Migraine Dehydration

by Ron

Hi Holly,

I have had a similar challenge all my life with migraines. I always thought I had inherited it from my father, who passed on several other allergies to me.

I have found a way to alleviate many of the challenges I have had for years, especially with migraine, and it turns out that it is a combination of high acidity and dehydration in the body.

On the advice of my naturopath osteopath, I have now managed to come off all medication, by changing my diet to a purely organic vegetarian diet, along with a little bit of fish only, I suppose you could call me a 'Pescetarian' (veggies and fish only).

I was also introduced to alkaline ionized water as well, and now all my migraines have disappeared as well as my acid reflux problems and several other annoying allergies too.

I just though I ought to share it with you, as it might work for you and your other readers.

Kind regards,

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Drink More Water To Stop Migraines
by: Holly

Hi Ron,

Yes this is a big problem for migraine sufferers. I have just put up a good recipe at Cause of Migraine Headache to help with staying hydrated through the day.

Drinking a liter of water (if you can drink that much) as soon as you feel a migraine coming on works for some! Or even just making a concerted effort to drink it in half an hour should also be tried.

I would love to hear more about the other things that work for you. They sound interesting .... but I need more details!!!

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