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I am assuming that if you are reading this website you are either a fellow sufferer or know and love someone who is. 

What works for them? 

What are some things that work for you?

We are the sufferers.  We are the ones discovering what works and what does not. 

Out of all the information and treatments out there, what have we found and what can we share that will help others suffer less? Where is our vision and innovation? I guess we need a microscope and a research lab!

Virtual Reality for Pain Management

I have just read an amazing story that Health Central covered on the most recent success of using virtual reality for pain management with burn victims. This story gave me hope and reminded me that new developments are happening all the time, outside of our awareness. 

Biofeedback for Migraine Pain Reduction

It also emphasized the importance and potential for finding pain relief by using biofeedback for migraines that is available to us right now.

I have found this Wild Divine Biofeedback system to be very beneficial to reduce pain associated with my migraines.  Plus I meditate, this combines both.

OK - so what can we do - on a very simple level that works?

Frozen peas for example, they are great to sleep on with a tea towel.  They mold to the head, and just so you know, the minted ones smell nicer when they defrost!  Ok, so that’s not new, that's an old one.

A new idea might be the lovely blue hot/cold packs that my Chiropractic sells called “Ice-Aid”.  They are freezable, reusable and do not smell in the morning.  I have a couple in the freezer at all times so I can alternate them when they thaw out.  Ah hah!  I bet you hadn’t quite thought of that one yet?  Yes?  No?

Precision Tinted Lenses - FL41 Tint

New Migraine Treatment Vision sign

The most recent new migraine treatment idea I am trying is wearing the precision tinted lenses.

I did some research, as I do, and found that the highly advertised and widely sold over the internet, FL-41 tint is not for everyone.  It is the rose colored tint.

The few studies I reviewed said to get tested using a colorimeter first, before just buying what is available over the internet. I was able to find a behavioural optometrist that did testing.  I am a teal tint. I have darkened the tint once more for computer use.

I am enjoying great success with this latest experiment. I have had significant reduction in migraine occurrence.

Just before this, my new migraine treatment idea came from my new neurologist (it took years to get in to see him) which was to trial saline injections first before botox injections not only in caution of my additional medical condition (CFS), but because the saline had similar results in the studies to the actual Botox.

So far I've had two sessions of (21 I think) injections and I can happily report a reduction in intensity. YEAH! I will keep you posted! OK - well the saline did not work, onto the next new idea. Never give up!

The Rechargeable Pacemaker

This TED video below with Robert Fischell grabbed my attention.  He talks about heart attacks, migraines and epilepsy. He is the inventor of the rechargeable pacemaker that will be used for new migraine treatment ideas.

"If I apply a magnetic pulse on salt water — that’s your brains by the way — it’ll generate electric currents, and the electric current in the brain can erase a migraine headache. That's what we have  discovered.” 

Robert Fischell on Faraday’s Law

He goes onto to say that the migraine is preceded by visual aura and that it starts off very "little until it fills the whole visual field." He identifies the Cadwell model MES10 magnetic stimulator that has short magnetic pulses to interfere with the erroneous activity in the brain.

He has designed a small portable machine, that resembles a gun, which he shows in this news interview.

He starts on migraines at 11:13 into the talk.  One of his wishes is to "prevent or ameliorate migraine headaches by the application of a safe, controlled magnetic field pulse applied as needed by the patient." This slide appears on the screen at 11:33 and the new migraine treatment section goes to 16:39 or so.

This video from 2010 provides information on the transcranial magnetic stimulator for migraines:

This Total Migraine Management System (TMS) is significantly more advanced. It's currently having very successful results reducing and preventing migraine attacks. If you have used this device, please let me know the costs involved and your results in the form below.

Here is YOUR Chance to Invent A New Migraine Treatment Idea

New Migraine Treatment Innovation sign

Now I realize that most of us do not have access to laboratories, but we can still inspire each other with new ideas.

I thought I might provide some questions to stimulate your intelligent creative juices. 

Perhaps start with some basics like:

What type of migraine you have and their frequency and occurrence.

Do you remember your first migraine? What do you wish you knew back then?

Do you have some important migraines lessons you’ve learned that you’d like to share with other sufferers? or ...

What would you have done differently to get to this migraine treatment idea sooner?

How did you discover this new migraine treatment idea?

New Migraine Treatment Idea Light bulb

Please submit at least 150 words.  More is fantastic too.

I may have to edit the page a little, just so you know.

Please use more straightforward words to explain your ideas.

This will provide a simple forum to provide us migraineurs with solutions and new migraine treatment ideas.

After-all the x-ray did start with some amazing insight and out of the box thinking. 

Share Your Migraine Treatment Idea(s)

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