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The Best Food for Migraine Relief: One Way To Find It

Food & Supplement Testing Journal With An 8 Week Plan

Written and verified by Holly Hazen

Finding your best food for migraine relief can feel impossible a lot of the time. There are so many variables.

This 8-week food and supplement testing journal can help track your progress and forge a new path to pain free possibilities. With lots of guidance and options. For starters it can help you determine if one of your food triggers is carbohydrate based (with only 2 foods). You'll test supplements and other lifestyle choices that might help reduce those nasty attacks.

You can monitor sleep quality, mood, and bowel movements, migraine occurrence, frequency, and severity. With my guidance, you'll choose and test magnesium (there are a few to choose from); vitamin B2, and other things proven to help reduce attacks and improve overall wellbeing.

You'll also learn how to hydrate yourself properly. 

Migraine Food & Supplement Testing Journal. An 8 Week Plan @migrainesavvyFind your best food for migraine relief. Get the Food & Supplement Testing Journal with an 8-week plan @migrainesavvy

A helping hand to find your best food for migraine relief

Here's a brief excerpt from the book:

This 8-week plan has been inspired by Dr. Andrew Weil’s book “8 Weeks to Optimum Health” which is old now, but it is still a great way to get started on increasing your overall health and wellbeing. And hopefully reducing attacks!

He has a fantastic week by week plan to change your habits and your whole lifestyle. I briefly review this. So, each week he suggests adding vitamins, minerals, exercising, and meditation. With nutrition, he suggests adding one thing each week. This is what we are doing.

You will also be adding breathing exercises (meditation) and exercise. I have found those things VERY beneficial in reducing migraine attack frequency. 

Have you considered taking supplements yet for migraine prevention? Many healthcare professionals suggest this option. With so many alternatives available, make sure you choose the ones that are proven to help fight migraine and headache. 

The American Academy of Neurology recently published guidelines on drugs and natural products that were useful in migraine prevention. Here are the top three supplements with the best evidence: 

1. Butterbur (Petadolex) - Petasites hybridus - 75 mgs twice per day. 

2. Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin - 200 mgs twice per day. 

3. Magnesium - to bowel tolerance. 

It’s not just vitamins and minerals, but also amino acids, and herbs. It’s a huge area to cover. 

I am not a nutritionist or physician, but I will be discussing the recommended dosage here. However, this is not a "one size fits all." Everyone is so different; body size, gender and weight can influence dosage requirements. Your health history is important.  

For this 8-week period we are just focusing on what is known to help prevent migraine. Lots of studies done, lots of evidence. 

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A Guided Plan and 8 Week Journal to Track Your Progress @migrainesavvyGet the Food & Supplement Testing Journal with an 8-week guided plan to help find your best food for migraine relief @migrainesavvy

Things you'll know by reading this book

By the end of this book, you will have a clear strategy and you’ll know:

  • What inflammatory foods are and what they have to do with migraine.
  • How to get proper hydration (a well-known problem for people living with migraine). 
  • Which magnesium form will be best for you to test first.
  • The FLCCC I-MASK supplement protocol for COVID.
  • The top migraine headache supplements and pain fighting foods.
  • An effective traditional Chinese medicine remedy.
  • How to make your own 8-week plan to move forward with more changes and more benefits.

Plus, you’ll have a guided journal to start to plan and track your own 8-week experiment.

You may also find the best food for migraine relief to avoid!

Take A Look Inside


  1. How To Use This Journal
  2. Introduction
  3. This Is The Strategy
  4. Part 1: Planning to Change Things
  5. Part 2: What are Inflammatory Foods and What Do They Have to Do with Migraine?
  6. Part 3: Are You Drinking Enough of the Right Water?
  7. Part 4: Foods and Supplements That Help Fight Migraine
  8. How To Help Keep Hormonal Shifts To A Minimum
  9. Foods That Should Help
  10. Why It's So Hard To Find Food Triggers
  11. 3 Time Tested Solutions
  12. The Supplements You’re Testing
  13. 6 Remedies You Might Not Have Heard Of
  14. The 8 Week Plan
  15. The 8 Week Journal
  16. Week 1 – Magnesium
  17. Week 2 – Vitamin C and
  18. Week 3 – Testing Vitamin B2 and
  19. Week 4 – Testing Vitamin B12 and
  20. Week 5 – Stop and start…
  21. Week 6 – Stop and add…
  22. Week 7 – Test ginger and add back
  23. Week 8 – What worked. Test ACV and
  24. DIY - Today’s food adventure!
  25. The Grand Finale
  26. Recap: 5 Tips to Reduce Attacks with Good Nutrition & Diet
  27. Appendix A: Which Magnesium Is Best for Migraine?
  28. Appendix B: Adding the COVID Supplement Protocol
  29. Appendix C: Supplement Testing – Magnesium
  30. Appendix D: Testing For Refreshing Full Night’s Sleep
  31. Appendix E: Testing For Better Bowel Movements
  32. Resources
  33. References

Extra support

As I mentioned above, finding the best food for migraine relief can be elusive. But with this journal you have a plan of attack. Nothing wrong with pushing back on those attacks and striving to create more comfort and ease in your life. 

Lifestyle choices are SO important. You’ll start to explore some simple breathing (relaxation) techniques each week and you'll focus on the one thing that week to see if it makes a noticeable difference in your pain threshold, energy, stamina, and overall wellbeing. This is no quick fix. It can take some time to find what works best. So give yourself the space to make some changes. 

I give extra hints and guide you through each week, what to add and what to test.

Here are some samples from the inside

How To Use This Journal Sample @migrainesavvy
Information Inside Sample @migrainesavvy
New Remedies Sample @migrainesavvy
Other Remedies Sample @migrainesavvy

Magnesium Sample @migrainesavvy
8 Week Plan Sample @migrainesavvy
8 Week Journal Sample @migrainesavvy
Appendix C: Alternative Magnesium Template @migrainesavvy

That's it! Simple and easy to use and you can print out the pages to use again each time you want to. The journal section provides the lead summary sheets for each week, so you can use a notebook for the rest of the week if you want to write daily. Which is what I recommend. (I wanted to save some trees here!!!)

There aren’t any fancy methods or difficult procedures. Just follow the steps, one week at a time. As you can see above the flow of week 1. The plan, the journal, and the alternative testing template example that I use. You could just start testing magnesium right now (for free!).

So step-by-step, each week you too will be moving towards feeling MUCH healthier and hopefully reduce some of those nasty triggers and symptoms at the same time.

Warning: I treat a supplement just like medication. Afterall, it does alter your body's chemistry. Your primary health professional(s) should also be consulted before any major changes in diet (including supplements) or exercise.

Why Wait? Start experimenting now for a happier you tomorrow!

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