Meditation Books for Migraine Relief

There are millions of meditation books to read but few meditation books for migraine specifically. Meditation had been thoroughly researched and has been proven to help reduce migraines.

Please submit your favorite meditation books below so we can accumulate the good ones and adapt them to suit our intense levels of pain.

Currently, my two favorite meditation books for migraine relief are Herbert Benson’s "The Relaxation Response" and the more recent eBook "Mindfulness Over Migraines" by Cynthia Perkins.

I can't think straight with a migraine, so I prefer the meditation technique to be easy or for someone else's voice to guide me away from the pain.

Both authors provide a scientific background and connection with migraines. This helps me understand the benefits of the process better and how it relates to my body and my migraines by reducing the automatic stress responses that naturally occur in our bodies.

The Famous Relaxation Response

Dr. Benson has a number of meditation books, including Beyond the Relaxation Response but his first book called The Relaxation Response is famous for teaching us laymen an easy way to “elicit the relaxation response.”

The intention of this meditation technique is to rest our minds and bodies which simultaneously calms down our nervous system that also reduces stressors. His book is so informative, it’s almost like free lessons on transcendental meditation. 

Over sixty percent of people presenting to doctors these days are due to stress symptoms that are currently poorly treated by drugs and surgery today.

Benson says that over the last 200 years we have separated the mind from the body – due to Descartes’ political decision. Then it was reinforced by scientific discoveries.  

Watch any talk on YouTube with Dr. Benson and he will provide some great details of the progress of scientific discoveries: the cure for scurvy, insulin, penicillin, antibiotics, the cure for tuberculosis, all of which kept the body separate to the mind in the eyes of science.

While at Harvard medical school he discovered the fight and flight system in the body.

Now thousands of papers are proving that meditation can solve problems around stress related problems like: tension headaches, pain, high blood pressure, etc. But the separation of body and mind has continued.

The Brain Knows Your Healthy State

Dr. Benson has devoted over forty years to experimenting with meditation and its effects on our body. There is now proof that the brain itself, changes from the regular practice of meditation.

Studies over an average nine year period have also been done on: yoga, prayer and Tai chi with similar positive results.

When I was studying Shiatsu massage, before my Chinese Medicine stint, the teacher always said “our bodies will always try to maintain homeostasis.” 

I used to say after each massage, “and we come back to balance.” Reading Dr. Benson’s book confirms the fact that our brain does in fact know what our healthy state is. Our brains are hardwired to recall perfect health in its memory center.

If you can remember back to a time of happy, healthy you …. this can be hard sometimes when you are in the throes of an attack … he says to use this visualization to meditate with.

It’s no guarantee that we can make our migraines go away, but it can’t hurt to visualize our wellness and being pain free before migraines came into our lives.

Meditation Books for Migraine Relief

Meditation Books

Imagine your life without migraines.

Even if you can't remember being without migraines - what you can do, he says, is to evoke your imagination and use the relaxation response.

The mind will shift into the quiet mode and you can visualize the wellness you had.

You can remember wellness in those you love and I like to add being pain free.

Here are just a few other points that he makes:

• When your mind is quieter, with less noise, it is more receptive to new facts coming in.

• We have both the capacity to be stressed out and the opposite solution.

• Use medication and surgery where they fit, where they should be used, but used in conjunction with meditation you will experience better health and well-being.

• In his latest protocol he uses CBT to break the train of usual thought. Using CBT will reprogram the mind and give it new thoughts.

• Find the technique you like best: yoga, tai chi, running. Sitting still may not do it for you. “There is smorgasbord of choice.”

• Useful combinations like acupuncture and meditation have been found to be effective to reduce pain.

Please click here for The Relaxation Response and more instructions on his method.

Mindfulness Over Migraines

Mindfulness Over Migraines

My second favorite of the meditation books for migraine is a very recent e-book written in 2012 by Cynthia Perkins.

She is a fellow migraineur and has found a simple mindfulness meditation technique that allows her to stop them without using medication. Quickly. 

Yes – eliminate them in less than thirty minutes. 

She has shared this “core technique” with you for a very reasonable price of $6.99. For details on Cynthia Perkins e-book called Mindfulness Over Migraines please click on the link. For why I love it, click here

The e-book covers everything about migraines including: the science behind it all, breathing fundamentals, and understanding the basics of meditation, and the crucial timing for success, just to name a few chapters. I did not even hesitate for one second when I bought it.

Please let me know if you have some good meditation books for migraine relief, or even send in a review below and I can publish it in the comments section.

Meditations for Migraine Relief

Every now and then you come across a great book, a great teacher or someone who inspires you to take up meditation.

And then you discover all the benefits.

How have you adapted the meditation to help relieve or reduce your attacks?

Share the book that inspired you, or the meditation you do below.

Here Are Other Books And More Meditations

Here is the list of other good meditation books and adapted meditations that have been shared. ENJOY.

The Migraine Solution Book 
I find the meditation in the book The Migraine Solution by Paul Rizzoli, MD., Elizabeth Loder, MD. and Liz Neporent really good for a quick one minute …

The Best Migraine Meditation e-book 
I have had chronic migraines almost daily for 2 years now. I use Imigran, but was looking for pain relief without using so many drugs. I just wanted …

Click here to write your own.

Here are the ones I adapted for Migraines:

And another study supporting its effectiveness: Mindfulness Meditation for Migraine Study

Hope you have a very peace filled day.

Meditation Books for Migraine Reference: Dr. Herbert Benson (1975) The Relaxation Response. Harpers Collins Publishers: NY.

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