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Practical Headache Relief Tips From 10 Top Migraine Experts

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Making lifestyle choices can be very difficult at times, especially when you are desperate for results in pain reduction.

Here are some top headache relief tips gathered from 10 migraine experts to help you answer questions like these:

What gets rid of migraines fast?

Are migraines are caused by physical stress?

What can I do for menstrual migraines?

How do I work with my doctor?

What alternative therapies can I use?

What if I have the MTHFR gene?

How do I know what my food triggers are?

How do I fix my neck pain?

Headache Relief Tips From 10 World Renowned Experts

I've started with my absolute favorites of all the headache relief tips...

Chocolate is NOT a migraine headache trigger!

Dr. Peter Goadsby - Myths Around Food Triggers

1. There is a common myth around food triggers. Chocolate is not a trigger - symptoms are part of the biology of an attack. Eat what you like and you’ll still get an attack. [1]

The hypothalamus drives sleeping and eating. Biology wants us to be creatures of habit. An important factor in migraine management is to reinforce regularity and routine in sleeping, meal times, and exertion.

Are migraines are caused by physical stress? They can be. Let down from stress is common. So a regular exercise routine is essential to help reduce attacks.

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Dr. Susan Hutchinson - Managing Migraines in Menopause

2. For menstrual migraines try continuous low dose birth control; take magnesium 400 mgs per day - it's an anti-inflammatory and great for before periods; a triptan for short term management; see a gynecologist. For perimenopause try low dose birth control (10 mgs estrogen). [1]

3. Keep living your life. Try CBT, stress management, biofeedback, and simple relaxation techniques. Find a good psychologist who specializes in migraines. Dawn Buse [1]

4. As we age as things change. You must edit your history. Bring an updated typed-out list (include changes) to your next doctor appointment; bring someone with you, or bring a video of your attack. This will help your doctor to diagnose, treat and manage your migraines more effectively. Dr. Purdy [1]

Dr. Amaal Starling - Natural Approaches To Migraine (S.E.E.D.S.)

5. Dr. Starling – uses the SEEDS protocol for a natural approach to help manage migraines.

  • Sleep - keep a regular sleep routine, 8 hours a night if possible.
  • Eat - at regular times and choose nutritious foods. Nothing processed or packaged.
  • Exercise - develop and maintain a regular routine.
  • Diary - keep a diary for both yourself and your doctor to help detect patterns and problem areas.
  • Stress management plus acute prevention medications as needed. Learn to reduce stress and use acute or preventatives as needed. Medications are as needed. [1]


6. You may have already heard of the MTHFR susceptibility gene for migraine with aura. This mutation means that half of the normal level of enzyme is produced. And this means that you can take neutraceuticals to reduce the frequency and severity of an attack.

Different genes will mean different treatments. Genetic testing is hoped to provide more targeted migraine treatments. Professor Lyn Griffiths [1]

Genetic testing will mean more targeted treatment.

Dr. Andrew Charles - The Four Phases of Migraines

7. Your partner may notice your mood and irritability showing up before an attack. Neck pain is common – it’s a premonitory phase of an attack, as are food cravings, light sensitivity, yawning and fatigue.

Taking an anti-inflammatory might be useful in the premonitory phase. Even if you feel nauseous it’s still possible to eat and drink – test this out.

The phases merge and overlap because multiple brain regions are being affected. Treat the prodrome with caffeine to help fight fatigue, mood changes and brain fog. Also consider using a neuromodulation approach – Cefaly or TMS. [1]

Use caffeine in the prodrome phase to help reduce fatigue and brain fog.

8. 40% of people have dental treatment before being diagnosed with cluster headaches. Dr. William Young, The American Headache Society [1]

Dr. Josh Turknett - Food as Medicine and the Ketogenic Diet

9. Your list of triggers can look like a laundry list. Determine your low risk triggers. Poor sleep is a huge trigger versus eating 8 pecans. He lists these triggers that are high risk:

#1. Cereal grains: wheat, rye, barley, rice. 

#2. Sugar. 

#3. Omega six fatty acids. 

#4. Dairy.

Easy changes are to remove sugar, eat whole foods or anything fresh (no packaged or processed food), and cook for yourself as much as possible.

Dr. Joel Saper - Head and Neck Pain

10. Dr. Joel Saper warns us that the neck can cause, trigger and be a migraine symptom. There are seven different triptans that currently (with different delivery systems) have a descending action to help neck pain. If the triptan doesn’t help, that pain that could be an independent cause or injury.

So what is helpful to neck pain with migraine? Physical therapy, yoga, heat or ice to help the muscles relax, topical analgesics like Novocain can numb or a patch can be helpful. 

Chiropractic care is not recommended. It is OK for the lower back but not the neck. Triptans can help back pain as well.  [1] 

Chiropractic care is NOT recommended for neck pain associated with migraine headaches.

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Have a happy, healthy, pain free week,

Holly x

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