Wretched Migraines

Hi Holly,

I just could not resist sending in some words that I often use to describe my migraine attacks that seem to catch others off guard or something.

Merciless, wretched, shattering, crushing, persistent, overwhelming

Those are the nice ones,

Hi Holly,

Do I really have to use nice words? Ok here are some I don't think you have yet:

unyielding, harsh, repetitive, overwhelming, heart wrenching, gut wrenching, destructive, stabbing and isolating.

Carol Ann P

Hey there,

I don't use any nice words for migraines ..... will you put shitty?


Yes Fraser, I will!

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Stupid Migraines
by: Holly

Stinking, stupid !!!! I'll add those. Stupid for the cognitive disruption! xoxo

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