-acetyl cysteine is a modified form of the amino acid cysteine. When taken orally, NAC is thought to help the body make the enzyme glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Scientifically, NAC has shown promise for certain conditions, including influenza and chronic bronchitis."

It does not list chronic migraine, but it is the only thing I changed that week prior to the huge reduction in migraine days.

FYI - I use Metabolic Maintenance, NAC, 600 mg, 60 Capsules.

I take 1 after lunch and 1 after dinner.

Oxygen Therapy for Cluster Headaches

I also tried oxygen therapy last year, just for one month. I had the opportunity to borrow a machine from a friend. Many clinics recommend oxygen therapy for chronic migraine pain management. I breathed each day for 15 minutes, but must say I had my worst month of migraines ever! 27 days … so I did not continue with it.

It did give me more energy in the afternoons.

Botox Shots for Chronic Migraine

Ok – I have chickened out 3 times for some reason, I am going in March as I can no longer ignore the successful results of Botox for migraines. I do want to give my tinted lenses a good 3 month trial before I experiment with Botox injections. So I will keep you posted.

Three Things I Do To Keep Them Away

One of the best things I have done for my migraines is to get professional pain counseling. It was my first counsellor that asked "do you have a pain management strategy?" When I replied "no", she got me to make a list of what I needed to do. Medications were number one on the list.

Finding the right abortive has changed my life. I pray you find one that works for you. The triptan family of abortives is the most effective medication for migraine so far. Please give them a try if you have not yet. Or keep trying until you find one that works, I think there are about 12 different triptans on the market now.

Please use a reputable source for your medications. You can buy anything online these days. Please be safe, I trust my local compounding chemist.

Please don’t give up hope. Third, and not least - try the FL-41 lenses from Axon Optics and see how much better life gets!

Do you get migraines? Come share your story with others who get them too.

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