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30 day depression challenge

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

The 30 Day Depression Challenge is here! This is going to be so fun! No really! You will learn how to add more fun into your life.

All you have to do is follow the instructions and start at square one... literally! Scroll down to look inside to see the guidelines so you can start now. You can start lifting and shifting that depressed mood right after reading the instructions and ground rules or get the e-book with ALL the details and pages of examples.

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Do the 30 Day Depression Challenge with us and learn to establish a daily brain fitness routine leading to more happiness @migrainesavvyDo the 30 Day Depression Challenge with us and learn to establish a daily brain fitness routine leading to more happiness. More happy at last @migrainesavvy

With depression your energy is low, slow, you are tired. Nothing is fun. Nothing is interesting. Nothing is new. You can spiral into a deep state of despair. NO NO NO! STOP! Do not let your brain take you there.

This is a much more fun way to help yourself shift that state towards happy... or happier. It's backed by science in cutting edge neuroplasticity of our brains ability to change.

Look Inside

30 Day Challenge Table of Contents:

  1. The Depression Scale
  2. At Breaking Point? This Should Help
  3. A Five Point Depression Scale
  4. Personal Wellness Questionnaire
  5. Laying the Foundation
  6. Situation
  7. Rate Your Emotions / Mood
  8. Physical Sensations
  9. Instructions
  10. Ground Rules
  11. Setting Your Goal
  12. Ideas for Points on the Challenge
  13. Challenge Options
  14. Things Supporting Brain Plasticity in This Challenge
  15. Your 30 Day Depression Challenge
  16. Resources
  17. References

The 30 Day Depression Challenge is the fourth of the challenge series. The 30 Day Brain Health Challenge called Better Brain Health at Last is the first.

The 10 Day Self Love Challenge (which is FREE!) is the second.

And the Brain Training Exercises For Anxiety Relief: 30 Day Challenge also called Calm at Last is the third in the Fun Challenges series.

YOUR GOAL: Establish a daily mood elevation routine.

To: Change your brains response with new tools. Time required: at least 20 minutes per day for a minimum of 3 weeks.

The challenge is easy to use and you can print the pages out as many times as you'd like. Just follow the instructions and guidelines for the whole 30 days and you'll be creating a more happy way of being!!

If you can't even imagine doing 30 days... keep reading.

Excerpts From The 30 Day Depression Challenge

#1 Blank Template

Your 30 Day Depression Challenge Blank Template @migrainesavvy

#2 Instructions

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Instructions @migrainesavvy

#3 General Rules

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Basic Rules @migrainesavvy

#4 Best Times

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Best Time of Day @migrainesavvy

#5 Goal Setting

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Goal Setting @migrainesavvy

#6 Starting Qs

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Personal Wellness Questionnaire @migrainesavvy

Make elevating your mood a priority for 30 days.

You Can Start Right Now

Here are some suggestions from the e-book to help you, especially if you are already feeling doubtful.

Just in case you don't like my examples for the entire month, one of your tasks is to list 15 things that bring you joy. Or at least make you happy... or happier. You have all of my examples to inspire you. Then all you need to do is put each one twice on your worksheet and tick them off as you go. If you can't find 15 things to list, then do 7 and list 1 each day of the week. Repeat them. Repetition is great to help build and maintain new neural pathways. It's all good!

You can even start with doing one day. And then maybe three days might feel right. You can work up to doing the whole 30 day depression challenge. The important thing is that you just get started. Start training that brain of yours to NOT get down. NOT spiral into depression. YES you can do that and yes, there are more suggestions in the e-book.

It would be best if you can commit to the whole 30 days right up front to reenforce the new neural pathways you are building. And jump right over that resistance. (That's your brain again!)

Change That Brain by Doing This 30 Day Challenge

You can find a whole list of points on The 30 Day Brain Health Challenge. And I would like to mention just two things that support your brain and its ability to change. FUN things.

Laughing. The brain does not know if you are fake laughing or not. So just watching people smile and laugh will change the brain. That's #1. And #2 is movement. I chose one called "shake the tree" (from Qigong). It makes the body feel like it's laughing. So do that as often as you can and just see what progress you make.

Remember to rate yourself before and after the challenge to help you see your progress.

I’ve written a little about what methods I use here - Neuroplasticity and Rewiring the Brain

Look up and move around. Shake the tree and laugh! Those things alone will help lift your mood.

Have you tried that yet? Now it's time to plan ahead and do those things that lift your mood. This guided challenge will help retrain your brain to look for what's uplifting and fun... 

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