Beef Bone Broth Tips for Migraineurs

Written by Holly Hazen

Here are some beef bone broth tips for migraineurs to make this tricky procedure all a bit easier. Beef broth has been used to heal ailments centuries. Migraines included.

But this is new to me and a dear friend of mine who recently had her pressure cooker explode in her kitchen.

Luckily no one was in the kitchen at the time, so no one was hurt.

She believes that the fat off the beef bones covered the release hole at the top of the pressure cooker. Hence making it blow!

I prefer to use a slow cooker.

This is what we have discovered so far on our beef broth recipe journey slash experiment.

What Do I Need To Know About the Bones?

You need to get a variety of bones because each one has its own goodness to add to the broth: rib, shin, gravy beef area with knuckle bones all chopped to expose the marrow.

If bones are meaty then– bake them in the oven first for ten minutes to one hour at 175 – 180°C until they are well browned. Then put them in the pot.

Beef Bone Broth Marrow Tips for Migraineurs

You will need 1 kilogram of bones and 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar. For 2 kilograms of bones, use 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

Make sure they are organic.

Everything is getting boiled down and concentrated, so you want the very best ingredients for your broth.

Remember to keep the marrow.

If you want a nice gel to form after your broth cools, then consider adding 1 calf's foot. Ask your butcher to cut it into pieces for you.

I have picked some of the more common questions I have been asked about beef broth for migraines.

I hope these beef bone broth tips for migraineurs clear up some of the basic questions.

What Kind of Vinegar?

What kind of vinegar you ask – apple cider vinegar, or plain white but stay away from the malted ones.

Put vinegar in cold water and let it all sit for one hour before cooking.

This is one of the top secret beef bone broth tips for migraineurs I got from a doctor of nutrition.

How Long Do I Cook It For?

It is up to you of course, but the longer you simmer the broth, the more nutrient dense it becomes. While I would say the minimum time would be about 12 hours, I think that over 20 or even closer to 72 hours is the ultimate.

Some chef’s leave it on for a whole week, but I can’t stand the smell that long. Plus it heats up the kitchen.

When Do I Add the Vegetables?

Again this is up to you. You can do the broth with them in and strain them out before the end of cooking. Or you can add veggies at the end in the last hour or freeze the basic broth or add your vegetables before you need to eat it for a meal.

Personally, I just cook it up by itself and add veggies if I desire later. Sometimes after or during a migraine I just like to sip on the broth with nothing in it.

But if you prefer the taste and want added goodness from veggies add them in the last hour of cooking. You can add these vegetables: carrot, onion, celery, garlic, bay leaf, zucchini, salt and freshly ground peppercorns.

Today I added 1 tablespoon of grated ginger just to aid digestion and because I love the flavor.

How Important Is Temperature?

My friend is a registered nurse, and she was telling me about the importance of cooking this all at the right temperature. Some of it just did not even enter my awareness which is why I decided to share the article beef bone broth tips for migraineurs. We need to know this stuff.

So the secret temperature you must reach is 175°F which is 80°C - this is the safe temperature. Cooking between 85-95°C will not denature the protein. So between 175-200°F.

180°F is 85°C is safe too.

Water boils at 212°F which is 100°C.

So the Safe Temperature is 175°F is 80°C.

You need to watch the upper limit that breaks up collagen. If it boils too hard it will loose its ability to gel. The gel is really important. The liquid should form a gel after it cools down which is terribly important for collagen and protein - good building blocks for the body.

This is one of the more important beef bone broth tips for migraineurs I believe. Who would know this except a medical professional. Thank God for my friends.

Safe Temperatures and Danger Temperatures

We also talked about how long to wait before I can put the broth in the refrigerator. It is a good idea to separate up the glass jars, or Pyrex dishes to cool it in smaller batches. This will help cool it as quickly as possible.

Warming the fridge is not a good idea, so make sure it’s comfortable to the touch before putting it in the fridge. Set a timer if you forget about these things. I live in Australia, so I would never leave anything on the bench top longer than say one hour.

I think in the US two hours would be a reasonable on the bench top, but again, not in summer. This is just getting into the danger zone. And by danger I mean bacteria growth and salmonella causing food poisoning.

We don't want that! Again I think this is such an important beef bone broth tips for migraineurs.

To Skim the Scum or Not To Skim the Scum?

It’s all about taste really and the clarity of the broth. The scum just rises to the surface when boiled, so I skim the surface of the froth for the first hour or so of cooking. This is important because it will taste better if you remove the impurities.

However, in the slow cooker, you need to put it on high and wait for much longer to be able to skim. It tastes quite different if you just leave it, but I don’t mind just for the easy of making it in the slow cooker.

Do I Have To Roast The Bones?

It is best to roast the bones if they have meat on them. It also will give a deeper flavor to the broth. The bones contain a lot of fat so use a roasting pan that is fairly deep. You can place them in the oven at 400°F or 204.44°C for anywhere from ten minutes to about one hour. Until the bones become nicely golden brown, but not burnt.

You can bring it to a boil on the stove and then put it all into a slow cooler on low for 12 hours or more, over 20 hours is good too. But I am far too lazy to do this, I just have a larger slow cooker and put the bones in, soak for one hour in the vinegar water and then turn it on low to cook overnight.

I don’t get meaty bones just so I don’t have to roast them. But that’s totally up to you.

***Don’t Remove the Fat Until You Are Ready To Eat It***

Beef bone broth gel tips for migraineurs @migrainesavvyHave you tried making beef bone broth? I always convert everything I eat to be migraine safe. You can substitute any bones if beef is a migraine trigger for you.

This is another one of the important, if not most important, beef bone broth tips for migraineurs. After the broth cools a layer of fat will form on the top.

Bacteria can be a problem here, so if you have already removed the fat at the top of your broth container, it is very important to bring it to a boil and boil for ten minutes before you eat it or use it as soup.

You can remove the fat before you freeze it, if you want, or you can keep it there to maintain freshness. I choose to leave it.

An alternative is to skim it off and you can reuse it to fry any other food. Just like granny used to do. It is yummy for fried mushrooms or to use in a stir fry.

Beef Bone Broth Tips for Migraineurs - What is the Best Way To Store My Broth?

You can keep it in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 days. I don’t like to do that, so I freeze mine in containers once it is all cooled down a day or so after it has been finished.

Some people freeze it in little cubes in the ice cube tray, but I drink a few cups every day so that’s not what I choose to do. It really depends on what you are using it for. You can freeze the amounts you need according to your migraine pattern, say one cup each.

You can store it for up to three months in the freezer.

More Ways to Relieve Symptoms

I know you hear this from me a lot but resting in a dark room with plain ice wraps or a sinus mask on your eyes or a warm face cloth (depending on if it feels better with heat or ice) is really a good step to take to help relieve your migraine symptoms.

Listening to some soothing headache music, meditation or relaxation CD's will help calm you down while the symptoms pass. I also love this hypnosis CD as well. I have been listening to it for over a year. It works to calm me down.

I hope you enjoyed reading beef bone broth tips for migraineurs. These pages also help with making this broth:

Come over and share your beef bone broth tips for migraineurs, just in case I missed something.


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