What Kind of Massage for Migraines?

by Carol

Hi Holly,

Did they mention massage?

When I was first diagnosed with migraines over 20 years ago, I was told by more than one person who knew about the disease (some doctors, some patients, some massage therapists) if someone with tension headaches or migraines had a massage once a week for six weeks, after six weeks, they would be done with the side effects (soreness and fatigue) and then start to have benefits.

Obviously, that is not true for everyone, but I do know people that it has been true for, including myself. I've been getting weekly massages for 24 years now, since I cannot tolerate any pain meds, and it is currently my only way to prevent more pain. My attacks don't last more than a couple of days, but if I wait more than two weeks to get a massage, I really am in a lot more pain more often.

I have to admit that I do normally feel quite drained for 24 hours or more after a session, so I make sure to leave the next day to rest if I can. Still better than having a migraine.

This is what I have tried and found to work best: myofascial release and most recently Visceral Manipulation. It’s a bit like Reiki. Another therapy I like is Bowen Therapy. I find these effective at reducing tension triggers.

Strangely the relaxing traditional Swedish massage gives me terrible vertigo and an overall feeling of nausea for days.

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Bowen Therapy To Stop Migraines
by: Holly

Hi Carol,

I didn't watch all the calls, but I will forward this as I think it is a very good question for next year.

Ask medical doctors about massage .... that will be interesting to see what they say!

I have 2 clients that swear by Bowen Therapy to calm emotions and they say it has helped reduce their migraines in number of days but not severity. And they still need to take a triptan for sever pain relief.

I found myofascial release to be good too, but it did not impact my migraines at all. I will look into visceral manipulation .... sounds interesting.

Can't wait to see what the experts say about massage. Thanks for this question ....

It almost makes me wish mine were tension related instead of hormonal!!! But then I would wish for NONE at all!

Have a pain free day (life) Carol ....

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