Migraine Relief Gift Ideas

What to buy as a migraine relief gift for your beloved migraineur? Want a present to ease their pain or just say "I love you" in some thoughtful way, but just don't know what might be good? Well here are some gift ideas that you can use now.

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You can make little presents at home by tying bows around some pain killers and a glass of water.

Having a glass of water by the bed is essential, even if just for a sip during a migraine attack.

You could fill a glass of water, while your beloved is resting, and put some clear water blessing labels on the glass for a little surprise after the attack.

Don't be alarmed if s/he does not notice during the attack. The pain is often intense and unbearable.

Also, a small bottle of peppermint essential oil would never go astray. Unless of course that is one of the migraine triggers. Peppermint is known to reduce nausea and it is good to just smell. Put a few drops on a Kleenex tissue to hold and smell or put a few drops in a cold or hot bowl of water to use with a wash cloth for the forehead.

Leaving little notes saying

"I love you whether you have a migraine or not!"

are always nice to see. It is hard to feel loved when your head is exploding. I am speaking for myself here.

Bringing in fresh ice packs, a fresh hot water bottle or just a favorite food to nibble on to reduce nausea or to have after the attack is another idea. And carbohydrate snacks are most often craved for during a migraine, no triggers allowed though. A piece of buttered bread, toast or some crackers work well for nausea.

Migraine Relief Gift Ideas

Gifts For Migraine Sufferers

The single most effective thing I have used over the years, before discovering a triptan (Naramig) that worked was using ice packs. You can use frozen peas, but trust me, these smell better in the morning!

Or if you want to really spoil your loved one, go the whole way to a full head cranial ice cap, sheer luxury for those of us who do not have effective migraine abortive medications.

Biofeedback training is also proven to help reduce migraine attacks. This one called Wild Divine teaches both biofeedback and meditation.

I could spend all day recommending good relaxation CD's for you to give as gifts. That is as long as your migraineur can tolerate a small level of noise. Sensory overload is often common with migraine attacks, but I find it soothes me and reduces my anxiety substantially.

But everyone is different, making it hard to find a 'one size fits all' migraine relief gift. Here are just a few ideas that I love:

More Migraine Relief Gift Ideas For You

I have attempted to compile all the things I have found over the years for migraine relief on one page - our pain relief store, so you can have a look there for gifts as well.

There are always new things being developed for migraine, I believe it is because there are millions of sufferers and no cure YET!

Acupuncture Mat for Migraines

I just found this on amazon.com - an acupuncture mat to lie on.

I have not tried this one - so let me know if you get one for a present.

Amazon has heaps of stuff, like sleep masks with noise cancelling headphones. Ah but to dream!

My husband recently bought me hand warmers - I must admit they do help. Not only do they keep my hands warm, as I turn into an icicle with a migraine coming, they seem to reduce the pain as well.

Plus I can crack them on in the middle of the night without having to get out of bed.

I've often noticed that heat does reduce my anxiety and the pain sometimes. But ice always reduces the pain. After 20 years now, I depend on ice wraps to help me find instant relief from the initial pain.

I have hand selected some new things to add to my migraine relief gift idea list - they can be found in The Migraine Savvy aStore, please click on the banner below to see the entire collection:

Well being a girl, I could shop all day. Now its your turn - what have you found useful to help relieve your pain when you could that is! Or even better totally eliminate it.

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