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The Migraine World Summit For New Members

The World’s Largest Online Migraine Patient Event

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Consider this Migraine World Summit for new members as a cheat sheet! Whether you are new to the diagnosis or not, this will help you navigate your way through to the most effective path to choose so you get to what's applicable to you. And help you find all of the information available.

It's a brief introduction to the who, what, when, where, why, how, how much, what's new and helpful links. I want to make sure you know how to get access to this life changing event. 

Who is this for?

This event is for you, the migraine patient... the person living with migraine. It's for your friends and family who know you and love you. It's for people you meet in the waiting room at doctors appointments. Or random people you meet here and there as you navigate your way through this condition.

Anyone is welcome to watch the event online. So be sure to share this page with your friends.

60% of MWS viewers have seen a reduction in migraine since participating. 

~ Migraine World Summit 2021

Who is involved?

The hosts. Both Paula Dumas and Carl Cincinnato are people living with migraine. They have both 'survived' chronic migraine and are now episodic. They consider this a huge success. 

Doctors and specialists. Experts from around the world (18 countries) are interviewed to bring us (patients) the latest cutting-edge migraine and headache research and information.

Volunteers. The Migraine World Summit does not employ any full-time employees, most of their team members (60+) are volunteers. Many have migraine themselves.

What is it?

The Migraine World Summit is like a medical conference for patients. It is the world's largest online migraine patient event. And it's also the "leading international patient event for people living with migraine and headache”.

For a week or so each year, the summit streams the interviews of experts from around the world to bring us (migraine patients) the most current, cutting-edge information. With so many changes over the past few years, it's crucial to get up to date information.

There is a daily schedule so you can decide in advance what to watch (or listen to) each day. And you can pick which topics are more relevant to your situation.

When is it live?

The Migraine World Summit is an annual event held each year. It is live every year in March.

The 2024 online Migraine World Summit is live from March 6th - 13th, and the 7th - 14th here in Australia.

Once you register from the links in this page you will go on their mailing list and be notified of the event's daily schedule.

Where is it?

The summit is entirely online and virtual due to the restrictions imposed by COVID.

In the past, they have had both in-person onstage events as well as the virtual event. But this year it will be 100% virtual. They hope to include more in-person events in the future from now on.

You can register for free access right now! If you register today, you’ll receive updates about what is coming so that you can decide what to watch. And there are always some surprises released, so read the emails!

Why this is important

Just 1 in 20 people with chronic migraine visit the doctor, get accurately diagnosed and receive guideline recommended treatment.

~ Migraine World Summit 2021

Half of us, people living with migraine, are still not receiving proper treatment and migraine disease is still dreadfully underfunded by governments all over the globe.  

Not every doctor knows how to treat migraine effectively. They may know a little about it, perhaps the common medications, but if you have a difficult to treat pattern of attacks, you need someone who knows what a good pain management strategy is. 

Plus, in the past few years, (more than ever) there have been significant advancements in more targeted medications. 

The summit also supports non-profits and other organizations dedicated to fighting migraine. They donate up to 50% of their proceeds to migraine charity partners, with over $25,000 USD going to charities across three continents over the last few years. 

It's advocacy helps to show policy-makers, researchers, and governments that migraine research needs to become a priority. I look at it like a vote. So vote with your registration. Tell your friends and family to vote too... there's power in numbers.

How to get started

Let me give you this helpful information directly from the summit team:

How it works:

1. Register: Secure your spot via email registration. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have free access to the summit while it is live.

2. Watch: Each day of the summit you’ll receive a new link to the day’s sessions with international experts, which you can access for free from 3:00 pm ET (New York time) for the next 24 hours. You can watch the Summit from any computer or mobile device that supports video.

3. Learn: Discover what top doctors really do for migraine and headache. You’ll hear from global leaders in the field including doctors, specialists, researchers, psychologists, and patient advocates.

If you miss the live event, you can still purchase the current (or past) Migraine World Summit library of material, which includes: videos and transcripts of all interviews; depending on the level you'll also get guides (food, supplement, best medication treatment, etc.); a lot of additional information about new treatments, treatment combinations, resources, and invaluable tips.

Their interactive guide for medical treatment alone is amazing. 

The Migraine World Summit's interactive guide for medical treatment with over 300 treatments you can search in an instant... almost!The Migraine World Summit's interactive guide for medical treatment with over 300 treatments you can search in an instant... almost!

How much does it cost?

The online Migraine World Summit is free to watch during the live event. Each day four interviews are released and are available for 24 hours before the next day's interviews are released.

If you wish to purchase unlimited access to all the interviews, video, audio, and transcripts from this year you can order your own copy. 

There are 3 levels you can choose from. The basic one starts at $109US and they go up from there. Plus, there is always an early bird option. Click here for more details about the All Access or VIP Passes.

Take advantage of early bird pricing... with 21% discount

All Access Pass

$109 one-time

18% early bird discount (normal price = $89)

Has unlimited access & downloads via your private online portal. Gifting available at checkout.

VIP Access Pass

$149 one-time

21% early bird discount (normal price = $149)

Has unlimited access & downloads PLUS Treatment Directory & Guides. Gifting available at checkout.

If you register for free you can check out all the features first. There is NO obligation to purchase anything.

Surprises every year!

Besides a one hour summary of highlights followed by a one hour LIVE Q&A, the gracious hosts of the summit surprised us with this...

This year, as an added bonus, you will get access to the AMA - Ask Me Anything! A small and live private session with Paula or Carl!! SURPRISE!! In the past they offered the uncut version of the interviews when you purchased any package. This meant about 3 hours of additional footage not shown on the shorter 30-minute interviews for the live stream. So there may be even more surprises as the summit progresses...

3 hours of the uncut interviews as an extra bonus @migrainesavvy #migraineworldsummit #mws14 special Extended Edition interviews with BONUS content from the original full length interview @migrainesavvy #migraineworldsummit #mws

I've written more about what's new - click here.

New features to help keep it simple

There are some great features at the summit each year to help keep it simple. Let's face it, migraines are complicated and there's A LOT to know. So they've kind of streamlined how you can get your information without information overload. It's called Learning Tracks.

Here is what they are doing this year:

  • Migraine 101
  • Difficult To Treat
  • Comorbidities
  • Triggers
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Complementary Therapies & Prevention
  • Treatments
  • Advocacy

So, if you're new to the migraine diagnosis and just want the basics, you can follow Migraine 101. If you've been struggling with migraine attacks for years, you might choose Difficult to Treat. Or if you lean toward a more natural approach, then you'll want to select Complementary Therapies and Prevention. It's up to you which path you follow.

Or if you're like me, you might just want to watch it all in sequence.

So that's it for now. The most important thing to know is that The Migraine World Summit for new members is FREE to register - here's the link again - click here for free registration to the summit

The Migraine World Summit For New Members