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Brain Training Exercises For Anxiety Relief: 30 Day Challenge

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

The Brain Training Exercises For Anxiety Relief 30 Day Challenge is here! You are going to love this if you've been struggling with anxiety.

All you have to do is follow the guided prompts on my challenge example, or fill in your own if that suits you better. I’ve provided the challenge guidelines below to help you get started right away. You can start your challenge right after reading them or get the e-book with ALL the details and a ton of examples.

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Your Brain Training Exercises For Anxiety Relief: 30 Day Challenge is here! You are going to love this if you've been struggling with anxiety @migrainesavvyYour Brain Training Exercises For Anxiety Relief: 30 Day Challenge is here!

Brain Training Exercises For Anxiety Relief: 30 Day Challenge

With anxiety your energy is revved up, it's too high, you are speeding out of control... so you need to find things that bring you towards a calm state. You'll learn how to bring that heart rate and hyper energy down. WAY down.

One good thing for brain health is to learn a new thing every day. So you will be doing both in this challenge.

Look Inside

30 Day Challenge Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. How Do You Even Know If You Have Anxiety?
  3. 12 Signs of a Panic Attack
  4. Sensory And Nervous System Practices for Calm and De-Escalation
  5. Personal Wellness Questionnaire
  6. Laying the Foundation
  7. Situation
  8. Rate Your Emotions / Mood
  9. Physical Sensations
  10. Instructions
  11. Times of Day 
  12. Ground Rules 
  13. Setting Your Goal
  14. Ideas for Points on the Challenge
  15. Challenge Options
  16. Things Supporting Brain Plasticity in This Challenge
  17. Your 30 Day CALM Challenge
  18. Resources
  19. References

The guided brain training exercises for anxiety relief challenge is the second of the challenge series. Better Brain Health is the first. It has a free sample of the first week for you to download and test out.

You also have access to the FREE 10 Day Self Love Challenge.

And the 30 Day Depression Challenge is the fourth in the series. 

The best things you will be able to put into practice when you do the brain training exercises for anxiety relief challenge...

The best bit, in my opinion, besides the brain rewiring (which is awesome) is the sensory and nervous system practices for calm and de-escalation.

YOUR GOAL: To create and maintain a daily calm brain fitness routine.

This challenge is easy to use, and you can print out the pages to use again and again.

For the challenge, just follow the steps for the whole month, and you’ll be taking the right steps toward being calmer and happier.

Excerpts From The 'Calm at Last' Challenge

#1 Blank Template

Your 30 Day Calm Challenge Sample Template @migrainesavvy

#2 Instructions

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Instructions @migrainesavvy

#3 General Rules

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Basic Rules @migrainesavvy

#4 Best Times

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Best Time of Day @migrainesavvy

#5 Goal Setting

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Goal Setting @migrainesavvy

#6 Starting Qs

30 Day Challenge Guidelines - Personal Wellness Questionnaire @migrainesavvy

Anxiety will reduce if you have positive self-talk and a plan. And a plan B!

Here is a small excerpt from the e-book to help you get started right now.

How Do You Even Know If You Have Anxiety?

Your heart will start to race, and your thoughts won’t help. You’ll be worrying about everything… 

Common symptoms of anxiety are excessive worry, fear and irritability. 

This can occur during and in between migraine attacks. To complicate things, migraine can trigger anxiety and vice versa.

The confusing part is - that anxiety can be one of your migraine symptoms, but it can also occur on its own between attacks. 

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  •  "How long will it last this time?" 

  •  "How many hours, days, or weeks will I be bedridden and out of commission this time?"

  •  "When will my medication kick in? Did I take it early enough… did I catch it in time?"

  •  "Will I be able to get everything done this week?"

That's just a little sample, but it gives you an idea. There are a lot of ideas in the e-book that focus on reducing anxiety, all with an added touch of brain retraining. 

As in the instructions, please aim to do the listed activities / exercises 4 times a day for at least 5 minutes. 

Set an alarm (on your phone or something) so you achieve your goal. New habits need prompting initially. 

I have provided a lot of examples for you to use and there is a blank template if my ideas don't suit you.

You will also be reprogramming your brain by doing this challenge

I've written all about this in my 30 Day Brain Health Challenge

And I’ve written more about what methods I use here – Neuroplasticity and Rewiring the Brain.

Now it's time to plan for calming down that nervous system. This guided challenge will train your brain to look for what brings you more calm.

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