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Migraine Soup: This Is The Best Recipe So Far

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Migraine Soup recipe for easier recovery and resilience after a long migraine. Have a look - this is a new idea that's for sure @migrainesavvyTry this healing migraine soup recipe to help yourself recover faster. A new idea from Dr. Y. Lee @migrainesavvy

You’ve heard of protein smoothies for breakfast, well how about soup? I eat this soup to shorten my migraine recovery and it’s comforting to know I have something I can use to get back to my life quicker. Protein soup to feed that body! 

Move over protein shakes, there's a new girl in town!

This method is widely used to aid recovery from long term chronic illness, with amazing results.

My expensive specialist, Dr. Lee, has me experimenting with these recipes. I can't tell you how much better I feel if I eat this twice a day. Let's face it... our bodies need protein, and after a long migraine mine can get pretty depleted.

Do you feel depleted after an attack? If you do, you're in the right place.

How To Build Strength And Resilience With Migraine Soup

This is the best migraine soup I know to build strength and resilience. When I changed my diet for three weeks to meet the dietary restrictions for a breath test - my life changed.

And, it was a big enough difference to make me try something new.

So when I say I had to try something new, I meant puréed food including the restrictions of the FODMAP diet.

I have to let you know that I was very reluctant at first to use this puréed migraine soup idea from my doctor. It did not sound yummy or even edible, but as I've said - the results were very noticeable. A substantial increase in energy levels right away and a slight decrease in migraine frequency over time. Yahoo!

Just to let you know, it was not an overnight success! It did take a few months to see improvement for the migraines. I would also recommend making your own stock from organic chicken. Oh and just FYI - don't use onions, spring onions or leeks if you want to use the FODMAP principles.

I have been doing Dr. Lee's puréed food idea while recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome for over 13 years now. I've shared a few more healing migraine soup recipes below.

Let me tell you why I think this works.

First of all the food just has less sugars. Yes even some vegetables have a lower Glycemic Index and less sugars than others. I will write more about that later.

And the steaming method retains all the nutrients better. The liquid created is part of the healing.

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This Method Makes Food Easier To Digest

I would often get too tired to chew. So this migraine soup, or migraine recovery soup as I like to call it, was a perfect solution. By processing the cooked food through a food processor it mimics your own mastication, so it makes the food easy to digest.

However, it's still best to chew the soup to activate the enzymes in your mouth that start the whole digestion process. Read more in this article called digestion problems.

Without further ado... here's the recipe.

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Chicken with Kale
Healing Migraine Soup Recipe

Healing Migraine Soup @migrainesavvy

(Extra To Freeze)

  • 1 kilogram chicken (breast or thighs)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 4½ cups of zucchini
  • 3 cups of kale
  • 250 grams of red potato

For One
(Individual Serve)

  • 100-150 grams of chicken
  • 1½ cup of vegetables
  • 50 grams of potato

1. If you are making the large recipe, to have leftovers to freeze, you will need to use 2 pots. I use a small glass casserole dish inside of a larger glass casserole dish using a silicone steamer to separate them.

I put the chicken in the smaller glass dish and add the vegetables. You can use the same one or if you have a larger pot to accommodate it all, use that.

2. Set up your larger steaming pot and put enough water in the bottom to steam. I use 1.25 liters. The idea is to catch the juices so whatever you can rig up. Put the smaller container on top and fill with the ingredients. A wok with sticks or a metal steamer to hold a plate in place is good too.

3. Put your chicken (breast or thighs) into the small casserole. 

4. Measure out the potato, kale and zucchini and put into the top casserole dish. 

5. Boil at a low - medium simmer for about one hour or so. A shorter time is required for a single portion (20 - 30 minutes). Sometimes I do two hours for the large batch and add the vegetables in the last half hour. Use your discretion here. Check that the chicken is cooked by cutting it with a knife.

6. When it's cooked, let it all cool down.* When it is all cooled (about one hour at room temperature) you can place the cooked contents into your blender. I sometimes use a food processor and add a little water or organic stock if it looks too thick. It will be chunky in the food processor and smooth in a blender. Your choice.

7. You can eat it while it is still warm, reheat it, or divide it up into meal size portions and put it in the fridge or freezer. The individual flavors will be more noticeable, so taste it first before adding additional salt.

* If you have a glass soup making blender, you can put it straight in, there's no need to wait until it all cools down.

Nutrition Facts - Chicken with Kale 
Healing Migraine Soup Recipe @migrainesavvy

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 1

Tags: Gluten Free

Recipe Category: breakfast, lunch or dinner

Nutrition Information: calories 254; fat content 3.4 g; sugars 3.8 g; protein 34.4 g

Do you want to experiment with more food and supplements?

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This One Is The Best Recipe So Far

This recipe is gentle enough to eat for breakfast.

Yes - breakfast and lunch.

The other recipes I've shared are stronger flavors and are better suited to dinner.

I know this idea may take a lot of getting used to, but, you can try it for a week and feel the difference for yourself.

Worst case scenario, if your taste buds hate it, try and add more salt or your favorite seasonings. But trust me, your body will love the extra nutrients.

If you just can't eat it, then make yourself some yummy organic chicken soup broth and sip on that when you can, during the whole migraine episode. It will help re-balance your electrolytes.

Sipping on chicken broth helps rebalance your electrolytes.  This is especially important for migraine sufferers. 

What can you do when you are enduring an attack?

Perhaps you can't eat a thing, so soup is out of the question. What about ginger tea? You can add ginger to this recipe easily, so it's there when you need it most. 

Test it out to see if it helps your nausea before an attack and then after when you're recovering from a long attack. 

Here's to a faster recovery for you, happy experimenting!

P.S. You Can Freeze It For A Migraine Hangover Day

Just a reminder that this recipe is suitable for freezing. I make heaps, and sometimes after a long migraine blur, I eat it twice a day and I feel stronger, faster.

Migraine Soup: This Is The Best Recipe So Far @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migraineheadaches

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