Tell Me Your Most Annoying Migraine Headache Symptom

Tell me your most annoying migraine headache symptom. Fatigue, depression, the pain, loss of appetite, ravenous hunger. I think if I had to choose one, mine would be the pain. But the pain is not annoying it is unbearable.  

So most annoying would be ….. um …. the right side of my face swelling up so I look, oh so attractive.

No, the anger that comes before the migraine attack and the depression that comes after.

Ok, I can't pick just one. All the symptoms annoy me.

I have come to appreciate them as early warning signals …. but really, how much can one girl take before getting annoyed? Oh wait - I can pick one. The vomiting. Definately. I hate vomiting. I will do whatever I can, not to bring up my expensive organic food, supplements and or medications!  

Here are some typical pre-migraine, early warning symptoms:

Migraine Headache Symptom Girl Turning Green

      • Nausea and/or vomiting

      • Excessive unexplained fatigue

      • Mental fogginess

      • Dizziness

      • Tremors

      • Hot flashes

      • Cold hands and feet

      • Increased heart rate

A small percent of migraines, 20%, come with an aura as a precursor. This causes visual disturbances



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Here are some typical postdrome symptoms:

      • Loss of appetite

      • Fatigue

      • Continued milder headache

      • Dizziness

     • Fuzzy feeling

     • Depression

     • Euphoric mood

     • Pain or cramps

Do you have one or more annoying migraine symptoms you'd like to share with us?

Your Most Annoying Migraine Symptom

We all have symptoms and some of them are strange. So if you share them here we will all know that it is not just us. We are not alone in this symptom.

Common or uncommon, who cares, share anyway. Who knows what we might learn from each other. Or who we might help!

Worldwide Irritating Symptoms

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Managing Migraine Headache Symptoms

Migraine Headache Symptom Nausea

The things to avoid are: alcoholic beverages, especially red wine, avocados, canned, cured or processed meats like salami, hot dogs and bologna.

The migraine triggers list goes on: beans, chocolate, raisins, and there are so many others, that can aggravate migraine symptoms.

There are numerous medicines that can help to abort and prevent migraines. The triptan is most effective abortive medication to date. 

Migraines are not normally life-threatening but they can be and have been life altering for me. 

Please remember to notify your physician right away if your migraine patterns, your annoying migraine headache symptom or pain levels change. Make sure you have taken the time to develop a treatment plan with your physician. 

You may need to make changes over the years if things change, so you need to find a good physician with an interest in migraine headaches. Otherwise you may be missing out on effective treatment.

Be Proactive 

I think being proactive helps me on lots of levels of health, not just managing migraine symptoms.

Thank You for Sharing 

Thanks for sharing your unique symptoms above.

Who knows what we might learn or who we will help.

You are not alone in this.

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