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Migraine Art
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I have been looking at other peoples Migraine Art and am amazed by the power in a single image. Now, I have never considered myself to be creative on any level (cooking maybe)!

I am saddened by being unable to appropriately express the varied journey that my migraines have taken me on – until now.

A few weeks ago I attended a focusing group and we did a collage. Yes, that’s it above. I thought nothing of cutting out some pretty pictures and picking some inspiring and empowering words.

I wanted to do play school all over again. Surprisingly, the end result is that I have been processing this collage for a month now!

What strikes me is how perfect it turned out! Here are some of the words if you can’t quite see them:


Escape to good health

Effortless FREEDOM

Managing Anxiety is a big one – literally!



Making your home chemical free

Get more energy – yoga and lifting weights.

There is small book in the corner titled “Healing without Freud or Prozac” by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber.

And most importantly the Shhhhhh SECRET!

Right on the top and in the middle getting the most attention.

That's the part that has been making me cry.

Pain is a secret part of my life - really! No one knows exactly what you go through......no one! No two migraines are the same. So they say.

I read recently that migraine has become like a generic term used for headache. And I remember thinking – headache IS NOT migraine. Its something else all together. An individual can function with a headache and two Panadol! A migraine is a life altering condition that needs medication and other lifestyle changes.

Ok enough about me.....it's time to submit your migraine inspired art!

Art Can Tell Your Story

By telling your story, others will be able to benefit from your contribution.

And hopefully it will encourage other migraineurs to find a creative outlet, to express the horrors or perhaps even fun hallucinations that come from this part of our lives.

Need Some Inspiration?

How about this book called Migraine Art: The Migraine Experience from Within by Klaus Podoll and Derek Robinson to help inspire you, or ....

by Youtube - beekman33, 2007 (OUCH!)

by Youtube - vitamint73, 2007

Here’s a little outline that you can consider to use for your submission. These are just some ideas, to inspire what you might like to write:

What kind of migraine are you diagnosed with?

How long have you had migraines?

How often do you have them?

On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate them? (mine are 200!)

Do you remember your first one?

How do they affect your life now?

What you have learned from having migraines in your life?

And then of course, the story behind your picture.....if it’s not related to your migraine that’s good – we are more than our migraines!!!!

At least 150 words would be great. I may have to do some editing if your words to describe your pain are expletives.

This is a place to use as an opportunity to learn how to express ourselves more appropriately through Migraine Art instead!

Have Some Artwork You'd Like To Share?

Do you have a great story behind your poem, photo, drawing, collage or art?

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