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Working From Home With Migraines: How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Want to raise your income? Working from home with migraines might be a good option for you if you suffer from chronic attacks each and every month. Let's face it, it can be hard to find a job when you need one at the best of times, never mind when you have chronic migraines limiting your options. 

I think working from home with migraines, despite the migraines, to raise your income is an option worth considering.

And sadly, for some of us, it might become our only option.

Here are my ideas for finding work that fulfills you, is flexible to fit in that crappy migraine down time and hopefully, pays the bills too.

Be your own boss,

find something that is fun and part-time by

building your own online business.

Here are a few working from home with migraines job options, some great tips on what you can do now to help yourself get clear on moving forward, and some great saving money strategies to help you find success. You need to plan ahead for success.


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Find Flexible Work Options For Your Inflexible Migraines

Let’s face it, it can be hard enough to find a job in most cases, never mind when you face the additional challenge of having a chronic illness like migraines.

Luckily, there are lots of options now like flexi work hours, part-time, job shares, and working from home.

So a good starting point, if you are already working full time, is just to ask your boss if you can make arrangements to work from home.

It's helpful to learn your migraine patterns and then see when you can fit in working. If this is not possible, and you are starting from scratch, here are some options for you to consider...

Option 1: Become Self-Employed

Could you freelance or consult?

Do you have a special skill you can use to freelance? Sift through your experience, wisdom, and passion and find some flexible options that might work for you. OR... maybe there's something new you would love to learn and do. More on that later.

Working from home with migraines means working for yourself. When I was little I wanted to be a psychologist. I started at university but the expense was too great for me as an 18 year old to work, save and study. So I got a job in a bank after my first year at university and followed the flow. A few years later I decided to do an accounting degree and spent over 30 years in the accounting profession.

I enjoyed it and I liked having a socially acceptable profession (in most cases)! Have you heard this joke?

What does an accountant use as birth control?

His personality... ahahahah!

Ok that’s an old one. But you get my point.

After the migraines entered my life, I lasted about 4 years and then had to go part time. Now there was no such thing then as a part-time accountant, so I became a bookkeeper and decided to treat all my 'small' clients like big ones. It worked. I loved my clients and my little business grew.

I could schedule in the 20 days each month of attacks (mostly) and work the other days.

Then in about 2009, after yet another health challenge, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion in counseling. And after 15+ years of volunteering at Lifeline, a 24 hour suicide help line, I became a qualified counsellor. A master's degree in fact, read more here >>

I had to move a little slower than everyone else, to accommodate the migraines, but I got there in the end.

This is why I always tell you to persevere. Baby steps can get you there too.

So finding flexible work, you can do from home, that you enjoy is essential to helping yourself survive chronic migraines long term.

Working from home with migraines became the only option for me.

And remember, for the majority of migraine sufferers, this is a lifelong condition. You will have to learn to manage it all, and working from home with migraines may become the only option for you too.

Option 2: Learn How To Build Your Own Online Business

Become the successful business in your niche.

Have you considered starting your own blog or website but have no idea where to start?

Neither did I, until I found this whole package teaching you everything about building an online business called Solo Build It! (SBI!)

I decided to start this project whilst I was waiting 3 months to start my Masters Degree. I wanted to keep the mental juices flowing.

It was fun and I was certainly stepping way out of my comfort zone to learn something totally new. And totally in the too hard basket... and then having to get creative. What a challenge! Little did I know 10 years later I'd have three courses and an award winning book to go with it all.

This is where you can share what you know, help others, and learn about having a business all in one place. 

If working from home with migraines is a viable option for you, this is a great opportunity. 

Want to build your own business? Click here >>

>> Click Here For Solo Build It Details <<

Why Solo Build It? 

Because it's all there, all in one place, teaching you step by step in the action guide.

SBI looks after you from start to finish - and all the road bumps in between. With the right environment, mindset and the right tools you are on your way to building your online presence. 

Solo Build It! taught me everything, from scratch. I had no idea what to do or how to do it, in the same way as I had no idea what to do when I first got diagnosed with migraines.

SBI Solo Built It. The only tool you need to build a website business.

SBI! showed me how to get started. It taught me that I wasn't just building a website or blog... I was building an online business.

There’s a huge difference.

It had everything I needed - all the tools, all the instructions, everything - in one place. And the guidance. I so needed guidance and help with this new adventure. 

There is a step by step video action guide that takes you by the hand and leads you through the whole process. You never need to worry about javascript, HTML or coding or anything technical like that.

So, in a very short period… it taught me how to:

  • choose a niche
  • write the articles
  • add images, links, and captions
  • use the right keywords to be found (and rank with Google) and even more importantly…
  • how to make my business work for me - how it could make money (and give me a better lifestyle).

Click here for Solo Build It! @migrainesavvy

Get ALL The Support You Need

Let me introduce you to the priceless SBI! forums and LIVE Zoom meetings.

Within 24 hours of starting to learn about websites and business building, I was welcomed into SBI!'s forums.

I can't begin to tell you how much help I've received over the years with:

  • encouragement and kindness
  • other SBI’ers willing to take time to "pay it forward" and answer questions without expecting anything in return
  • answers to questions within minutes
  • personal help and contact from other SBI’ers in the sharing of resources
  • easy-to-understand answers to technical questions, that they help you with until they are completely resolved.

LIVE Zoom Meetings

Being able to interact with fellow solopreneurs on a live call adds a whole new dimension to business building. 

You have the option to do Zoom calls with like-minded online business owners that could tip the scale to increasing sales!

  1. You have access to a series of live mentoring sessions guiding you through the first DAYs of the SBI! Action Guide (you can watch anytime when you need a refresher).

  2. They have informal calls, where anyone from anywhere can drop in and meet up with colleagues. These could grow into helpful support networks of other SBI! online business owners who will likely become your friends.

  3. Focused sessions:
  • masterminds
  • instructional tutorials
  • brainstorming
  • mentoring
  • small group breakouts

You can use Zoom calls as a place to share ideas, experiences, cultures, wisdom, struggles - whatever comes up. It's an added way to build new friendships.

Working from home with migraines can be lonely. Forget about the isolation factor that comes with being an online business owner. These Zoom calls will help offset your feelings of isolation - much like you may be experiencing with the current lockdowns and quarantines. This could become the next best thing to being together.

The Process, the Tools, the Guidance & Support
There's Nothing Else Like Solo Build It!

And just one more tool I use for working from home with migraines is:

Get ALL the tools you need to start your online business with SBI @migrainesavvy

What You Can Do Now 

Working From Home With Migraines

My tips here are inspired by the book The Passion Test. Their formula for conscious creation is this: 

1. Get clear on what you want to create;

2. Put powerful consciousness on what you want to create;

3. Take massive action;

4. Surrender and let go! "This or something better."

Get Clear On Your Way Forward

To find your best options for working from home with migraines, my version of getting clear is more detailed. Try these to continue: 

5. List 10 things you would love to be doing (migraines or no migraines).

6. Tune in, take some deep breaths, center yourself in your body (let your awareness sit behind your belly button) and ask "what is the most important thing to me right now?"

7. Allow yourself to be totally honest. What would you like to be doing right now for work? How about in two years, and then five years. Narrow those 10 things down to 5.

8. Now day dream about it. Yup! See yourself there in that situation doing what you love. Feel how open and happy you are feeling. If anything feels contracted or horrible, scratch that one off your list. It is not for you. Try to stay out of your logical mind, and stay in your body feeling it.

9. Are there any actions you can take right now to move towards that vision? Any small actions, massive action is better (says the passion test), but small steps are great too. I used small steps and I got there.

10. After taking massive action, just let go of the outcome. Say out loud to the universe, or spirit (whatever you believe in) "This or something better"... and then wait to see what miracles turn up in your life. Be patient and persevere.

10a. For taking small steps, the method I prefer for working from home with migraines, keep taking action if it feels like its going in the right direction. Stay tuned-in to your intention to work at something you love, focus on your list. If you feel blocked, hand it over to the universe - Let Go!

You could also ask for help and guidance. I heard Gabby B, author of May Cause Miracles, say something the other day I'd like to share here:

Thank you God, expose to me the truth of what I should be doing. And then don't ignore the guidance.

~ Gabby Bernstein

Don’t do this when you are coming out of, or going into, a migraine. Do it when you are feeling balanced and free of pain and take into consideration what you actually need according to your migraine patterns.

Working from home with migraines can take a lot of planning. If you cannot see a way to work from home, plan to educate those in your workplace around being flexible with migraine sufferers.

I worked out a 4 day a week plan with my very understanding boss way back when. It did cause some animosity, but it was worth keeping my job.

A shorter work week, or the option to work from home may just be acceptable now.

You won't know if you don't ask.

Here Are 4 Ways To Educate Yourself On Money

Educating yourself on money is really beneficial. I can recommend these books that have some great tips and strategies to help you out financially. Less stress can equal less migraine attacks!

I've been reading this book by Scott Pape, and although it's Australian based, I hope to inspire you to investigate your strategies, options and help increase your share knowledge. 

In his book Abundance, Peter Diamandis reveals that in the past century the average lifespan has doubled, while the average income has tripled. At the same time, food is 10 times cheaper, electricity is 20 times cheaper, transport is 100 times cheaper, and communications are 1,000 times cheaper.

~ Scott Pape

He goes onto provide a solution... "a cheap, simple no-brainer way to ride the coming revolution: just buy a low-cost, tax-efficient index fund that tracks the 500 largest companies in America - otherwise known as the S&P 500." [1] And he tells you exactly where to find that. 

"If you’re just beginning your investment career, buy a copy of legendary fund manager Peter Lynch’s classic One Up on Wall Street." [2]

"Lynch explains that small investors have an advantage over professional money managers because they can invest in companies that they know and deal with every day – and many times they can do it before these companies hit the radar of the big investors." [2]

Have Faith, You Will Find Your New Normal

Mastering working from home with migraines means you have to be flexible and have the down time needed to both endure the attack and recover from it. 

Have you read about Parkinson's Law? It goes something like this: "work expands to the amount of time you give it ... when you give it a lot of time, it will consume that time. Give it less time and you’ll be more productive."

This means finding the delicate balance required between taking care of your health and your finances.

Oh, and your family, and your social life, and right food, and... all the other things you have to - want to - fit into your life.

Working from home with migraines and SBI! means you can still focus on your passion and move forward.

P.S. If shares make your head spin, check out the website business option first!! Here's the link again...

SBI aka Solo Built It. The only tool you need to build a website business.

>> Solo Build It - Build Your Business In Your Own Time <<

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Start Today! It's Free To Sign Up. @migrainesavvy

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Working from home with migraines updated June 13, 2021