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Which Homeopathic Migraine Treatment Do You Need?

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Which homeopathic migraine treatment should you choose when you can't even pronounce their names? I have 5 listed below, but first let me say that they come in different forms: single pills (capsules), injections and tinctures. You will get better results using a combination.

Many sufferers have found their miracle cure through using homeopathic treatments. Have you?

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I've had a few homeopathic practitioners tell me that I could be free migraines if I just stopped taking everything I am on now, and start over from scratch. Sound familiar?

Dr. Harsh Sharma, a homeopathic doctorsays you can be free from migraines in a couple of months.

I find this hard to believe, but I have not worked with this particular doctor.

It took me some time to wean myself off the numerous supplements, and I was not willing to stop the Naramig I had just found for pain relief.

Which Homeopathic Migraine Treatment Do You Need? @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief #stopmigraines #migraineheadachesWhich Homeopathic Migraine Treatment Do You Need? @migrainesavvy #migrainerelief

Back in 2006, the homeopathic migraine treatment I decided to trial was computer generated. I found a local doctor / physician who specializes in homeopathic treatment for rare diseases too.

The machine hooked up to the computer was called The Listen System (I think it's called Orion now) and as part of the treatment he gave me an injection and a small bottle of homeopathic drops. The drop reinforce the treatment and the injection, and you need to take them for the weeks following the treatment.

I held a metal wand in one hand with a wet paper towel wrapped around it.

Like a sewing machine with an electric pedal he clicked through each area he thought needed addressing, and the machine calculated the homeopathic frequency I needed to heal.

This cost over two hundred dollars per treatment and I went monthly for two years.

And sadly, even though I know it must have helped with hidden parasites, Q-Fever, paralysis tick, and a few other nasties, it did not reduce my relentless migraine attacks. Not one bit.

I know it was working on something, as I had strange side effects. After three days of taking the drops I would experience such an increase in symptoms... it would leave me with very little to no energy, feeling much worse and having to stay in bed for a few more days.

I find I reach my tolerance level after three or four days of treatment. 

Do you find you have an accumulated response or some tolerance levels around these treatments? There's a lot of research now around accumulated trigger tolerance.


Homeopathic Migraine Treatment Remedies


Used For Migraine


with throbbing headache


with congestive headache

Natrum Mur

from grief or stress


right sided migraines


left sided migraines


Belladonna is used when the migraine headache is intense and throbbing.

The throbbing pain is normally most noticeable in the temple region. It can start suddenly without any prodrome symptoms to warn you of the impending attack.

The pain can be worse for touch, increase with the slightest noise or light, and or increase from any sudden movement leaving the migraine sufferer disabled.

The pain can be better with pressure to the pain filled areas of the head.

There are some thoughts that cold air or a change in barometric pressure can cause the pain. You may notice that your face becomes red and hot.

One thing, I was surprised to learn is that with this throbbing the migraine sufferer may not be able to lie down (supine posture) because it increases the pain.

Thank goodness I can lie down during an attack. This would be even more torture for me.


Glonoine is most commonly used to relieve congestive headaches.

Pain is typically throbbing accompanied by a rush of blood to the head. You may have a feeling of shocks pulsing with your heart beat.

The pain is worse with heat. Sun is your enemy. Any heat will increase the pain. Do not cover your head with your bed sheets.

The pain eases with cold.

You will most likely feel and see your face becoming red and hot.

Natrum Mur

Natrum Mur is used for migraines that are caused by stress and mental grief. It calms emotional upset.

This is for headaches that also come with temporary blindness as a symptom. In fact, the pain may be caused by eyestrain.

The pain is pounding inside the head.

The pain is worse with sunlight and is better with darkness.

You will notice that your face is pale, not hot and red like the others. You may feel cold.


I had Sanguinaria in my combination of herbs. It is used to treat right sided migraines.

Use this remedy when the pain starts in the back of the head, up the top of the neck or in the occiput and then moves into the right eye.

You will notice distended veins in your temple. I actually watch for these, it helps me know when a migraine is coming.

The pain is better from resting, sleeping or just lying down.


This one is used to treat left sided migraines.

The pain feels like a tight band around the head. It moves and settles itself over or behind the left eye.

The pain is worse with motion or touch. It is not relieved by pressure.

How To Stop An Attack

To deal with the entire migraine attack, I have a few key items in my survival tool kit.

I highly recommend reading how to treat a migraine with ice and heat. It will help abort an attack where possible. 

And I would not be without my ice packs for migraine relief. Buy some quick smart to use along with your preferred homeopathic migraine treatment. 

Remember, combinations work better than single remedies. 

Here are the links for some essentials:

Enjoy your day and be as pain free as possible,

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Start Today! It's Free To Sign Up. @migrainesavvy


How to be more migraine savvy right now...

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