The Changing Migraine Symptom

I want to write about this changing migraine symptom I had recently so that you, the reader, my fellow migraineur, will know that even after over twenty years, symptoms can change quite a lot. New symptoms can arise and some disappear.

So about two weeks ago I woke up early in the morning and I was a feeling a little dizzy even before I got out of bed.

I bumped into two walls on the way to the bathroom and I knew something was up.

As usual, my husband said “maybe you are getting a cold!”

But I wondered if this new symptom meant a migraine was on its way. I was actually too dizzy to think straight. And in my zen way of extending myself some patience, I waited. I stayed in bed for a bit, but when I got up I could barely stand. I was thinking - I wish I had already written the article on migraine associated vertigo, because I was pretty sure that’s what this was.

Anyway, two or three hours passed, and I just had to get up and eat. This task proved almost impossible because I just could not even sit. Now I have had migraines, chronic, intense and severe for over twenty years and I do not recall ever having this symptom so severely. 

Changing Migraine Symptoms

I can get off balance with a migraine, but this was like – throw your head on the floor stuff.

So, I am waffling on about this because I think its important to let you, my fellow migraine suffer know about this change in migraine pattern or change in symptoms that can occur.

About two years ago I noticed that my face was tingling quite noticeable before an attack. That was new then, it has continued. And now this. 

Anyway, I used to wait WAY too long to take my abortive medication and I saw myself repeating the same pattern. So, I decided to take action and thought the worse case scenario would be that I waste a Naramig, the best case would be that the strange migraine symptom would disappear.

I did not allow myself to think I might die, as I do sometimes. I am sorry to admit this … but I would guess it was from all those years of having no pain killers and thinking I would just die from the intense pain. Anyway, after two hours, the Naramig kicked in and the extreme dizziness went away. Like magic!



Today I'm sharing the most essential things you need to know to keep your sanity... long term. You can learn to manage your pain better right now... continue reading

Symptoms Can Change from Migraine to Migraine and During a Migraine

In 2007 after I had just found Naramig, I noticed that my symptoms changed significantly from migraine to migraine. Each time I would have or notice something different. I think it was because I could not previously detect anything subtle due to the intense pain that accompanied my attacks.

I normally had migraines that lasted ten days, and sometimes after day three or four, it would change sides. I didn't know they could do that, but they started off right sided and switched over to the left at some point. I, luckily, have never had a rebound headache after those long attacks. 

So there you have it. Another changing migraine symptom that caught me by surprise after all these years. I just wanted you to know this can happen.

On a positive note, this made me think about some of the symptoms that have 'healed'. The right sided attacks no longer makes my face swell up like a football, my moods are much more stable and the vomiting has subsided to brief bouts of nausea. Yeah! Progress!

Do you have changing symptoms? How about sharing they here so we don't all think we are going crazy.

Share Your Changing Migraine Symptoms

What symptoms have taken you by surprise? You have the normal ones, the ones you trust. And then this thing happens. We all suffer with symptoms. Ok, off you go. Start with the Title.

Your Changing Migraine Symptoms

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Today I'm sharing the most essential things you need to know to keep your sanity... long term. You can learn to manage your pain better right now... continue reading

How To Stop Your Migraine Symptoms

Act fast. That's how to treat your symptoms. Because the pain phase is on its way. So, here is my advice.

  • Take your abortive (triptan) medications at your earliest warning sign,
  • Listen to some relaxing guided meditations and drift off to sleep.

I like to be proactive with biofeedback training, yoga and I try to take the right supplements that help with reducing migraines.

Sometimes I like heat on my eyes and sometimes I like cold. Try both to see where you get the most relief. 

I use both ice and heat to try to abort the attack. Read How to Treat a Migraine with Ice and Heat. It helps.

Thank You for Sharing Your Story and Migraine Symptom

I think we can all help each other by sharing information. So I hope this makes you feel not so alone in it all.

Because you are not alone,

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