Complicated Migraine Symptoms To Watch For

Migraines are a chronic problem and complicated migraine symptoms can definitely be scary and debilitating. One of the problems with their diagnosis is that they often mimic other serious medical problems.

Complicated Migraine Symptoms To Watch For

This makes it difficult for doctors and for us as patients.

If you have these debilitating symptoms, then I suggest becoming familiar with your own unique signs and, what I call, early warning signals.

I used to hate them because I knew what was in store. Until a hairdresser said (when I triggered to perfumed shampoo) “how lucky are you to have an early warning like that.”

Now I am thankful for that second sense and I can take action and treat it effectively.

Your family can also help you notice warning signs of an impending migraine.

Things like: insomnia, food cravings, unexplained mood swings, or temper tantrums and irritability. That’s where the family comes in. They can let you know when they see the shift.

If you experience anger, reading Taboo Symptoms of Migraine: Anger, might help you see the difference and get some ideas about treating that symptom too. 

Scary Complicated Migraine Symptoms

Approximately eighty percent of people that have migraines suffer from migraines with aura. These migraines used to be called classic, classical migraine or complicated migraine.

Now complicated migraine is more a descriptive term. The International Headache Society started categorizing headaches into different groups by their characteristics.

Complicated Migraine Symptoms

The other twenty percent of migraines have such symptoms as visual problems, but there is a small percentage that has characteristics unlike the other two categories.

These people have the more scary complicated migraine symptoms.

Well, I found these symptoms to be very frightening, I shouldn't talk for everyone. But symptoms like paralysis, or difficulty using one side of the body or difficulty talking scares me.

I don't get the paralysis thank goodness, but I do get the speech problems.

These symptoms may frequently be misdiagnosed as stroke symptoms.

With the more complicated migraines, there is a greater risk of stroke. Please read our article on migraine stroke symptoms. These types of symptoms need to be treated independently from the migraine headache pain.

If you experience any of these symptoms with a migraine, go to your physician and get checked out immediately.

I keep reading that there is only a very slim percentage of migraine sufferers that suffer from migraine with aura before an attack. But I hear from Terri Robert below that it is not slim at all. The percentage is more like 25-30 percent.

In some cases, with the more complicated migraines, symptoms can vary from migraine to migraine. Some individuals get symptoms before, during and after the pain phase, and some just get them in one phase. It is different for each migraineur.

Hemiplegic Migraines

This complicated migraine affects half of the body. The affected half becomes weak during the headache phase. People that suffer from the hemiplegic migraines usually have a family history of this type of migraines.

Basilar Migraines

This migraine may not be accompanied by a headache. The problem with this type of migraine is the severe dizziness and balance problems that accompany it. The person often has nausea and vomiting making this migraine very disturbing.

Ophthalmoplegic Migraine

With this rare migraine the persons eyelid droops and they cannot move their eye from one side to the other. The episode with this migraine is typically very brief, but is accompanied by head pain.

Retinal Migraine

This is another very rare syndrome. This headache causes the very sudden vision loss in one eye and is accompanied by a headache. This typically lasts about an hour.

Hypnic Headache

This headache strikes people between the age of forty and eighty. It usually occurs the same time every night and lasts about fifteen minutes to one hour. The typical headache medication is not effective, but caffeine can be effective for the pain.

Other Problems

Complicated Migraine Symptoms Text Box Tips

If you have problems with your motor skills such as, balance during a migraine and your consciousness is affected, seek medical diagnosis and advice.

Complicated migraine symptoms can be hard to diagnosis and can also be very frightening.

As I mentioned, migraines are a world wide chronic problem and having complicated migraines just makes everything harder.

They can become debilitating. It is hard for doctors to diagnose these symptoms as they often mimic other serious medical problems.

I recommend becoming familiar with your early warning signs and symptoms, to help you and your family prepare for the impending attack. 

It helps to keep a migraine diary and a separate journal so you, and they, can help you recognize your subtle and obvious symptoms.

Watch for: insomnia, unexplained fatigue, food cravings, mood changes, and sudden irritability for no reason. Well - the reason is the migraine is coming, but no event providing a reason that you can identify.

Ways To Relieve Your Symptoms

Once you have been to your doctor, and you have been diagnosed with migraine. S/he will go over some treatment options.

For these complicated migraine symptoms, medication is normally part of the treatment. And will be one of the first things you do at your earliest warning signal.

So after you take your meds, or a natural supplement that works try this:

I think the repetition of doing these things over the years has programmed me to relax as soon as I hear it.

Two of my favorites are Psychosomatic Wellness by Candace Pert and this meditation by Pema Chodron.

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