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Bookmark this page. Staying up to date on migraine news with the most current articles on the internet is almost impossible. Unless you know how to get every up to date article automatically delivered to your inbox.

And then have ten hours a day to sift through it and read it all.

Migraine News @migrainesavvyGet Current Migraine News @migrainesavvy

Let me save you some time... here are some new treatments I think you need to know about right now!

Closer to a cure then we've ever been! Check out this news broadcast CT researcher at front line of breakthrough migraine research published Jan. 15, 2018.

And this new migraine medication called oral Lasmiditan... providing "New hope for two-thirds of people with migraine who don’t respond to triptans, says Dr. Peter Goadsby." (source)

A new prediction system may help to prevent migraine pain. It can tell you when one is coming. A m a z i n g !

The new drug-free wireless armband that is showing promise for migraine sufferers. It's in clinical trials now.

Calcitonin gene-related peptide or CGRP, the newest designer migraine drugs for treatment and prevention.

CGRP is a message carrying neurotransmitter chemical that can be measured in our blood. High levels are measured during an attack, and these new yet expensive drugs interfere and reduce the levels. 

One has reached phase 3 trials and is hoping to be approved this year (2017) YAY!

Heart Defects Causing Migraines in Children

There is often a lot of news surrounding the connection between heart defects causing migraines in children. I recently had an ultrasound for this same heart defect, but the diagnosis was negative. They looked for bubbles in and around my heart walls, for something called a “patent foramen ovale” (PFO).

I was scared to think I might have to have heart surgery, but at the same time relieved to think I could somehow reduce the relentless 20 days per month migraine I suffered. I can’t even imagine having had these horrific headaches as a child. What a nightmare for both parent and child.

A relatively current article that the Daily News and Analysis published on 31st March, 2011 said that “roughly 15 per cent of children suffer from migraines” and they are severe in most cases.

If the recent studies can establish a link, then the heart defect can be corrected with the insertion of a catheter device bringing an end to children suffering with this as the cause of migraine.

Here are some more articles on childhood migraines:

Stay Current With Migraine News From Around The World

I think the best way to stay up to date is to register for the Migraine World Summit.

Click the image to read more about it.

It's free for one week each year and if you've missed it, you can still buy the package. Migraine treatments are being researched all over the world. Do you know what's new in Europe? You can stay on top of things by watching the summit. I get it each year for my own radical self care.

I get to hear over 30 migraine specialists and make sure I am doing the right things to abort and prevent the next attack.

And I am supporting migraine education and research in my own little way.

Here are some of my favorite links for you to gather recent information from. Reputable, on good authority, and trustworthy.

Check these every day for the latest migraine news from around the world.

Disabled by migraine attacks?
 @migrainesavvyDisabled by migraine attacks?

Have You Tried These For Migraine Prevention?

Here are a few new things you can look into experimenting with to reduce attacks:

Stay well and be pain free,


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