Planning for Migraines

by Colleen
(Southern Beach)

I kinda know when my migraines are going to hit because they come right before my period, so I know in advance if I will need time out around Christmas or not.

I like to plan things, I know it’s a bit impossible with migraines, but here we go. Oh, I am a stay at home mom, I can’t really work because of the migraines. Over 10 days per month and I just don’t want to take any more time away from my kids than they already do. We get by.

Non-routine plan:

If I have to travel to family (we take turns each year) I try to start out by being well rested. I put more rest times in my schedule to allow for more sleep. This seems to help me deal the attacks when they do come. I have more energy and patience.

I make homemade chocolates (I can’t eat!!) for presents for them each year. It has become a family tradition.

While I am away, I rest for at least an hour each afternoon. I often fall asleep. Between the visits I make sure I take some nice long walks and get some exercise. Some family members can drain my energy which can cause some extra migraine attacks. I find walking helps plus I can take my little ones with me. They help me get back to nature too.

Intended routine:

Whether I am away or not I make sure I have my time every morning to prepare for the day. I make sure I fit in some "me" time.

I get up before the kids. Ideally I take a cup of coffee to the spare bedroom, put on relaxing music, and have some quiet time reading my Bible and checking my calendar. That’s when I make notes of things I need to do, meal plans and thoughts, etc.

After my quiet time, I prepare a light breakfast, have a shower, and get dressed for the day. By then the kids are awake too. After they go to school I make up any additional errand notes.

By then it’s time for my exercise class. Twice a week I do yoga, one aerobics class, and one water aerobics. The other times I walk. If I don’t keep up exercise my migraines come more often.

I come straight home for lunch and my errand list. Often I am able to do an errand or two before heading home. After lunch comes the nap/rest. Some days ten minutes is all I need and others I rest for forty minutes, but never longer than that.

There is usually computer time tucked in around other activities - I do love spending time at the computer, learning, connecting with people, and following what news that I want to know about.

Then it’s time to prepare dinner. I normally have a weekly planner as well for meals. Told you I liked planning things. So I have all the groceries ahead of time to make dinner and I make sure it’s all ready before the kids get home or I need to drive them to activities.

If I can have a peaceful start to the day I find I am much less stressed. Of course this all gets out of kilter around migraine time. But I always cook extra and freeze it for those times. Plus, we have a large selection of videos for the kids to watch after school if I am unable to play or attend to them the way I'd like.

I try very hard not to let this get me down. My Bible helps me stay positive mentally and spiritually. I believe faith heals.

The other things I do - always ALWAYS have my medications on me. Never leave home without them as you say Holly. And I have been practicing saying no more often, when I find myself doing things just to be nice.

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Stress Related Headaches
by: Holly


It sounds like you have some really great planning tools to help cope with your migraine attacks and reduce stress in your life overall.

Taking time for yourself each day is huge, especially with children. I applaud you!

I plan a lot too, especially for meals. I could not get by without having the right food in the house for when I need it.

And after a long migraine I love my home made chicken broth by itself or with veggies, or my pureed soups if I need more energy fast.

Thanks for sharing. We all appreciate it. Stay in touch.

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