13 Migraine Drink Recipes

It is hard to pick just one favorite migraine drink recipe, so here are a few that are the easiest to make. Below are some links and some recipes for you to use this or any festive season to help you steer clear of self inflicted migraine attacks. 

Choosing non alcoholic beverages certainly depends on where you live.

Deciding on hot or cold drinks for Christmas is different all over the world.

I know that avoiding alcoholic beverages during the holiday festive season is hard to do.

Hopefully, with this list above and using your will power with these simple substitutions, there will be no reason to feel left out of the party.

So bring your own booze-less party drinks, make sure you use the fun glasses that match your drink and join in the party and have a more fulfilling and memorable festive season. And no migraine triggers - YEAH!

Safe Migraine Drink Recipes

Migraine Drink Recipe

1. Fresh lemonade recipe.

2. Apple juice - my white wine substitute. Mix 1/4 cup of organic apple juice concentrate to 1 liter of filtered, spring or sparkling water. Mix, chill and enjoy. Serve in white wine glass.

For a hot suggestion try - heating up the apple juice (after it's mixed with water) with a cinnamon stick (remove to drink) and add a little honey. YUM!

3. Guava and apple juice - store bought. I buy Phoenix brand (from New Zealand) which is organic. Chill and serve with sparkling water in a long tall glass. Too Easy!

4. Apple cider - also store bought - organic is best. Serve chilled. For hot mulled see recipe below at number 12.

5. Black Tea punch with orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade and ginger ale - please click here to print out the recipe.

6. Iced Tea with mint - please click here to print out the recipe.

7. Cranberry juice or a fancy cosmopolitan recipe.

8. Tonic water and fresh lime juice, or if you prefer something sweeter use soda water and fresh lime juice.

Migraine Drink Recipe Tomato Juice

9. Tomato juice with a fresh squeeze of lime juice. Add a piece of celery to garnish. Salt the rim, if it's not a trigger for you.

10. Pomegranate juice spiced with cinnamon, mineral water and cranberries - please click here for the recipe or try plain pomegranate juice with sparkling mineral water.

11. Non alcoholic eggnog with the usual eggs, nutmeg, vanilla, milk and sugar - please click here for the recipe.

12. Hot mulled apple cider with orange, cloves, spices and berries - please click here for the recipe.

13. Sparkling Citrus Punch with lemonade, club soda, and sparkling apple cider - please click here for the recipe.

Share Your Migraine Drink Recipe

Please share your migraine drink recipe here at migraine recipes.

Everyone has different triggers, but sometimes we just have to experiment, be creative and have fun.

Actually we need more fun, because we get migraines! And they suck.

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