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Botox Migraine Treatment Is Covered Under Medicare

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

BOTOX MIGRAINE TREATMENT NEWS FLASH for my fellow Australians. Chronic migraine is listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for treatment with Botox by a certified injecting neurologist.

Do you know what that means? It means it's cheaper now... YAY! But what about the results? Is it working?

Botox Migraine Treatment Works For Some But Not All @MigraineSavvyBotox Migraine Treatment Works For Some

Results from a recent study (2016) showed that participants had a significant reduction in medication use and days spent in migraine. (Medpage Today).  

"Results were based on patient reports using a headache diary, in which patients recorded headache days; migraine days; days of use of symptomatic medication, particularly triptans; and emergency department visits due to headache. No delayed unexpected side effects of Botox have been detected, the researchers said."

Dr. Peter Goadsby, who was not involved in the trial, "noted that while the trial is retrospective and has too few participants to assess safety, it is nice to see an open-label experience confirm that Botox is generally well tolerated, as has been shown in randomized controlled trials."

The study had 115 participants, spanning 4 years and was partially funded by Allergan Inc., the manufacturer of Botox. 

The article states that long-term use of Botox for migraines "has also shown significant reductions in headache frequency, pain intensity, headache disability score, as well as anxiety and depressive symptoms, and an overall marked improvement in patients' quality of life."

My neurologist who specializes in Botox migraine treatment here in Queensland, said he is seeing a 50% success rate with his patients. 

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There are links below to tell you more about where the needles get placed, and the whole treatment procedure.

I also talk about safety issues, results and other questions that come up. 

Now back to our topic and the criteria you will need to meet if you want to trial Botox to stop your attacks.

Another YAY!

Botox Migraine Treatment is Covered on PBS in Australia

Botox Migraines in the News

My new neurologist also said that the longer you have chronic migraines, the longer it may take to work. That's the category I fall into. I hope you don't! I want you to get this sorted as fast as possible. 

If it works, imagine all the life you will get back.

Patients under this scheme will also be able to access a rebatable Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item number fee from certified neurologists.

This should mean it will be more accessible and affordable for migraine sufferers who meet the criteria.

The first criterion that has to be met is that the patient suffers from chronic migraine for more than 15 headache days a month, and that more than 8 days of these being migraines.

You don't need to fill in detailed forms anymore. Your neurologist or certified injection professional will need to meet Medicare's requirements.

"To receive treatment under the PBS subsidised Section 100 Botulinum Toxin Program, patients require an authority prescription." 

Botox Migraine Treatment Criteria

In order for you to qualify for Botox treatment for your migraines these criteria must be met, as per the Medicare Australian Government website:
“Chronic Migraine for adult patients. The patient must have experienced an average of 15 or more headache days per month, with at least 8 days of migraine, over a period of at least 6 months, prior to commencement of treatment with botulinum toxin."

"Patient must have achieved and maintained a 50% or greater reduction from baseline in the number of headache days per month after two treatment cycles (each of 12 weeks duration) in order to be eligible for continuing PBS-subsidised treatment (Botox® only).”

On the Botulinum Toxin Acknowledgement form for Chronic Migraine – under section 4 there is the patient’s acknowledgement that says if you do not get a 50% reduction in the baseline number of headaches per month, after 2 treatment cycles, they will not provide assistance.

More Details on Botox

Even if you don't live in Australia, here are more details on Botox treatment:

If you would like more details from the neurologist I saw, who specializes in Botox, here is his link: Sydney North Neurology

Dr. Ng is one of very few certified professionals for Botox in Sydney, from my personal experience. I can recommend giving his offices a call, at the very least, for more information if you live in or near Sydney, Australia.

Until next time, stay pain free,

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