Over the Counter Migraine Medication

Over the counter pain killers are different to the over the counter migraine medication that we take for abortive therapy as migraineurs. Pain killers target headaches and tension headaches that are mostly caused by constricted blood vessels.

This means that OTC pain killers work against the pain caused from the dilation of the blood vessels in the case of migraines.

This is important to know because most of us just take what might be in the house already.

It is important that we distinguish the difference between severe migraines, complicated migraines and tension headaches and use abortive medications along with OTC migraine targeted pain killers where appropriate. Just to be clear, all of this means that over the counter (non prescription) pain killers have the potential to make the pain worse for us migraineurs.

In clinical studies, after taking Excedrin® Migraine, even patients with tough migraines experienced a noticeable reduction in pain within 30 minutes, effective relief with just one dose, lasting relief, and major improvements in their ability to take part in normal activities.

Over the Counter Migraine Medication

I am not convinced that aspirin should be considered an over the counter painkiller for migraines. Perhaps along with a short black coffee it might be more effective.

But I urge you to use OTC pills that target migraines so you avoid accidental overdose. It is very common, unfortunately, for people with migraines to overdose on medications that just do not work.  Read migraine vs headache to see what I mean by that. 

It is critical that you get the right diagnosis from your doctor when you experience any head pain. I am only listing the migraine pain killers approved by the FDA and providing the option to buy them online from a reputable source.

Over the Counter Migraine Medication

You Can Get Over the Counter Migraine Medication at Your Local Pharmacy or Click Here

Excedrin Migraine 24 Caps

The first non-prescription medicine approved by the FDA to treat all the symptoms of a migraine. As a result, your doctor may recommend that you try safe and effective, over-the-counter Excedrin® Migraine before a more expensive prescription drug.

Excedrin Migraine contains acetaminophen, aspirin, and therapeutically active caffeine.

Excedrin Migraine Pain Relief Caplets Are Over the Counter

Excedrin Migraine Pain Relief Caplets

As above and in clinical studies, after taking this product, patients with moderate to severe migraines experienced a noticeable reduction in pain within 30 minutes.

Over the Counter Advil Migraine Liquid Filled Capsules

Advil Migraine - Liquid Filled Capsules

Advil is clinically proven to relieve mild migraine pain and related symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light and sound.

I have to be a little skeptical here - the blurb goes on to say control your migraines. This over the counter migraine medication did not touch the side of my attacks. All you can do is try it and see if it works for you.

As you already know this part is somewhat trial and error! But I had to include it, it works for some people.

Sinol Headache Relief Spray, For Migraines, Cluster and Tension Headaches

Sinol Headache Relief Spray, Migraine Cluster Tension

Pharmacist recommended non habit forming fast relief from headache pain. Also proven to relieve pain associated with cluster migraines and tension headaches.

Again, this did nothing for me and my nasty migraines, but it is worth a try.

Always Buy From A Reputable Source

Always buy your medications from a reliable and reputable source.

Find a good local compounding chemist where you can ask questions in person, by phone, or in a chat box on-line. 

Go somewhere you trust, or that your doctor uses. Safe is best when it comes to medications.

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