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Migraine Articles

Or, are you a health professional helping people relieve their migraines effectively, efficiently and even cheaply with some new treatment method?

If so, please submit your story or experience below and if published I will provide a link to your site and publish your details. This means having your very own webpage! 

I say 'if' because you will need to meet some criteria (below) and we may need to do some editing to fit in with our mission here at Migraine Savvy. For example, it has to be original content and pertain directly to stopping migraine attacks.

If you'd just like to share your personal experience with migraines, post it here at migraine stories

I want to hear from you about your successes and failures with current migraine treatments or treatments you or your clients have come up with. We need to know what works effectively to stop the pain and needless suffering.

Migraine Management: How To Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain, Prevent Attacks

Writing Tips and Criteria For Migraine Articles

Migraine Articles

I love real life stories.

I may have already told you that I have learned what to do and what not to do from friends and colleagues more so than my expensive specialists and doctors.

Now, as I hope you learn more the other way around, and get the right information from your doctor right away, that is not always the case.

You might not know this but you only have 2-8 seconds to engage someone on the internet. Think about how you read. Do you scroll the headlines first? You have to be clear and succinct. 

1. Start With Where You Started to Where You Are Now. Results First.

For example, I used to get twenty days of migraine a month and now I get X days. All from just doing this.

Or “One day, something changed. I noticed …” you can use your change in perspective, a change in your routine or habits, and then the change in your health. Start here, and see where your writing takes you.

Then take me through it step by step as if you are talking to me. The details around stopping or reducing migraines are important.

2.  It Must Be Original

It has to be original material. Migraine articles cannot be plagiarized or duplicated anywhere else on the internet, even if it is your own personal blog. If you are planning to distribute the same article to other websites, please do not submit it. 

3. Offer Practical, Actionable Steps and Ideas

I have a what you can do now tips box on a number of pages. You could try using something like that to help you get some clear ideas for step by step actions.

Here is what to do next. Keep it clear, simple and actionable.

4. Size Does Matter

Aim for 1000 words. Your article can be no less than 150 words but I would prefer no less than 400 words. It's pretty hard to describe your successful treatment in only 150 words. But whatever you can manage.

And if you decide to submit a video 2-3 minutes and no more will be accepted. 

Migraine Management: How To Reduce Anxiety, Manage Pain, Prevent Attacks

Need Some Inspiration?

These migraine interviews were published (way) back in 2009 in The New York Times, and they still inspire me and reinforce my belief that sharing information helps others:

Tara Parker-Pope interviews 6 people that suffer from Migraines in a recorded article called “The Voices of Migraine”. Please click on the pictures to hear the interviews.

Migraine Articles New York Times

Skip Masland is the first one. He says his trigger is the weather and more specifically a cold front. He has tried biofeedback and lots of different drugs to deal with his migraines.

I absolutely loved when he said, and have since quoted it, that it seems like the word Migraine has become a “generic term for headache”. This feels like how people respond to me as well. Just kind of ... “oh well ... that’s nice” ... or perhaps more like “what are you trying to get out of?”

NY Times Voice of Migraines

The next interview is with Vickie Martin. Her migraines were hormonal and would last for 3-4 days. Her words that affected me were “gutting it out alone” and “almost like I’m disabled”.

NY Times Voice of Migraine

This last interview in the migraine articles touched me the most.

Terri Sinnott gets severe migraines. She mentioned the words “despairing” and said that Migraine “is not considered a physical illness” and she often got responses like “you are an A type personality so it’s just stress!”

It took her 1.5 years to find pain medications that worked effectively and she kept a detailed headache diary to record her trial and errors in the journey to find what works. Does this just sound all TOO familiar? I feel for her.

I Noticed That Something Changed

I noticed in these migraine articles that all six people were referred to a neurologist, in order to get effective help.

I also noticed that they all also sought alternative therapies.

There are 3 more interviews to listen to.

I must say that all of the interviews touched me in some way.

Have you spent most of your life remaining silent about the pain you suffer because of the blank stares, being accused of favoritism at work and other unkind remarks around "being sick"?

Not that we are sick, we are healthy we just have migraines.

It leaves me asking ... what else works?

I hope that this all has inspired you to submit your advice as a health professional or from your own personal experience and hopefully share the great successes in dealing with and treating migraine headaches.

Submit your personal or professional migraine articles and advice here:

Have You Got A Treatment That Works?

Do you have a great natural remedy you can share with us? Do you have a treatment that has worked for hundreds of your clients? Thousands? Even better.

Include your professional degree (MD/ND/MCAP) in your submission, if you have one, and the treatment details. The type of migraine diagnosed will be most helpful, to say what you’ve had most success with.

If you are a fellow migraine sufferer, that counts. FMS!

Let me know here so I can share it with others. If you can manage 150 words that would be beneficial in going towards having your own web page.

Articles From You

Here are contributions from migraine sufferers and other professionals.

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