I Get So Depressed After A Migraine

by Annie

This isn't really a symptom, but I get really depressed after a migraine. I just had one for four days and its nearly Christmas. Now I am behind four days in preparing for the "festive season." I don't feel so festive. I just want to stay in bed.

I have noticed with some migraines I can either get angry or have a big cry within a few hours of an attack. Are those symptoms? I just feel so down today. I do not have the energy to bake and make the things I need to for Christmas.

What should I do? Make myself I guess. Thanks for listening. Look forward to your advice. This happens a lot.

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Depression Linked to Migraines
by: Holly

Hi Annie, Yes your depression can be a symptom of your migraines. As is crying and anger. They are all symptoms of an attack. Your nervous system is becoming oversensitive so you could experience a number of different symptoms that are not 'text book'. But these ones are.

What should you do? Be kind and gentle to yourself. You just had a long, painful migraine episode. So, this is all up to you but, this is what I tell my clients:

If you are feeling down, what have you done in the past to help yourself feel better? I take some time out to do something I love, something gentle like a guided meditation, or some yoga.

Take some time for you, before you get to your TO DO List. Have some recovery time.

In the future, when you are feeling on top of the world again - write yourself a list of fun things to do to cheer yourself up. Keep the list for these down times.

Getting professional help was one of the best steps I ever took to help me learn how to deal with this life long condition and depression. I learned new coping skills that I needed to move towards the life I wanted to create.

I highly recommend getting some extra support and learning some new life long skills. Dealing with migraines and depression is not easy.

You can process your emotions through writing .... please know that you can reprogram your brain to react differently.

All the details are on this page: www.migrainesavvy.com/migraines-and-depression.html

It covers going through six layers: the Anger Layer, the Hurt Layer, the Fear Layer, etc. Have a read. I never thought writing would help, but now I know your brain can make sense of things much easier and connect the dots so to speak when it sees things written down.

It moves the energy. And so one more idea is to take a walk or get moving. Moving the energy in your body will also help shift the depressed state. Anything to distract your mind will help too.

But if you feel like this a lot, professional help is available and I believe it is essential. So, now it's up to you.

You can take action now. Take care of yourself before your chores, even if its only 5 minutes, and make sure you do something fun to lift your spirits ....

Here is my list of self nurturing things (https://www.migrainesavvy.com/migraine-journal.html) to do when I am migraine free.

You can click on the link on the page if you'd like to print it out. For now just highlight the link and right click to get to the page.

Please email me if you want to talk further.

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