Migraine Headache Study Needs Couples Now

Couples are needed now to take a survey for an impact of migraine headache study. If you have 45 minutes spare you will be helping future migraineurs to potentially discover new ways to deal with the impacts of this medical condition.

You can also enter the draw to win a $100.00 Visa gift card at the end of the survey.

August 6th to November 2013. This study has now ended.

The date details for this migraine study are August 6th to November 2013. This is an approximate date given in order to obtain clear data from all couples participating.

Couples are currently needed as research participants Migraine Impact study. And by current I mean today August 6th to approximately November 2013. The results should be correlated and released by April 2014, so I will keep you posted.

Help Our Fellow Migraineur

Karen Bacher, migraine patient for over 25 years, is currently collecting data for a study entitled “Migraine headache: A family affair.” She is doing her PhD at the Family Studies Program in the College of Education, IFCE Department, at the University of New Mexico. The study seeks to explore more closely the impact of migraine headaches on spouses and partners of patients with migraine headaches.

The Criteria:

•    you are a married or cohabitating heterosexual couple,
•    21 – 55 years of age,
•    in which the female experiences chronic migraine and the male is migraine free.

The Requirements:

Participation in this study requires completing an on-line survey that would take approximately 45 minutes per person. Both patient and partner complete their own version of the on-line survey at their own individual convenience. Importantly, the study has been reviewed and has received ethics clearance through the UNM Internal Review Board/Human Protection Research Office.

Couples interested in participating may contact bacher @ unm. edu (remove spam protecting spaces for emailing) for full eligibility criteria, benefits of participation and the link to which participants can access the survey on-line.

Participants have the option of entering a drawing for a 100.00 Visa gift card at the end of the survey.

I liked that so much I had to bold it. Here is the official criteria.



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The UNM Migraine Headache Study Eligibility Criteria:

1.  Couples must be either married or have been cohabitating for a minimum of one year.

2.  The female partner will have a history of chronic migraines for at least six months and their male partner will be free from migraine headaches.

3.  Participants will be between 21 and 55 years of age.

4.  Must be fluent in reading English.

5.  Possess basic computer literacy skills and have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Taking The Survey:

1.  Each partner will sign into the survey individually.

2.  Allow about 45 minutes per person to complete the survey.

3.  Partners can take the survey on the same day from the same computer or take the survey on different days from different computers. Please do not discuss the survey content until both of you have completed the survey.

4.  The survey is anonymous, we will not ask for any personal identifying information.

5.  At the completion of the survey, each partner may choose to enter into a draw for a 100.00 gift card.

What have you got to lose? You can help our a fellow migraine sufferer by taking their migraine headache study. And you might just be the winner of the gift card. Then you can treat yourself!

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