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Natural Migraine Prevention: The Top 10 Vitamins You Need To Test

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Being proactive and using vitamins as part of your natural migraine prevention regime could yield fabulous results and save the toxic load on your body from numerous medications.

But it can be hard to know which ones to take when every article you read says something different. So let me help you out...

Natural Migraine Prevention @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migrainesareafulltimejob

The vitamins for migraine prevention are quite specific.

If you are a regular migraine sufferer you already know that lifestyle and what you eat is important. Supplements are food!

Being proactive helps give you back some sense of control.

Below is the Top 10 list of what is most often recommended to take for migraine headache prevention.

My expensive functional medical physician recommends these: Magnesium is Number 1, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Fish Oil (daily) along with digestive enzymes and protein shakes.

It's just a matter of experimenting to find what works best for your body.

Using Vitamins And Supplements For Natural Migraine Prevention

In some cases, migraines have stopped for some people from simply taking vitamin B12, or B2, or magnesium.

Natural Migraine Prevention Fish Oil @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migrainesareafulltimejobGood Quality Fish Oil

Lucky people. I have used all of those for years with no reduction in attacks. But don't let my results sway you... at all!

Vitamins will proactively help you to stay healthy and can have significant results in reducing attacks.

There are a lot of options. Herbs like Butterbur and Feverfew that are widely known to reduce attacks and can be used as preventatives.

Migra-Eeze has Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), butterbur and ginger in it. 

You can also consider combinations of homeopathic migraine relief mixed with Chinese Medicinal herbs. Having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a number of years, I am convinced of their efficacy and significant healing properties.

THE Top 10 Vitamins and Supplements For Migraine Prevention & Relief

Here is the Top 10 list of what is most often recommended to take if you get chronic migraines:

Magnesium, Butterbur, Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin, and Coenzyme Q10 are top migraine vitamins @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migrainesareafulltimejob

1. Magnesium (good evidence for 200mgs twice a day)

2. Butterbur (Petadolex extract, 75 mgs twice a day. Brand warning)

3. Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin (limited evidence for 200 mgs twice a day) 

4. Co-enzyme Q10 (limited evidence) 

5. Feverfew (inconsistent study results)

6. Melatonin (3 mg a night)

7. Fish Oil

8. B Vitamins

9. Alpha Lipoic Acid

10. Probiotics

And not necessarily in that order. 

I would also consider adding digestive enzymes as they are really important to overall health and have been proven to be supportive between migraine headaches. Many migraineurs experience digestion problems.

It can be a bit hit and miss using natural migraine prevention. Working with the right doctor and using quality supplements is important. 

And For Your Best Results... Be Sure To Buy Quality

Buying good quality vitamins and supplements is essential to being proactive with migraines. It's just not worth the money if they are not good quality, imo!

Fish oil, for example, needs to be clear of mercury toxicity. My doctor prescribes Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega. Butterbur needs to be correctly extracted or it can have toxic alkaloids in it. 

A good product is Migravent... it's supported by these clinical studies.

Check out these products. Amazon is reliable and you can have everything you need in just a few clicks:

I've just started back on vitamin B2. Except this time it's the activated form - Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate. I am expecting better results with the activated form due to improved digestibility.

My best results to date are from taking Vitamin B12. I write about that here.

If you struggle with low moods or depression...

SAM-e is helpful for lifting your mood and cognitive function, by enhancing healthy conversion of your neurotransmitters. It helps with liver function and joint function. Meaning it can help reduce migraines if they have anything to do with your stressed out liver. 

What Else You Can Do For Natural Prevention

If you'd like more help with natural migraine prevention, have a look at my course.

I have an 8 week food and supplement experiment in my migraine pain management course.

Come check it out, the first module is free.

Or... my workshop is free too... here's the link.

My #1 Choice in Magnesium Supplements

Wishing you a very happy and pain-free day... stay in touch.


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