Butterbur Migraine

by Cameron

I used butterbur for 18 months and it kind of reduced the pain intensity, but it did not stop how often I get them.

I have stopped it now and will try feverfew. Have you tried feverfew yet? What happened?

As far as a cure, I've had no luck. I am 33 and am hoping I can find a way to stop these migraines. They are destroying my life, just like your homepage says. I started by taking 3 Panadol. They worked for a few years, but now nothing works.

My doctor seems to have no clue what to do, so maybe I might seek out a specialist as you mention and I might also try drinking more water. You said that they can come from dehydration?

How can I tell that?


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Dehydration Causing Headaches
by: Holly

Hi Cameron,

According to the Mayo Clinic these are some signs that you are dehydrated:

Mild to moderate dehydration will cause:

- Dry, sticky mouth
- Lethargy
- Thirst
- Decreased urine output
- Dry skin
- Headache and migraines
- Constipation
- Dizziness

Just to name a few.

And severe dehydration is a medical emergency. This is when you get scary sick! Severe dehydration is painful. It can cause these things:

- Extreme thirst
- Irritability and confusion in adults
- Very dry mouth, skin and mucous membranes
- Your urine, if you do urinate, will be very dark compared to usual
- Low blood pressure ... fainting
- And delirium or unconsciousness in the most serious cases.

Just to name a few again.

Yogi experts put just a little bit of apple juice in a glass of water to help with re-hydration. And my doctor suggests a little sea salt in water each morning to stay hydrated.

There is a great book out called Fighting the Migraine Epidemic which is in my book store, that has the whole hydration for the body down to an exact science. It is worth a read.

Oh, and PS - I had an allergic reaction to feverfew tea. Sadly!

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