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Migraine Remedies Need The Right Timing To Be Effective

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Timing is everything when you need to abort a migraine. All migraine remedies reply on this in order to work effectively.

I want to share this story of a client of mine, and a meeting that changed a life! She has allowed me to share her story but wishes to remain anonymous. We'll call her J.

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J is 53 years old and has suffered from cluster migraines since she was 12. That’s over forty years of suffering.

Anyway, we were at yoga class and we started talking. Discussed how hard the class was, tick, mentioned we had both just moved up here, tick, married, tick, etc. Where you from... the usual.

Forming rapport is rarely hard for me. But I do like to leave out the fact that my full time job is taking care of my health. #migrainesareafulltimejob

So I wait for the "what do you do" question. We didn’t get there because she mentions that she gets migraines. Well I can’t tell you …. the look in her eyes, our eyes, when I said "me too!"

It sounds horrible, but there was an instant warmth and understanding. And by the third class we are fully discussing medications, duration of attack. When they started, etc.

We were both so excited to have someone to talk to, who understands. And when I mentioned I coach, and this website, she was thrilled to take my advice and experiment with it all.

SO so brave!

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My Top 4 Must Do's

I highlighted my top four migraine remedies I rely on (I sure had to narrow this down) to survive chronic migraine. THE and I mean THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS:

1. Timing... to learn to take the prescribed meds at the earliest warning signal.

2. Find the right medications for the longest relief. This might mean a lot of trial and error with your doctor. AND never give up until you find something that works. There are LOTS of options for us now.

3. Have ice packs handy. Always! Read How to Treat a Migraine with both ice and heat at the same time.

4. And last but not least, trial ginger - click here to read - This Home Remedy for Migraines Can Stop Pain: And It's Ginger

So after a few discussions around how my triptan works better for me than hers does. And what I do as soon as I feel that twinge. You know that knowing... that inkling sensation that you know an attack is on its way.

My brain panics and I rely on my steadfast migraine remedies. It took me six years to learn to take my Naramig early enough in the process. The chain reaction. Technically it's in the prodrome phase, even before the aura phase. 

Timing Is Crucial... It Could Be Exactly What You Need To Make The Difference Between A Successful Treatment Or A World Of Pain

You MUST learn about your right timing with migraine remedies. Your tipping point that catapults you into the pain phase @migrainesavvy #migrainereliefYou MUST learn about your right timing with migraine remedies. Your tipping point that catapults you into the pain phase.

Anyway I share with her, this lovely woman, just how important timing is. And I share medication strategies, we talk about stress and all the other areas migraine effect. SO many of those.

The Migraine World Summit has a number of experts that have said you have a twenty minute window to successfully stop the migraine progressing to the pain phase. And a few experts who support using ginger to abort migraine attacks.

Well I shared that with her too and she tried it the very next day. Her results were fabulous. So after one month and for the first time in over forty years, she has ginger every attack and then half a Naramig (one was too strong 2.5 mgs) and it’s been three weeks since a bad attack.

Update, it's been over a year since she had a nasty attack... you see... miracles do happen.

You have a twenty minute window to successfully stop the migraine progressing to the pain phase.

J Gets Better Results

Finally she is migraine and breakthrough pain free! YAY! 

The ginger alone has helped her reduce her one week on, week off attacks. Two weeks every month she spent in pain.

We discussed the FEAR that comes with trialing another new medication. At one point she said "I don’t need to change my meds, I’m used to the pain!" My heart sunk, I know that fear all too well.

She did try the new medication and she did take it at her early warning signals despite her mind saying negative things.

"I don’t need medication, this is not a bad one, I hate taking pills..."

So her amazing results have spurred me on to try ginger. I now eat the fresh ginger and have yet to buy the powder, although her results are with powder. I have been able to postpone my attacks by twelve hours some days, but they still hit... but that’s still one less Naramig a day.

Less medication = success!

Migraine Remedies Can Work Better For You If...

Now that you know your timing, your tipping point, you can aim to get the best results to help abort that next attack.

Timing is everything. ACT FAST to get your BEST results possible.

Until next time, be strong and be pain free,


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Start Today! It's Free To Sign Up. @migrainesavvy

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