How To Stop Atypical Migraine Symptoms

Written by Holly Hazen

What are atypical migraine symptoms? How do you stop them? What treatment is available? It is all here for you to read up on. Find out how to stop or at least reduce these unusual and more uncommon migraine symptoms.

Physicians often have a difficult time differentiating between a typical and an atypical form of a migraine.

We are all so unique. And each migraine can be different.

Severe headache pain is often considered to be a migraine, but the difference between these two types of headaches is usually made based on the lack of one or more of the classic migraine symptoms.

For example, there are times with the atypical form that there is not even a headache. And there are times when it cycles through the stages, and times when it does not.

But with the atypical migraine symptoms, medications, rest, proper diet, and proper nutrition can help to alleviate them.

Visual Disturbances

Atypical Migraine Symptoms Black Dots

A sufferer of an atypical migraine often has "aura" effects.

These can include visual disturbances such as seeing rainbow-like colors around objects.

They make you see black dots in your vision which seem to float.

I get little orange spots inside the black dots that float around.

Zig-zag patterns occur with atypical migraines as well as with typical headaches.

Flashes of light tend to appear from the peripheral vision. These issues often come with over sensitivity to light.

Abdominal Issues

The most common symptom which is associated with migraines is of course, a headache. It is common though, for sufferers to also have cramping and abdominal pain. This pain is related by women sufferers of atypical migraines as the pain experienced with menstruation.

The digestion process is effected during a migraine that can cause some abdominal issues like cramping, diarrhea and or constipation. You might like to read our article on digestion problems if this is an issue for you.

The atypical migraines are difficult to diagnosis because of the lack of uniformity of the symptoms. These symptoms often resemble other conditions and a physician may make several attempts to diagnose the actual problem.

Facial Pain 

Many people, who have atypical migraines, complain of intermittent or constant facial pain. This pain is often the worse around the eyes. Sensitivity to facial touching can sometimes be alleviated by massage.

If this pain occurs around the area of the mouth or jaw, seek help from a physician to be sure there is not another problem, such as an abscessed tooth, trigeminal neuralgia or temporomandibular joint disorder, which could also be causing the problem.


At times, if a person is experiencing an atypical migraine, it can show symptoms similar to a stroke. Numbness and even paralysis in an arm or one side of the body, has been experienced.

These symptoms do not usually last more than a few minutes and leave no side effects. Some patients have reported a tingling on one side of the body which lasts only a few minutes and then gradually disappears. 


Atypical migraine symptoms are treated the same as typical migraine symptoms. The symptoms can be helped by bed rest and over the counter medications containing ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Many sufferers report that a cool, dark, peaceful room is conducive to basically, "sleeping off" the migraine. If the symptoms become severe, seek medical attention.

The diagnosis of the atypical migraine is difficult. The physician may need to perform a variety of tests, log the present symptoms, and take a complete medical history, in order to attempt to make the diagnosis.

Try not to get frustrated, because this can often take time and several attempts. You might like to keep a migraine diary or journal. Once the diagnosis is deemed correct, the physician may prescribe a triptan medication, which works basically by balancing the chemicals in the brain.

How To Stop Atypical Migraine Symptoms

Atypical Migraine Symptoms Blurry Vision

As I said above, with atypical migraine symptoms, medications, rest, proper diet, and proper nutrition can help to alleviate them.

How to stop them really depends on what symptom you are having and how proactive you want, or can afford to be.

If you just get the visual disturbance, for example, no pain, just the one symptom, then being able to rest for thirty minutes to an hour might be all you need for it to pass.

The whole right side of my face used to swell up, and it would go back down again as soon as I drank two short black coffees. I know, very sexy right!

As I am no longer able to use coffee for a migraine abortive, I use ice packs for migraine relief now combined with medication, meditation and bed rest. And in between I stay proactive with vitamin supplements and yoga.

I highly recommend that you learn to meditate for long term symptom management. You will see me say everywhere throughout this website that timing is crucial to help reduce or eliminate your symptoms. In most cases, you learn to act quickly if they are disruptive.


I Recommend

For the visual symptoms, as above I mentioned bed rest. For abdominal issues you might consider peppermint gel caps to settle your stomach, ginger tea or massaging a few drops of essential lavender oil in a carrier oil (olive oil is fine) into your tummy. You can try a mix of lavender and peppermint essential oils too if you'd like.

For the facial pain and neurological symptoms, please see your doctor asap. A nutritionist once suggested I try Gelsemium Oligoplex, a homeopathic tincture for symptoms of neuralgia and headache. It did not work for the intensity of my pain. But if your atypical migraine symptoms are mild it might work a treat!

You might also like to try these, I can recommend them all. But if you feel overwhelmed by so many choices, just pick one to help reduce your symptoms.

What Are Your Atypical Symptoms?

What are some of your atypical symptoms? Do you get uncommon ones? If you do, please share with us in the Facebook comments box below. Your personal experience can help all of our readers, especially if you have found a unique solution. 

If you have read down this far, then I feel you know that if you get migraines you will need to become flexible and experiment to find what works. I learn heaps from others, so please take the time to share if you can.

Until next time, be well and be pain free.

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