20 Migraine Comments I Never Want Or Need To Hear Again

The things people still say amaze me. Here are 20 migraine comments I never want to or need hear again. I remember it all like it was yesterday.

Absurd Migraine Comments

Someone said to me just other other day, "have you tried thinking more positively? You might be giving yourself the headache!"

I could not believe it at first, and then I paused. I am practicing pausing before I get angry with people that upset me.

A lady I used to work for used to say for hours “Doesn’t this work just give you a headache?” Did she get headaches? NOoooo. But my work didn’t give me a headache either. But just to hear her repeating it used to annoy me.

I like to think that people grow and change. And don’t get me wrong, of course we do. But I am still surprised now, twenty plus years later that the stigma is still around that we are fakers or that migraines can be cured if we just X’d [insert instant guaranteed solution]!

I was so annoyed in fact, that one day I came home and wrote down some of the migraine comments I never want to or need to hear again. This made me even more cranky recalling each person as they said these things to me. I can still remember who they were, where we were and what I was doing ….

It is very good therapy to write these things down. And now it's more therapeutic by sharing it with you. And hopefully you will join in on the form below.

Migraine Management: How To Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain, Prevent Attacks
Migraine Comments

The Migraine Comments
I Never Want To Hear Again

1.  You’ll be right (you guessed it, I live in Australia!).

2.  No worries mate!

3.  Bludger – don’t you want to work today?

4.  I had one of those once 20 years ago, I know how you feel.

5.  Have you tried: acupuncture, De-stressing, yoga, thinking positively, or just pushing through it? It worked for my mother.

6.  Here’s an aspirin, you’ll be right.

7.  Have a little lie down, you’ll be right.

8.  You’re lucky, boss treats you special.

9.  You have the luxury of being sick.

10.  You must be toxic.

11.  I think this is just a cry for help?

12.  Are you sure that’s real?

13.  Sure you aren’t just hung over?

14.  Maybe it’s just a cold!

15.  You are just making that up.

16.  You must be making yourself sick.

17.  You chose this before you were born, find your life’s lesson and they will be cured.

18.  Your negative thoughts create your migraine reality.

19.  You must have a low vibration to be that sick.

20.  You have bad karma.

OK, so let's turn this around. Let me tell you the best thing that was ever said to me around these migraines. 

The Best Question I Ever Got Asked

Now the best question I ever got asked was by my boyfriend, now husband.

“Is it ever just a headache?”

Every time I’d wait too long to take my new triptan medication, I would end up vomiting and going to bed crying and afraid of dying. (Too much? Sorry) That was many years ago, and now I just take it and thank God, Buddha and the universe that I have found an effective abortive migraine medication.

I was reluctant to take the new pills as if the previous 14 years of debilitating horrific migraine pain did not validate my migraines to me. How could anyone else believe me when I didn’t believe myself.

A wise woman once told me (my psychologist) “Forgive others ignorance and those who do not or cannot see my suffering. They may not be capable of such understanding.”

On a more positive note, let's look at some proven ways to prevent migraines. Read these:

For now, I am working on my response to the hurtful migraine comments! How to respond appropriately that is. Other than "thank you for trying to help." Now eff off!

Migraine Management: How To Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain, Prevent Attacks
Migraine Comments and Complaints

Migraine Complaints Department

What are some of the ridiculous, hurtful, or helpful migraine comments people have said to you?

Think about the comment and your response. Type out what you said and then take a moment to ponder and type what you would have liked to say.

It’s easy to feel isolated and alone when you are hurt by others. But if you have a feel good response, I find it helps.

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Migraine Comments Shared

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Here's to finding better responses to people's absurd migraine comments,

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