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15 Of The Best Headache Remedies

Posted and verified by Holly Hazen

Do you want the best headache remedies to tame your headaches? Of course you do.

Here are 15 of THE best headache remedies to help you get rid of headaches naturally:

  1. Drink enough water for your body weight. Inadequate hydration can lead to a headache.*
  2. Soothe pain with an ice pack or a cold compress.
  3. Take some magnesium glycinate.
  4. Have a cuppa (coffee or tea with caffeine in it).
  5. Get adequate sleep.
  6. Try B-Complex vitamins: riboflavin (B2), folate, B12 and pyridoxine (B6) could reduce your headache symptoms.
  7. Avoid foods high in histamine.
  8. Try an elimination diet.
  9. Limit alcohol consumption.
  10. Try acupuncture.
  11. Learn to relax with yoga.
  12. Test feverfew or butterbur.
  13. Take ginger or sip on ginger tea.
  14. Use peppermint and lavender essential oils.
  15. Get some exercise. [1]

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*One remedy you may not have heard of is to use salt in your water. Your body may need sodium, so make sure to test from 1/8th to a whole teaspoon of salt if you feel an attack coming on. I know... it might taste horrible, but you can get salt tablets if it works. Check the dose with your doctor, you can take too much.

I take a whole teaspoon over the course of the whole day. Even before bed.

Now here's a guest post from a fellow sufferer...

When I first read this submission, my heart cried. This story is way too close to my own. The tips Catherine shares also highlight some of the best headache remedies you can use to tame your headaches. Use these tips for stress reduction too. 

Why suffer, when you can learn to relax and... pull out some weeds! Learn now and save pain later.

Get the best headache remedies from a pro @migrainesavvyGet the best headache remedies from a pro @migrainesavvy

Being positive when living with chronic illness

~ A guest post by Catherine Evans

I was diagnosed with Ross River Fever and Glandular Fever in 2005, and I’ve never recovered my health. I now have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Being positive is a struggle, especially on those days when I hardly have the energy to make it out of bed. 

I believe it’s impossible to always be positive, but to live a fulfilling life I need the positives to be stronger than the negatives… and that’s been such a struggle.

Early on, in a Mickel Therapy session, I was asked what brought me happiness. I had heaps of things… that I could no longer do. Coming up with things that made me happy while I was ill seemed impossible. 

How could I be happy, I was sick? I’d be happy when I was better. That was my mentality.

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Realising that the illness wasn’t going away any time soon and I had nothing that made me happy was a slap in the face. I desperately needed to find things that I could do every day - with no energy, with all the aches and pains. It took me weeks, but I came up with a list of things; small, medium and large.

Here are some:

  • Soak in a bath
  • Take a photo
  • Look at the clouds
  • Sit in the sunshine 
  • Take a walk
  • Watch birds
  • Write a poem, a story, whatever comes into my head
  • Garden
  • Pull up some weeds (two plants on a bad day, maybe a whole area on a good day)
  • Go out in nature, or to the shops, or out with friends
  • Have lunch with friends
  • Have lunch alone
  • Have a cup of tea/coffee/chocolate at the café (get take away or ask someone to bring me one if that’s too exhausting)
  • Go to my favourite restaurant, or eat my favourite takeaway
  • Munch on a fresh salad
  • Swim
  • Scuba dive
  • Go on holidays
  • Do something adventurous

Do what makes you happy and learn to shed the negatives.

Doing things to make me happy was the start of being positive. It’s taken more than ten years to work out that I needed to shed the negatives too. All those feelings - anger, guilt, frustration, annoyance, etc., along with the ones of hoping I’ll be better, anticipating my recovery, saving things for when I’m well again - had to be faced and dealt with. 

I’m not good at dealing with emotion. I may cry, laugh or yell, but the emotion always sits inside my chest, heavy and unresolved. I had no idea what to do about that.

I’m not sure what it is that I’ve done that has worked, but over the past year I’ve been doing a lot of spiritual, self-help type learning. In doing this, I’ve had to stare at myself and acknowledge the good and the bad. I’ve had to make peace with the good and the bad. I’ve had to love the good and the bad. 

Facing those things which had left an emotional scar was difficult, some of them had almost broken me, yet each had an impact which helped create who I am. I may not like what happened to me, or how I acted/reacted, or how someone else acted/reacted. At times I loathed the mark that was left behind… but I needed to stare down each and every event/instance. I had to make peace with each issue so that it lifted its heavy weight from my chest.

I had to embrace and love all those parts, even the most awful ones, because they made me who I am - warts and all. I imagined giving myself a huge big hug at the worst moment in each instance.

At the time it seemed an odd thing to do, but something has shifted inside. I’m more at peace with myself. Happy with my life.

Give yourself a hug in the worst moments. Each one!

If I had the choice, I wouldn’t choose to get sick. I’ve changed my entire life to manage my health and that hasn’t been easy. 

Today, I can acknowledge that I have a life, even with a chronic illness. I can even say that I have a useful, worthwhile life. I can make a contribution to the world, in my small way. I have found things that make me happy, things I can do for others even with my limitations. These things are positive. My life is positive.

Some days are negative, but I had bad days when I was healthy. I try to remember that as I struggle through those days.

I’m not sure that the things I’ve done will work for everyone, or even anyone else. Each person has their own life, their own interests, their own beliefs, their own baggage and emotions and issues. 

I think the key is to know yourself. 

There may be a lot of negatives when living with chronic illness, however, I believe I need to find the positives, shed the negatives, and live as positive a life as I can.

Wishing you many many positives.

The Best Headache Remedies at Migraine Savvy

Definitely some great tips for us migraine sufferers on the best headache remedies, stress reduction and how to be positive when (if) the migraines turn chronic.

I have a number of articles on this topic - so you can read more about finding effective headache relief here - Article Directory for Headache Cures.

Have a happy, healthy, positive week,


P.S. My Book Migraine Management has some really great tips on reducing stress and anxiety.

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