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Meditation for Migraine Relief: Your Steps to Inner Peace

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Meditation For Migraine Relief: Your Steps To Inner Peace @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #meditation

I found learning a certain meditation for migraine relief very daunting and it was hard to remain objective with my migraine pain levels rising off the charts. I am not allowed by law to mention this, due to trademark infringement. I did however do it for over 8 years and learned to appreciate what it was teaching me, above and beyond the pain.

In those days, 1992, this meditation technique was the only form of acceptable meditation for migraine pain management. The other ones were just considered airy fairy fluff!

Having my migraine pain levels skyrocketing off the charts was one of the hardest parts of trying to learn this meditation method.

I was told at the time to do the process along with the pain of the attack. And that by simply observing the pain, it would help it help it subside. Simply? No way! Feeling it move around my entire body, mercilessly, uncontrollably and remaining a neutral passive observer, was very difficult to say the least. And I know, you know what I mean if you get migraines.

According to any qualified practitioner, the best way of learning meditation is to take an accredited course. Courses around the world are identical, or should be, as the training is very specific and attention to detail is demanded.

As meditation for migraine relief was high on my 'to do' list, as per doctors instructions, I found a local course. We started on a Friday night where they introduced the technique and then had the weekend of intensive teachings that continued over the 3 consecutive days: Sat, Sunday, and Monday.

Included were three one-on-one sessions with the guru where you could practice the technique and ask questions. During the initial one and a half hour session with the guru, the secret mantra was given to me, and I was sworn to secrecy, forever. Being with the guru made me feel very special and he answered all of my questions.

Continued Support is Important

That was the end of my course held in someone's garage that I paid $1,000 dollars for. I just had the weekend to learn, there was no follow up or continued support offered. Nor did I seek any.

I found what I had learned lasted me for years. I used the technique happily and somewhat effortlessly.

The proper organization continues their support for six months after the course. So following the first ‘intensive’ regular sessions with your teacher or guru, there are also group meetings every few weeks for you to attend.

Personal 'verification' is recommend once a week for the first month to achieve maximum results, and then attendance once a month for the following five months is recommended for a good practice foundation to develop. You must "practice the technique correctly to reap maximum benefits."

Maintaining a regular routine is essential to help you learn the technique and allow the process to unfold when learning deep meditation. This training method will provide deeper insight to the underpinning scientific principles and will develop your potential to reach higher states of consciousness and gain the well publicized increased health benefits.

After the six month course has ended, there is still a community and support program available and advanced techniques for those meditators who wish to develop their practice further. This kind of support in learning meditation for migraine relief also provides a lovely sense of community.

What Oprah Does

Oprah Winfrey has introduced meditation into her workplace and everyday at 9:00 am and 4:30 pm the whole company stops to meditate.

She says she is "a thousand percent better" when she meditates.

She also says that learning this method has reduced migraine occurrences in her staff significantly.

You Can Learn to Meditate Anywhere in The World

You can learn different meditation for migraine relief methods all over the world now a days. Meditation is now widely accepted by the medical professions and is scientifically proven to reduce chronic pain and stress levels.

There are centers all around the world that have stringent training programs for their teachers. If you find that meditation helps reduce your migraine pain, or the anxiety the whole episode causes, it might be worth seeking professional guidance and make it part of your daily routine.

Your Steps to Inner Peace

There's no wrong way to meditate @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #meditateLearning meditation is scientifically proven to help reduce migraine attacks @migrainesavvy #meditate

1. Trust that you are safe. Know that this migraine will pass, just like all the other ones before it.

2. Allocate a time and space each day, not just before an excruciating attack, to stop, close your eyes, and rest within yourself.

3. Prepare your space. Spend some time preparing your room or space before hand. Make space for an altar, candles and incense, sandalwood paste, other ritual offerings like flowers and rice or water.

4. Select a migraine meditation mantra or just use om.

5. When you put your hands in the prayer position, think of all the people around the world that use that gesture to pray and meditate. Allow all the energy from the previous meditators, monks and gurus to surround you and embrace you.

6. Become aware of your breath and your breathing. Is it shallow? If it is, slow it down and allow your attention to drift down to your belly. Allow your shoulders to relax. Migraines attack the neck and shoulders every time. So its important to relax your tense areas.

7. While resting, or reciting a mantra, or listening to a guided meditation, if your mind wanders just return ever so gently back to your mantra or breath. Allow your focus to be on the peaceful mind and become fully present. Allow yourself to hear the silence within you.

You Will Develop A Quieter Mind... Yes... You Will

I know this sounds simple, but there are more complications to the mind than we know until we are in there, alone with it! It took me years to get this right and to silence my mind to a degree where I could just focus on my mantra.

I spent about 8 years observing and following my migraine pain around my body and meditating the pain away. The problem was that I had to stay in meditation for 10 days, if I came out the pain would return. It was hard to remain objective with that level of pain.

In hindsight, it was amazing learning the transcending meditation technique and I would not change the experience. But I did eventually go onto to explore other forms of meditation for migraine relief which I found more calming and less intense and painful.

There are studies that show that other forms of meditation are just as effective as learning transcending meditation techniques. So I hope you discover what works for you. You are the one to decide if the money is worth the opportunity and potential for different life lessons.

Last Points on Meditation for Migraine Relief

Meditation for migraine relief is scientifically proven to help reduce migraines. You will discover other health benefits as well. Many forms of meditation can help you with reducing migraine pain and anxiety that might arise around having an attack.

I highly recommend adding meditation for migraine relief to your pain management routine. Here's a link to all 3 of my courses - I have a few meditations in the Migraine Pain Management course (the paid part) but it's free to enroll.

Module one has some essential information, so go have a look...

P.S. Do not rely solely on meditation for migraine relief. You will most likely need abortive medications as well to deal with severe attacks.

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